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10-18-2012, 10:06 PM
I am a 41 year old African American male. I started losing my hair with dreaded burning and itching on the crown of my head when I was 23 years old or so and from their my hair line started receding and a bald patch started from the crown getting larger and larger. I started with things like Scalpicin and T-Gel to ease the burn and then Rogaine in its earliest form when it was $69.99 in a metal can sold by UpJohn back in the day. I graduated to things that did nothing for me Nioxin, Follicure, Tricomin, Procerin, Dr Lee and his copper peptides all to keep and retain from my late twenties onward to my thirties but between that time I just shaved my hair off. I got tired of the point and laughing of children and adults who didn't know me. I got tired of wearing caps to hide my bald spot. So I shaved it off at the barbers who laughed at me and ridiculed me and so I decided I would never give them my money again to laugh at me and I bought my own clippers and I shave my own head. Now I realized that at a Norwood 5 or so which I think I am.. all of this peachfuzz vellus hairs on the vertex of my head and in the front started to return and then darken slightly with five months of minoxidil treatment and one straight month of propecia and saw palmetto combined with Nizoral. Now I have ordered two months of Fin and I am continuing the Big 3 for a year to see the result.

For now this is me.. I am currently on beautifulpeople.com for those of you who don't believe bald people can make it on there or are ugly in some way or don't qualify to be there. I would like to think that we aren't. Even though the site is ultra vain and shallow to the extreme I decided to test and see if I could get on there. I also online date occasionally on OkCupid and I get some interest at times though I have not met anyone that wants a relationship yet...just sex for some of the women or a few dates here and there.

I took this picture about 5 years ago or so looking to embark on a modeling career that never went anywhere. I am looking to attempt to get my hair back if possible but if its not in the cards for me then its not.

10-18-2012, 10:24 PM
Very cool story, man. It's really a shame that your barbers laughed at you; it's really unbelievable how so many people out there are such pieces of s**t. But you really do look good and I commend you for your confidence. I think a lot of African American men can pull off the shaved head very well; much better than Caucasian men in my opinion. Some examples include LL Cool J, Demetrious Johnson (UFC fighter), Tupac, Deion Sanders, Anderson Silva, DeMarcus Ware (football player for Dallas Cowboys), etc. Either way man, you've got nothing to be ashamed of; you really do look good. Unfortunately, I don't think I'd look that good with a shaved head and since I'm all into hard rock and heavy metal, I don't think a shaved head vibes well with that interest of mine.

10-18-2012, 11:00 PM
Thank you for the kind words man. :)

Ultimately whether you are black or white..race excluded as men you have just take control of your destiny whether you just say to hell with it and shave it off or you fight and continue an aggressive unrelenting war that you go all in and measure the results.