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10-27-2012, 02:29 AM
Hello guys, basically im 19 years old, started receeding at about 18, however responded quite well to propecia and minox, in terms of hairline and it has if anything strengthened. However from around the same time i started receeding i have also had a lot of shedding, but not just the temples, all over, back and sides included. I have attached (hopefully successfully) a picture to illustrate but the back of my head has thinned in terms of density. I THINK. i just cant tell how , much is paranoia and how much is reality but i do know that it has thinned to some extent. Now, 3 weeks ago i went for a checkup at the dermatologists, and told her briefly i was worried about the sides getting thinner and she had a brief look and said she could see no miniturization other than my temples which of course i expected with mpb, and that it was probably stress related. Could it be that i got so stressed about mpb it caused extra shedding? To me it looks like 'DUPA' but she thinks that if it was then my harline would not have strengthened and obviously there would be miniturization. I also feel like my body hair, is sligthly less dense, eyebrows and this may sound strange but my knees, i notice there is very little hair anymore. Alongside this i feel very fatigued but have for longer than i have been loosing hair i think. She told me she thinks it is non-genetic, and to have another bloodtest. I had one last year and i cant remeber what exactly was tested for other than a certain hormone and iron and a few other things, one thing came back as 'high -no action needed', and nothing was ever mentioned again.The top has barelt thinned if any at all, the hair looks slightly thinner but still really dense, might just be paranoia. Hopefully you can put my mind at ease with your replies, Many thanks. 17286

10-27-2012, 10:56 AM
I am a client at belgravia centre also, which may not be the best decision ive made, but it was more down to the fact it s easy to see specialists there. However id like to get a opinion n this from somewhere else, how would i go about finding a decent trichologist that will give an hnest asessment without trying to sell me products? trichologists.org?