View Full Version : 19, Balding and SERIOUSLY depressed.

11-24-2012, 06:32 AM
Hi guys, I am 19 years old and my hairline is thinning. It is thinning from the sides. I generally always have had light/fluffy hair. I began thinning when i was 15. The reason i began thinning is because i bleached my hair about 4 times in 1 week and this severly damaged my hair i reckon. I remember after the 4th team i bleached my hair in the week, i could notice i could see a bit of my scalp on the left-hand side. The thinning has been a very slow process. It started when i was 15 and i am now 19. I can still hide my receding hairline a bit when i use hair wax but i'm afraid in the near future i wont be able to do this as my problem gets worse. I get very depressed about my hairloss. Sometimes even considered suicide. But other times i am in complete denial and i think i amint losing my hair. Is it just me or are some mirrors completely mis-leading? Is it possible for ur hair to start gradually thinning and going bald from the over usage of hair dye? I am fairly certain my abuse of hair dye when i was younger has severely contributed to and trigged my hair loss/thinng. I would appreciate some adequate advice on what to do. Thanks a million.

11-24-2012, 10:01 AM
they say hair dye is bad(well too much of it) because of the chemicals going into the scalp. however im a ginger and dyed mine a few times but nothing major. it seems ur a bit in denial mate. finasteride(propecia) and minox are the only 2 fda approved meds to stop or in some cases regrow hair. i was 22 when mine started thinning, im 27 now and fighting it like a mother fuc*er. hairloss has stopped but no genuine regrowth.

Tracy C
11-24-2012, 10:26 PM
The reason i began thinning is because i bleached my hair about 4 times in 1 week and this severly damaged my hair i reckon.

You need to know that it is natural and normal for males to lose their temple hair and develop an adult mature male hair line. This is especially true of caucasion males. Developing an adult mature male hair line in and of itself is not an indication of MPB. If you have thinning in your vertex and/or mid-anterior areas and/or if the center of your hair line is receding, that is an indication of MPB.

Damage that is a result of over dying your hair will resolve itself in time if you start treating your hair better. Though it is possible that over dying your hair could have accelerated your development of the adult mature male hair line, it just isn't very likely. You are within the normal age group for caucasion males to start developing an adult mature male hair line. So it is more likely that over dying your hair had little to nothing to do with it.