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11-05-2012, 02:46 PM
Hi everyone. This is my very first post on here after recently undergoing a HT.
You could say that I'm far from a novice at this HT business as this latest procedure was my 3rd one but that would be wrong. I was very naive 8 years ago when I wandered across an advert for the Hospital Group. I fell for their slick talk....twice! This time I wasn't going to make the same mistake. After researching forums such as these I was awestruck at how good some surgeons work was, really put mine to shame! I decided that I was going to do some serious research and handpick my favourite surgeons.
After emailing said surgeons the swiftest response came from Spex, I didn't know him but I knew he was a well respected voice on these forums. He was very helpful and informative, never put any pressure on me to choose Dr Feller, in fact he told me to go away for a while longer and do more research!
Which I did - alot, but I just had a gut feeling to go with Dr Feller, his work is impeccable and with Spex on hand to help me through things i felt like I was in safe hands.
I arrived in NYC and on the day of my procedure I arrived at Dr Feller's office early, too early infact, no one was there! My fault as I didn't get much sleep the night before and I was an eager beaver wanting to get down there.
When I first met Dr Feller he commented on my great hair (I thought he was joking but he wasn't!) he said it was in good nick for my age (37) I told him that I wanted my hairline bulking up and some in to my temples which after discussion we decided against the temple work. This was my 3rd procedure and I'd used up precious grafts already, the Doc wanted to give my hairline a more mature look and save what grafts I had left for any future work if it was needed. After a brief chat and cracking a few jokes to help ease the nerves I finally got in the chair. I had my injections, which went quite smoothly I must say then I let the Doc do his work. After being funny and chatty he went all serious and said that the incisions were the most technical part of the procedure and he needed full concentration. I duly obliged and was still and silent throughout. When the incisions were finished, in came the lovely nurses who again worked in complete silence placing the grafts in the incisions. Dr feller would keep bobbing in to check everything was going ok and asking how I was, he was very hands on throughout.
When all the incisions were full the Doc came back in and said there were 200 grafts left and he wanted to use them all, that was the best news I could ever recieve and I said go for it! What a top bloke for doing that, I'd heard of his generosity and now I was witnessing it first hand, awesome!
With all the grafts now in place the nurses cleaned me up and showed me their work in the mirror, very impressed at how clean the work was!
After recieving my post op instructions off the lovely nurse Anna I went in for my final chat and goodbye to the Doc. He was brilliant from start to finish and a very funny guy! He shook my hand and wished me well for the future and with a bit of a sarcastic quip of 'I hope I never see you again!' I left the building and headed back to my hotel complete with provided cap.
Overall it was a very slick, smooth and professional experience and one I wouldn't hesitate in doing again if in the future I needed to. With the help of Spex with all his info and ability in answering all my questions (even now!) I would recommend this pairing to anyone.
I will post some photographs tomorrow, from 3 days and 2 weeks post op.
Feel free to comment, I know this a long post but I felt it was warranted to put as many details in as possible!

11-06-2012, 03:32 AM

Great to see you online here. Be great to keep updating your topic as you go and we can all watch your transformation.

I will endeavour to get your pre op's from Dr Feller when he is back up and running in the office. Sandy has hit the area hard however it will not be too long hopefully till NY is back up and running and running on all cylinders!

Heal and GROW well!!!!








Best Regards,


11-06-2012, 11:54 AM
Thanks for the pics Spex, first time I've seen em that close up, they look good especially the combover haha!
Good work man cheers.