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10-17-2012, 04:28 PM
Have any of you guys or you especially Spencer heard of Gardel Hair Restoration Institute in Tijuana?
They are located in a well known part of TJ (twin towers) and I went to visit them 2 weeks ago. The first meeting is free like the ones I visited in La Jolla. What caught my attention is that now they perform the FUE method.
I have seen results from the strip method both in pics and live and they look very convincing, FUE results were a little less convincing to the trained eye (much less pics to look vs strip). The thing is, I haven't pulled the trigger on HT because I don't like the strip method. Now that they say FUE is as effective as strip and can be done in larger sessions, HT is again back in my radar. (I´m 32 now and NW 3, half way to 4, BTW)
Now, the new obstacles are price of FUE and availability close to SD until I found out Gardel does FUE.
My concern with the TJ Doc is that Why haven't the SD iahrs's doctors switch or offer simultaneously FUE yet??
Did the TJ Doc did his homework on how to perform FUE?? Gardel says that they can only do 1,500 grafts a session. Didn't Alan Bauman say that now they can do much more than that? Dr. Gaston de la Garza is a member of the ISHRS, Is that society reliable??

Price is very attractive, for the FUE method the cost is $5 per graft.
here is their website www.gardelhair.com on the top right you can switch to English.
What you guys think????

01-07-2015, 03:46 PM
Did you decide to go with Gardel? I would like to hear what you decided on and feel free to share any information. I'm also thinking about this doctor Thanks

07-21-2015, 02:16 PM
I did two transplants at Gardel. First I visited four hair surgeons in San Diego, I was not impressed with their work or the price. The clients I looked at had what I would term baby doll heads. I was looking for something natural, the best surgery is one you cant tell. Never once has anyone figured out I had hair surgery. The first one went so well, I added the second one to complete the mission. At Gardel you will find them completely professional, courteous, and most of all educated. 40676.