View Full Version : is mpb causing my itch and my bad state of hair?

11-16-2012, 11:25 AM
hey guys. looking for opinions and advice. I'm 27 years old. my dad is bald his dad has nw2. my mother's dad is nw2 and my mum's mums dad was nw2 etc. anyway I know I have a mature hairline so in other words I have slowly started to recede. I have also had hair miniature for years also. the thing thats really bothering me is the itch. im getting it bad really bad. im not sure if its the mpb itch or something else. my dandruff over the past 3 months has become terrible. iv always had it but now its so bad im getting buildups on my tshirts and just generally in my hair and people are really noticing it.

my hair has become like straw as of late. its getting thin in areas but im not sure why. i itch badly 1 inch behind my peak in my hair line. on the upper sides of my head and my lower back head area. iitch till it bleeds sometimes to because its so bad.

anyway i took some pics for your opinions.is it aggressive mpb or something else. i took the pics with a hd cam. very bright flash n up close. i even took a pic of the side of my hair to show you how thin its getting their to and the weird wire quality its becoming. some are with heavy gel and i took a few without gel so dry hair. ignore the spot that looks bald from the top view. always had that in pictures.


this was all written on mobile so please excuse all the errors. thanks guys.

11-18-2012, 11:51 PM
Hey man, I'm going through a massive propecia shed and my hair is itching like crazy too. It itched alot before starting the drug too but its worse now.