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11-19-2012, 11:55 AM
Hey fellow hair lost suffers. I am new to the forum left a cople of post about my suffering if anyone cares. I only been a menber for a week but long time reader. Think I started reading when I noticed I was losing it about 17, 23 now. My hair is not horrific yet I would compare it to the chelsea player Ivanovic. To the untrained eye you would not think he was going bald but to us we notice his hair receding and thinning.

I don't do much to keep my hair, I refuse to use rogaine and I am terrified of using propecia (as much as I would love to try it). I do use alpencine, saw palmetto, biotine, stopped smoking, don't gel it anymore. Perhaps if I was going through this in my late 30s it be different, perhaps after the first few year I would have just went "aa screw it" but 20's come on man thats harsh. The thing that annoys me is that there is little we can do. if u wear glasses, you can get laser eye treatment or contacts, bad teeth get new teeth, 400 pounds well try a diet, can you not be bothered exercising, well hey the gov will pay for an operation.

I hate it guys, I would not go as far to say as it affect my confidence cause like I said its not yet that noticeable (only when wet or pulled back. It does however affect my lifestyle. Each day I got to wash it, use certain shampoos, let it dry naturally, comb it, protect it from wind, change conversations when hair is brought up, nervous when getting it cut, visting this forum, researching treatments, bla bla bla.

I was on holiday with a bunch of guys in the summer there. A few of them were friends of friends who I had never met before. We were in a bar and this guy walked past with a comb over. the guy was ages with me and his hair was terrible, everyone could tell this guy was balding. My mate turned and said to me "that guy should shave his head, if I was going bald I would just shave my head". Pfft that is such a non balding thing to say, until you experience it you don't know what its like.

Alot of people get worried cause they think hair loss will stop them from getting laid. Screw that plenty of baldies get laid and if a girl cant accept your hair loss then its not ment to be. That is not me saying that chicks are shallow, at the end of the day I would not date a fat girl. Now I know that might sound horrible, but thats just me, cause I work out and have been overweight before know there is no reason for obesity. So if a girl wont date me for hair loss I cant moan. That being said I would not judge something that cant be helped like a big nose or a mole or whatever.

I want to be rich in life, I want to have a nice car and a bmw. However, if I ever stumble across a cure. I am not going to even attempt to profit. I would rather that the next time a 16 year old kid looks in the mirror and realizes he is losing his hair and starts to go through all the stuff we are going through, that there was a solution for him rather than myself having a BMW.

Cheers for reading guys.

11-19-2012, 01:12 PM
invanovic is thinning alright, kind of receding in front, although you always looks dozy anyway! my hairline is more like john terrys at the front, prob slightly worse actually.

mate the two proven meds are rogaine andpropecia,ur young yet as you said, save your hair!!

11-19-2012, 04:08 PM
Hey. Yea propecia is something I am seriously considering. Rogain I am not its just to expensive for myself the now plus I just don't like the idea. If I could stop my hair loss thats fine, any regrow is a bonus. The way I see it though is, if someone like wayne rooney, sniedjer or iniesta have all suffered from hair loss and failed to stop it how can I can? Ok I know 2 of those guys have had hair transplants. However, they have more money they can spend, will have the best doctors in the world looking at them, can get anything they want so how come they needed hair transplant.

Rooney been balding since he was at least 18 and was probably on at least 50k by then. Why did his doc not just go heres propecia you be ok on that.

Also does propecia actualy work, They say it slows down hair loss. Ging bald is usualy a long progress I started at 16 and have most of my hair now at 23. Could I just be as bald as I am come 30 with or without it.

Also the sides effect. I know its says 2 percent get sides but by reading this forum it seems more like only 2 percent dont get sides

11-20-2012, 01:40 AM
Hairloss sucks! And, sufferer is less likely to get laid. We all know that. Yes, some baldies (perhaps, rich baldies) get laid. But every one of them too, would rather have a full head of hair and then, perhaps, get laid more often.

11-20-2012, 01:44 AM
Rooney been balding since he was at least 18 and was probably on at least 50k by then. Why did his doc not just go heres propecia you be ok on that.

Also does propecia actualy work, They say it slows down hair loss.

First, just because someone is rich and famous, doesnt mean that he is sensible too. And, propecia does work.

11-20-2012, 07:08 AM
to be honest rooney (like most men) leave it too late or are just in denial. anyway why should he just take propecia? hes loaded so got the HT. i think anyone whos rich would get a ht as would most of us.

secondly, hes actually taking propecia since the HT as many people need a boost to doner hair and the other parts which were left untouched and needed propecia.

im on propecia since june 2011 its stablised my hairloss, nothing more, nothing less but id still thinkthats good you know. its very hard to regrow hair esp since a lot of follicles are dead. im also using minox for my templesbut hasnt worked so far but im not giving up.

if i would have to have one hair style (or head of hair) it wouldbe fernando torres. slightly metrosexual i knowbut my hair before was like torres of 2009. so think how i feel about my hairloss!!!!!

what norwood are you btw??

11-20-2012, 08:34 AM
Hi its hard to say. My right temp has always been receading and prob half a stage above the other. So I would say 2 on the left 2.5 (or more on the right)

I am not going through this alone. I have 2 groups of friends one of the groups there 12 guys the other about 8. I would say that about 4 of us are going bald and a big ? over another.