View Full Version : Good lab results but hair loss continues

06-03-2009, 08:31 AM
Dear Dr. Redmond:
My daughter started treatment for PCOS in June last year. She is taking metformin and spironolactone and iron supplements. She is also in a low carb diet, and going to the gym. Your books have been crucial for my understanding of her symptoms and have helped me to ask the right questions to the doctors looking after her case. The last test results are encouraging as all the wrong numbers are getting closer to normal, the highs going down, the lows going up, and she is consistently loosing weight. Her hirsutism is under control; she never had acne. There are two things however that are not improving. She has not had a period since November and the hair loss is still very agressive. I wonder when or how can it be stopped? Is there anything you suggest should be looked at? My daughter refuses to take Dianette because she is afraid of the weight gain side effect, and also because of the emotional changes some users report.
Any guidelines would be greatly appreciated.