View Full Version : Is feeling your bald spot an accurate indicator ?

11-26-2012, 10:29 AM
Generally after a morning treatment of Rogaine 5% foam and Finasteride in the morning. at some point in the day I feel the edges of the horseshoe pattern and I can feel the density difference. When I see it in the mirror it looks worse under fluorescent lighting showing a shiny bald crown and vertex when I can feel the hair under my palm as opposed to natural soft lighting where I can see significant gains and darkening and thickening of vellus hairs after nearing nine to ten months on the regimen and even more curious that I quickly growing a beard even faster than I would normally which makes me wonder if the dht reduction is impact that as within less than a week I have a near perfect goatee whereas before would have taken two weeks or longer to produced the same result.

Do you feel with your hands the bald spot from the contours of your scalp as a accurate indicator of progress or for that matter lack of progress and how accurate a measure is that relatively speaking ?