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11-03-2012, 04:13 AM

Wanted to share my story and ask for general advise. I am 37 and have been suffering from some diffuse thinning for the past few years. Earlier this year, my wife finally commented to me that she could see my scalp thru my hair - this is something she had never done before, as she knows how sensitive I am to the subject.

Since my wife's comment, I have developed some ocd over the thought of losing my hair and have made the past six months a nightmare for me, between anxiety, ocd symptoms, and general concern and mild depression over the situation.

I have visited my general practitioner o who prescribed anti-anxiety meds, have visited a psychologist who said I am fine and that I will work thru any anxiety as balding is a normal action that affects all men, he is balding as well. I did also visit a dermatologist who said I likely had some mild filliculitis but said it was not anything he would prescribe anything for. Finally, I visited a hair trasnplant doctor who prescribed propecia and rogaine and said I should give this six months to see how I first respond - dr wanted to do a scalp biopsy first, likely due to the filliculitis and the diffuse pattern loss - but I have no interest in a biopsy and my derm said it was completely unnecessary and questioned the hair transplant dr's request.

At this time, I have been taking 1mg of finasteride every other day, for just about five months. I am taking a biotin supplement, fish oil supp, and using revivogen shampoo and nix oral when I can find it.

I am questioning the effects that finasteride is having, if any, on my hair. I realize I may need more time on the medication, but I feel that propecia definitely has some affect which can cause depression in a patient. I also notice that I get random acne and increased oily skin when taking the meds on the days I administer , i am familiar with the hydroandrogenicity debate and am concerned that I may be having some symptoms of this, but don't want to jump to conclusions as I have had oily skin prior to taking meds. I feel that my hair has lost volume since taking propecia, but I have not had any noticeable shed.

I am going to see my doctor next week and request some blood tests to check my hormone levels to determine if there is a correlation with either elevated testosterone to cause hyperandrogen, Or is significantly lowered test levels maybe causing depression or OCD symp.

Sorry for the long post, but wanted to provide the full story. I am asking for advise from anyone who may have experienced hyperandrogenicity, if it fact is a legitimate result of taking these types of medications, and if so, what did you do about it. I have read a lot of anecdotal advise on the negative effects that propecia has had on patients hair, however I am still skeptical that the drug has caused many to have considerably worse hair than when they started the drug, as there are so many factors which maybe working against your hair loss, that a drug which is specifically designed to combat HDT and , protect your hair follicles, could be causing your hair to progressively thin as opposed to doing nothing for your air at all.

Thanks in advance

Dr. Glenn Charles
11-06-2012, 07:22 AM
I recomend taking 1/2 mg of Finasteride daily versus 1 mg every other day. When patients have more of a diffuse pattern of hair loss at a young age versus classic male pattern hair loss I sometimes recommend a scalp biopsy to rule out any underlying scalp condition to try and determine if what is happening is genetic alpoecia.

11-07-2012, 05:14 AM
Thanks Dr.

I will look at adjusting the intake of finasteride as you recommend.

Regarding the biopsy, can you explain the difference between genetic alopecia n male pattern baldness? I opted to have some scalp sample (scrapings and hair follicle ) tests run vs getting a biopsy done - the tests came back negative for fungus, yeast, and only some minor bacteria, which the derm chalked up to minorfolliculitis, but nothing he said to be concearned about.

What would a biopsy show that those tests would not? Thank you in advance as I really don't wish to get a biopsy unless completely necessary -and not sure what that results that procedure would yield

Thanks in advance