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10-26-2012, 10:38 PM
Hi all

Long story short i have a receding hairline. Have used fina in the past with side effects such as libido etc. I have not used fina for about 8 months now.

Current regime

spiro once a day 4-6 times a week
Minox foam and liquid twice a day
Emu oil and folligen 4-6 times a week
Biotin 600-100mcg a day
zinc 20mg a day

After using nioxin for well over 6 months i decided to stop. I was still getting quite a bit of fall out and didnt think sulphates and chemicals were going to hjelp my hair.

Recently started revita which is sulphate free and contains whats looks to be some good ingredients. Before people begin jumping on and saying shampoo is not the be all end all of hair loss i DO know that already. I am not naive enough to think shampoo with prevent hairloss and regrow hair.

Do i think shampoo can help? yes i do think that using the right type of shampoo may help and be beneficial along with other products.

I recently tried Hair Assist shampoo which is available in Australia. Well i kinda borrowed it from a person in the family lol since they said their hair has thickened up etc. I left the shampoo on for about 5-10 mins. Was getting a stinging sensation that remained after washing it off mainly in the bald/thin areas of my scalp. It continued for a couple of hours. It was not a sore type of stinging. For the rest of the day i had very minimal hair fall out.

I only used it once and that was last week so i am not going to proclaim it is a great shampoo. It may have been one of those days where you shed less hair than others.

The question i have is for the hairloss guru's. Would the stinging sensation be good or bad?

The bottle says no sulphates and only natural ingredients

Purified water
Olefin sulphonate
Cocamido propyl betaine
Hydrolyzed collagen
sodium chloride
citric acid
methyl chloroisothiazolinone
methyl isothiazolinone
Lavender oil
mandarin oil
Hair assist formula (that is the only info given, if anyone has some info on what is in the formula please share)

what do all you gurus think?