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11-11-2012, 01:00 AM
Found this hilarious/frightening 1980 People magazine article via the Googlez.

Choice quote:

"A transplant requires three or four sessions over three months; each session is done in the office under local anesthetic. Using an instrument Orentreich calls "my cookie cutter," he removes a disk or "plug," a sixth of an inch in diameter, from the bald scalp. He replaces it with one containing six to 12 hairs (and healthy follicles) from the fringe above the neck. Filling the hole in back is not necessary "because it shrinks, and nature heals it beautifully." Orentreich transplants 60 plugs in two hours at $15 per plug. The average bald scalp requires 240 plugs; the procedure, including follow-up, costs about $4,000. "In a week the scalp heals enough for a shampoo," the doctor explains. "The hair in the transplanted plug falls out, and in two months new hair growth begins." "



Scroll down on the page for the article.