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12-03-2012, 08:08 AM
Dr. Mwamba: 1 Patient - 1 Session - 5 Procedures

This patient came to us after 2 strip surgeries. He was disappointed because he had:
- 2 big scars in the donor area
- poor coverage (light density) in the front
- pluggy look in Frontal hair line.

He was worse than before his hair transplant surgery.

The first strip scar was above the nape area: unsafe zone for a strip because tissue elasticity is high in this zone. Also, most of the time, the scar will stretch back ending with wide scars like in this case. Scar can be as wide as 2 cm. The only possibility to treat it was to graft the scar. In this case we chose to use BHT because we needed scalp hairs for the recipient area on top. We didn't want to waste scalp hairs in the back where they wouldn’t make any cosmetic impact.

The second scar, on the upper left side was in the safe zone. We decided to excise it to correct it and to get some extra grafts from it. At the same time, we harvest the right side with a strip. We were cautious not to take a big strip (we limited ourselves to harvest a 1.2mm wide strip). Because wide strip can increase the tension on the edges of our suture line and increase the probability of stretch back and make a wide scar in the end.

With the small strip size we could not get the number of grafts we wanted to cover the top with a decent density. To reach the desired number of grafts, FIT patchy shaven was the perfect complementary technique.

For final touch up, we removed some plugs in the frontal hair line for naturalness. Remember that plugs have a lot of hairs in them and can provide great coverage. One just needs to surround them with normal follicular units. That's why you don't have to remove all the plugs but only those in the frontal hair line.

The following set of pictures will illustrate our work.