View Full Version : great results after hair transplant

06-07-2009, 09:32 AM
I have always been very conscious of my thinning hair as far back as my late twenties and early thirties, which continued into my fifties. I think my curly hair was a blessing in some ways as I was able to conceal some of the balding areas, but over the past few years, it became more obvious that I was really losing my hair. Although I tried different vitamins, shampoos, and even Rogaine, nothing seemed to help. As a woman, losing my hair became traumatic and painful, and seemed to erode so much of my confidence.
I had never considered doing a hair transplant as I did not really know any women who had done it or if it even was an option for me. It was only when my hairdresser recommended a doctor who specialized in hair transplant restoration, especially for women, did I finally consider researching the topic and going for an evaluation. I decided to use the best doctor in hair restoration in Miami, and one who specialized in the field.
After meeting Dr. Jeffrey Epstein last year, I knew I would only do the surgery with him. During the consultation, he was forthright, professional and understanding. His credentials and expertise in hair restoration were truly impressive, and I knew I would be in good hands with a professional who was committed to quality and excellence.
I did the surgery two weeks after the evaluation, and it has been one year now. The results were more than I hoped for, absolutely amazing and natural. The procedure with Dr. Epstein was relatively painless, and his staff was courteous, friendly, and professional. Dr. Epstein placed graft after graft with utmost precision over the five hours I was there, and I can honestly say, that the results have been astounding. He is truly a leader in his field, and his technical skills are equally matched by his artistic talent. I would recommend Dr. Epstein to anyone who is considering having their hair restored and looking more youthful. His talent and impressive background in this field have helped many people suffering from hair loss, both men and women.
Today, my hair looks and feels natural and I am so grateful to Dr. Epstein and his organization for their commitment to hair transplantation. I only wish I had done the procedure with him much sooner. In a few weeks, I am going to do another hair transplant surgery to further increase the density of my hair. I have no doubt that the results will be flawless. I thank Dr. Epstein for changing my life for the better, and I would recommend him to any of you who are apprehensive about hair restoration surgery. I know he can give you back your confidence and self esteem. SC