View Full Version : Can Dr Gho get IAHRS membership?

11-09-2012, 05:14 AM
How are the members selected?

Membership is based on the following:

All IAHRS members must perform follicular unit hair transplantation, employing the use of binocular-stereo microscopes to dissect their grafts.

All IAHRS members must prove their surgical skill and artistic ability by providing several hair transplantation cases of varying degrees of hair loss and different combinations of hair and skin characteristics. Interviews with former patients are conducted and must include at least two physicians who have had surgery performed by the IAHRS applicant.

■Impromptu Inspection
All IAHRS members must agree to periodic impromptu inspections of their surgical facilities, including, staff and patients.

Due the emotional nature of hair loss, a surgeon’s “bedside manner” and understanding of the psychology of hair loss is as important to the IAHRS as his/her surgical skill. The doctors attitude towards their work and their patients is assessed to the best of the board’s ability.

Character - well, Spence seems to be happy with Ghos character
Impromptu Inspection - no issue there, inspection welcome
Skill -seems clean, nice work according to SK
Technique - Gho multiplies follicles making him exceed IAHRS standards

Is Gho over-qualified to become a member of this elite club or should IAHRS membership requirements be upgraded?