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10-18-2012, 08:10 AM
Has any one heard of this formula? I came across this today by mistake and saw a few befores and afters that were good. I'm not saying I believe in this but I would like to know the truth behind this if any one has heard of this product at all ..

by the way ive got 7months and 15 days on fin 1mg
Im waiting for my fin 5mg to get here and start that up

04-07-2013, 03:19 AM
Bumping this tread insted of making a new one.

I found this today. Have someone tried it and does it work?

stearic acid - glycerin- lactic acid - saw palmetto- ginko biloba- panax ginseng- niacin-biotin-ginger-rosemary-zinc-fo-ti root-dextrose-horsetail extract-skullcap extract-bhringaraja powder leaf-hydrolyzed collagen-methysulfonylmethane-soy-microcrystalline cellulose-sodium citrate-silicon dioxide-calcium carbonate-lecithin-dextrose-tricalcium phosphate--magnesium stearate-dextrin-gum arabic-croscarmellose sodium-titanium dioxide-triethanolamine-glycol stearate-mineral water- provitamin b5 pathenol-1.8 percent minoxidil-keratin-vitamin e and a -sunflower seed oil-carbomer oat kernel protein-potassium lactate-dimethicone-cetyl alcohol-magnesium aluminum silicate-butyl carbamate-disodium edta-dm dm hydantoin-urea-methylparaben