View Full Version : PRP and Finasteride

10-28-2012, 02:08 AM
Just posted on my finasteride experience. A quick recap:
Took it for eight months and only got side effects. Stopped for a month or two and restarted. After four months it suddenly stopped my hair loss. After four months of no shedding, and I really mean none at all, I started shedding like crazy and my scalp started to itch.

Should I stop for a month and start again, could this have any effect. Anyone know why it might of stopped working so abruptly.

Also, does anyone know anything, good or bad about PRP treatments. Is it just a hoax, sounds almost too good to be true. Im guessing if it worked well there would be thousands of posts attesting to this.

Someone please give some sound advice or at least be staright up and tell me if I'm screwed....Thanks