View Full Version : Debating Minox, also general update with pics.

10-20-2012, 10:08 PM
So Iím about 3 months into taking propecia now, started at .25 and worked my way up to .5mg(zero sides so far, well maybe less libido, but I still get morning wood). I think the loss has slowed or even stopped but there are still a lot of thin hairs on my hairline and the temples have thinner patches that go a little ways back. Iím not talking dead vellus hairs or anything; like the hairs are strong enough to stand upright and curl like the rest of my hair, just that the diameter of the hairs is less. Every day I switch between thinking theyíre thickening up and the next day thinking theyíre gonna die on me. Does anyone think they might thicken up given a few more months on propecia? Will they stay the same? Die? Iíve been debating getting on Minoxodil to see if that can give them the thickness they need but the idea of a shed has me sacred id lose ground and never get those hairs back. Also Iíd only wanna do it at nights since any form of hairgel or foam makes my hair look and feel weird.

The pictures show the thin areas Iím talking about. Also would anyone care to tell me what norwood I am? Iím thinking 2.5.Thank god for curly hair though I can hide my loss really well with minimal effort.Unless those areas thicken up Iím planning on getting a HT when I turn 26(5 years from now) unless better treatments donít come along. Or maybe if I get a good hair stylist I can get something like Dr. Cox on scrubs, dude is a NW 3 and looks awesome.

Also pictures of me right out of the shower and after i've styled my hair a little to hide it(I just push the front to the sides and the sides to the front, I let the hair dry and the curls do the rest)

10-20-2012, 10:11 PM
And here's a picture of what Dr. Cox can pull off thanks to curly hair. For those who don't watch scrubs. Look at his hair when it's shaved, clearly a NW 3, now when done up properly(im aware hollywood can pretty much cheat but regardless for a NW 3 that looks amazing.)