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11-26-2012, 09:06 AM
Hey all,

I've decided to drop the hair omega 3 in 1 and try finasteride 1mg. I'm still using the nizoral shampoo once or twice a week and a biotin/saw palmetto ph balanced thickening shampoo about every other day as well. Those of you that remember me know that I didn't get along very well with the minoxidil so I had to drop that out.

Anyway back to topic. I know 4rx.com sells finasteride. (180 tablets for $99 with free shipping) Are there any other trustworthy sites that you all would recommend? Or is 4rx is good trustworthy place?

I'm thinking about taking one 1mg tablet every other day. I think Tracy was the one that mentioned taking it every other day would drastically reduce the chances of side effects while still being very effective at maintaining.

Anyway thanks all! I think the hairomega did a good job of strictly maintaining my hair (and making it look thicker) but it all may have been placebo or more than likely the shampoo... If I'm gonna spend $20 a month I want to know it's bringing back hair lol.

Although it might look like I'm not balding, I've definitely been thinning around the temple area/sides of my head the past couple years though and all throughout the top of my head. If I grow my hair out longer, then you start seeing that the hair on the temples are thinner and weaker while the hair in the center hairline is much much thicker. I've posted pics from a few weeks ago when my hair was a bit shorter. it looks worse now that it's a little longer. I almost have to do a little combover to cover the sides lol. I don't like where it's heading!

Plus, my hair in the back is getting weaker too. I notice a bit of a cow lick. The hair on the very center top of my head seems to also be getting thinner. It's probably hard to tell in the pics, but my hair was SUPER thick just a few years ago and right now it just feels very thin... all over the top.

I'm hoping finasteride will revitalize the follicles and regrow them thicker. I figure if I start now in the early stages, I can hopefully regain a stronger hairline at the sides of my hair and avoid that dreaded U pattern when I grow my hair out a couple more inches. I'm aware of the side effects that a small percentage face, but I'd like to try it and see if it may work for me. Again, I'm thinking about doing 1mg every other day.

As always your input is very much appreciated.

11-26-2012, 09:35 AM
My hairline used to be very similar to Brandon Routh's from superman returns. In fact my nickname among friends is Superman. Pretty soon I'll be known as bald man... So although the pics above may look normal to most, I am losing hair at a fairly quick rate. My diet has also changed a lot this past month or so. I've started a body building diet and I think that may be affecting it as well. Fin seems to be my only hope. Otherwise I'll be shaving it all OR always keeping a very short hairstyle.

I do not want to head in the same direction as my dad/grandpas. They were all balding from about 22ish but it was quickly accelerating by the time they got 26/27 years old. By their early 30s they had pretty much lost it all. I'm 25 and I am starting to experience this fast as well.

I just took another picture right now to show you my hair when it's dry and a little bit longer. It doesn't look good! I can't style it like i used to so that's why I always need to keep it short. If I even try to style it like before it'll definitely look like I'm balding. I need another hair cut soon, it's looking really bad right now. I hope this better shows you what I'm talking about.

12-04-2012, 09:00 PM
I have ordered from 4rx and yes, it is the real deal. Unfortunately it gave me bad side effects (loss of libido) and I stopped it. Trick to getting a good deal is start by clicking the smallest amount of tabs (30) and then keep clicking on the "special offer" to upgrade to more tabs for a lower price than the one advertised. Good luck if you decide to take it.

12-04-2012, 09:23 PM

Great site, order Nizoral from there all the time and have ordered fin too.