View Full Version : Carlos K. Wesley, M.D.: Vertex "Plug" Correction

12-05-2012, 10:55 AM
This gentleman had undergone two procedures at a "no-longer-existing" hair institute approximately 20 years ago. The strikingly unnatural appearance of the resulting plugs around his crown forced him to wear a hat at all times.

Using a combination of excision and punch site closure, Acell application, PRP and micro roller treatment, the crown plugs were removed. In addition, he had a 1938 FU pattern designed throughout his mid scalp (to be shown in about 6-9 more months!) to provide hair that will more naturally cover his treated vertex.

The patient returned 5 months later and - for the first time in YEARS - didn't have to wear a hat. Still, a focused treatment with microderm stimulation was performed by Dr. Wesley (after the "post" pictures were taken) to further smooth out the appearance of his vertex.

Combined, Dr. Wesley's treatments will help "reverse" this patient's less-than-ideal hair transplant from years before.