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10-22-2012, 08:36 AM
Hey, Im a Norwood 1.5 and taking propecia to help save hairline although its not supposed to work there. Oh Well.

Taking 1.mg of propecia a day. Boots give you the 1mg not the usual 1.25 but im only 10 stone so way under average weight so its probably like me taking the 1.25 anyways.

Sides - NONE well watery sperm but im not planning having kids yet so who cares.

Results - Well basically the reason im updating progress today is because the last few days my pillow has been fairly free of hairs which in my eyes is a pretty big leap forward. Also when i gave my hair a light stroke in the shower today I didnt get the usual 5 - 10 hairs in my hands. I will add that there was still a fair amount of hair in the bath after finishing my shower but I think I may be getting results.

I dont do pictures by the way. I get very down looking at my hair receding so I do all my judging by sheds left all over the place.

Summary - Im quite excited today because I think this stuff might actually be working. If I can keep what Ive got now ill be well chuffed.

Let me know your thoughts guys. Am I getting too excited over this minor result or you think this could be the start of something good?

10-22-2012, 09:19 AM
Congrats on your progress! I am starting propecia soon but 8 months seems along time to notice any results but I know it's normal for it to take that long, I just want thick hair now! lol

So are you only basing your results on amount of hairs shed or does your hair actually look any thicker?
Did you notice any other of the common sides with the drug other than watery sperm?

10-22-2012, 09:48 AM
Hey, thanks for reply. In answer your questions. Yes- I judge my results purely on the amount of hair I shed. Over the past 5 years I have become quite an expert on how much hair I am shedding though, as I can imagine so have you lol. Over the last 5 year's I have been waking up to a pillow with around 10 - 20 hairs on it. When I run my hand through my hair I usually get around 5 - 10 hairs. Over the last few days for the first time in years this hasn't happened? My hair has seen no improvement so far and has got a little worse since day one. But the loss is only in line with what I was losing pre propecia. Maybe a little worse. But I think this may be a turning point fingers crossed.
As for sides I get none. Acid reflux the first two weeks in which is very rare and watery sperm. I did go into this not worrying about sides I must add. I've taken e, LSD, coke and ketamin to name a few so drugs don't really scare me lol. I think most people get scared by forum talk. Good luck with your propecia.

10-23-2012, 01:43 AM
Ok, so woke up this morning to more good news. I have been saying over the last few days that hair loss has slowed quite dramatically. Not sure if its the addition of nizoral over the last month or just the time on propecia. Either way it seems like things are on the up.
My pillow hair is my main judge of hair loss. And this morning there was basically what used to be there before hair loss started over 7 years ago.
I counted about 7 hairs, of which i think about half were from the back and sides of my head as they were tiny and short. I take this as a positive sign becasue if your back and sides loss is equal to that of top then surely that is normal hair loss??
Why I am most excited about this is because I am starting to think that maybe just maybe I control this thing till something better comes along.
So last night I noticed that my shower loss was dramatically reduced. And I must add that I had not washed, brushed or even touched my hair for 7 days. This is important for many reasons. Firstly it is giving me the confidence to wash my hair twice a week now which I think could benefit me even further due to the fact that I am using nizoral. Off subject, but I hear Nizoral and Propecia are a bit tougher to get hold of in the states as oppose to the UK? If so that is a major bummer. Its so easy in the UK.
Back to subject. So yeah hair wash fear is disappearing. I also actually ran my hair through my mane today and got 1 hair...... Woah, you know what that feels like a a hair loss sufferer.... Pretty damn good.
Anyway, so the fact that Im gonna wash my hair twice a week is good for two reasons, the hair loss will be split between showers so will be even less again, so hopefully almost none. This may sound crazy but half the battle is making yourself feel positive about your loss right???
My advice to people looking into battling hair loss.....
Firstly, start on propecia. I started on this because I knew that running minox through my hair twice a day and seeing strand upon strand in my hands would be enough to make me stop. This is one of the reasons that I only wash my hair once a week. I never really noticed my propecia shed because I pleaded ignorance the whole way through and touched my hair only when needed. Even my GF is always saying your hair stinks and I should just style it. What she didnt realise is that by styling my hair and seeing the hair in my hands and the thin hair that styling gives you was enough to ruin my day.
I started meds early and I suggest you should to. I really feel for the people who suffer sides, I really do. But I think a certain amount of sides sufferers must just be paranoid. Not all, but some. But basically if you sit and watch your hair fall out and read negs in forums I can tell you one thing.... Your gonna go bald.
Basically what Im saying is this, if your capable of watching the daily shed in your hands from regain go regain, if your paranoid about sides go regain. If your lazy like me and know you will never stick to a daily regime of twice day putting horrid foamy stuff in your hair go propecia. Just make sure you pick one and stick with it.
I am of the opinion that most people who fail with medication are either far too sensitive to dht that meds cannot help. Ie for an example, just made up but for example purposes. Say hair loss happens at 50% dht and propecia takes away 70% then people who are normal and not losing sit somewhere in the 10 - 49% catergory. Now hairloss sufferers sit in the + 50% scale. SO for example lets say your at 70% and losing hair slowly, take propecia and you will get to 20% and your fine. BUt lets say you get to 120% + dht take 70% for propecia and your still gonna be in the losing hair catergory.
My my main reason meds not working is people giving up. If you speak to your pharmacist you will get a much more positive response of your meds compared to forums. Trust me. ANd for your information, your pharmacist is legally obliged to tell the truth. And my pharmacist tells me that 95% of people are getting positive results with propecia. Its taken me some time but I think they are here.
One think I need to add. I think my result could have been slowed down a bit because at month 2 I missed 5 days due to getting stuck in London.
Thats it for now. Im losing my way and just rambling. More rambling to come.

10-23-2012, 09:47 AM
Gratz, bruh. Similar to you, I'm not afraid of drug sides because:
1.) I know the odds, and I'm not risk averse anyways
2.) I plan to taper and monitor myself responsibly

Legit you got a girl who is chill with your hair and all. All in all, glad to hear it.