View Full Version : Serious hair loss after hair cut

12-08-2012, 07:19 AM
Ok so all hair loss serious to those involved. I was recently in Bolivia, south America and well I got this hair cut.... I thought the barber was using thinning scissors on the back top of my head and the front. As it turns out he was trying to make me look bald or at least thats my conclusion.No regular scissors were used to remove all most half my hair. For the first time I could see my scalp. I started getting concerned until I realised it was the cut.

Ever since this hair cut my hair has falling out at an alarming rate I'm sure its mpb but my question is it all possible to catch some thing from say unclean scissors or scissors previously used on someone with a skin condition

I currently travelling around the world In non English speaking countries but I'm working on seeing a doctor about this. Any advice appreciated.