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11-15-2012, 12:25 PM

Hi Guys Im a 23 (plus half) year old male from the UK. I have been worried about going bald most of my life. I first started suspecting that I was losing my hair when I was 16. Nothing serious but when I was gelling it or washing it I would notice that I was losing a few strands and that my hairline was slighly going back. However, being so young I did not take much notice and carried on gelling my hair.

When I was 19 I visited the barbers got a hair cut (as you do). However when I returned home I noticed on the right side of my head i was missing a bit of hair. When i was out at night at the pub a mate of mine informed me that I was "going bald" obv I was pretty upset being 19 and going bald is not something you should worry about. This mate for some reason is obsessed with people going bald he talks about it all the time and is constantly checking people hair.He believes that he one day will go bald because of grandparents, but that's a different story.

So I grew it long and covered the hairline, stopped spiking it at the hairline. Come the start of this year (aged 22) I noticed that the hair at the hairline is getting thinner. So I have now completely stopped gelling it just comb and use a little bit of mouse to hold it. Overall its still ok, no one have picked up on the fact that im balding (bar that one friend who seems to have forgotten it). in fact one of my mates said i look my age cause I don't have a receding hairline (lol)

My hair is pretty short I get it shaved to a 3 at the sides and scissored cut on top so i can disguise it. I try to get it cut over month. When it get long it looks silly cause its long on top but not so much towards the hairline.


Would say that I am a 3 on the right and a 2 on the left with no patch yet.


No meds yet. I use saw palmetto biotine and alpecine shampoo I doubt that this would do anything for my hair. I also eat well, in good health and no longer smoke. I was an on off smoker for a few years but never heavy. I do exercise but can be lazy. I don't have any major responsibilities. No kids or mortgage etc. I also wash my hair once a day (as I need to otherwise it gets to greasey and need to be styled) I use a light shampoo like simple or alpecine.


My dad has great hair for his age he is 54 full head. he keeps it short about 4 all over gets it cut once a month. its almost all grey now. Both gramps are bald on top. Uncle on my mums side has hair but not great quality (I think, cant remember) 1 of my unles on my dads side hair is fine for his age maybe a norwood 2 or just a middle age hairline. My other uncle is baldy not totally got some stubble, I looked at his photos looked like he had a comb over on his weeding day when he was 21.


Some days I wake up and it annoys me (like today). Others I look at it and go well at least its not as bad as some people my age (few people I knew are bald now more or less). However, I do wish I had a full head of hair. Ironically If I did have a level hairline, thick hair I would just shave it to a 2 all over. I hate my hair always have its a pain even when I was not losing it it would stick up. However, when I was 17 and younger the style was spikes all over so I followed suit. I do wounder if all that gunk I put on it did damage it and smoking but who knows, Probably not. Over all I am becoming more accepting of it I dealt with this for almost 8 years now. If Im ment to be bald in my late 30s or 40s ach so be it yea it sucks but i be one of millions. However, at this young age I dont so much want to regrow it just maintain it.


Obv I have done my research. I am not interested in rogaine looks rubbish and using that expense every day (twice) would annoy me. like i said its about maintaining it any extra grow is a bonus and rogain is not going to stop hairloss.

Propecia? well that is the dilema. Sexual sides affect that is scary. Everybody on here seems to suffer from the ED. However, I Was warned that Saw palmetto would ruin my life. Thats bull its just a herp no problems down there what so ever and been on it for a few months, However, I dont see what it can do

Well thank you for taking the time to read this. I apologize for the poor spelling I'm in a hurray to go out. Any help is appreciated. However, I would realy like to hear from people in thier 20s/30s and more importantly from the UK as I would like to enquire how to get propecia or generic brands here.

Thank you

11-15-2012, 04:21 PM
Have you seen a doctor to have your hair looked at? I'm 24 (feel free to look up my threads to see my story), and have a receded hairline. I estimate I have a 2.5. I have, however, never had a low tight hairline, or even temples for that matter.

I would strongly suggest seeing a professional if it bothers you enough. I, similar to you, have opted out of Rogaine. It's very expensive and I wouldn't use it twice a day even if it was foam - I have a tendency to forget things like this. My dermatologist thought it was premature to start propecia and had me discontinue keto shampoo because it was irritating me. Visiting her and expressing my genuine concern prompted her to give me a genuine response. I know to keep an eye on it, but also know that I shouldn't worry about it because it's not even Biopsy worthy yet.

Best regards, man.