View Full Version : 2 weeks post op (3200 grafts)...pulled out graft/hole with blood

12-07-2012, 07:19 PM
I'm overly cautious and probably because of this I've now really developed what appears to be heavy dandruff. I'm trying to shampoo as agressively as I think I should be (with my fingertips) to loosen the crust...which actually looks more like heavy dandruff at this point. Is there a difference between crusts and danddruff 2 weeks post op? I really didn't have any crusting develop until late last week, which again, just might be dandruff since I was refraining from normally washing my head up until recently.

I guess I'm a little uncertain as to how agressive I can be 16 days post op. Is there any chance of damaging grafts at this point? Also, I noticed after my most vigorous shampoo since my surgery this morning, that I had a tiny spot of blood in my crown (looked like a small hole...maybe I uprooted or knocked off a scab). Again, this raises the question of can I damage any of the grafts at this point?


12-08-2012, 12:22 PM
Just had my procedure done on Monday. I was informed that the first five days are the most critical, this is actually when the cells of the grafts are taking residence. After day 5, they are in place. I was told that on day 6 I could use my fingertips with gentle pressure to clean my recipient area and at day 8 I could go back to using my normal hair washing routine with normal pressure. I was also advised that if any scabs did persist into week 2 post op that I could optionally use Vitamin E oil once a day to help loosen them up or I could just gently drag a wet washcloth over my recipient area in the shower once a day.
At this point in your post-op recovery it is normal for hairs to come off with the crusts.

Hope this helps.

12-10-2012, 03:34 PM

I agree with the other opinions. You undoubtedly removed a scab/crust and there was some mild bleeding.

Whenever a graft is lost post-op, there will almost always be a steady stream of blood that will ooze from the site. It is readily seen and the bleeding usually persists until there is some pressure applied to the site. Another scab will form, not a crust, when this happens.

Crusts are actually the dried tissue of the grafts above the scalp line. Air dries out this tissue and that is why the dried crusts become rather hard and can be difficult to remove the longer they sit on the scalp. They are different from scabs which are simply dried blood.

IMHO, ten to twelve days post-op is long enough and at that point it is advisable to remove them in the shower or even by simply using the pads at the end of your fingertips to dislodge them.

You are doing fine IMHO! ;)