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  1. Is it true that hair follicles never die?
  2. Is it really that bad?
  3. Creating Own Hair Shampoo + Conditioner
  4. When to call it quits with rogaine?
  5. Dry hair with dry/flakey scalp, Shampoo advice please.
  6. Treatment with hairklinik
  7. Am I overusing ketoconazole?
  8. Suggestions for thinning temple areas?
  9. Anything I can do at this point?
  10. Any difference from generic finasteride from propecia?
  11. Finasteride - is it just not working for me
  12. About to Start Propecia 17
  13. Help! 1 month on Saw Palmetto = ZERO LIBIDO!
  14. Any Minoxidil Tips from Cat Owners?
  15. Rogaine with Hair Loss Shampoo
  16. Genhair topical fin without minoxidil intresting
  17. Any hope for DUPA?
  18. To Erick: finasteride+noopept
  19. Interesting theories about baldness!
  20. Something to ease the pain :)
  21. When are the future treatments going to be released?
  22. propecia
  23. Idea for fixing side effects on Propecia
  24. Help! Effects of stopping use of minoxidil
  25. generic proscar "finasta" any experience?
  26. Does Biotin speed up hair growth? What else can?
  27. Dutasteride or Finasteride?
  28. Minoxidil - Areas on Head where Effective
  29. Homemade PGD2 Inhibitor
  30. Does propecia/minoxidil work better on different hair types?
  31. Using Cialis, Viagra for Propecia Sides
  32. Started Propecia.... Holy Sh*t!
  33. Because **** HT. That's why
  34. Started Propecia 4/13/13
  35. Propecia 0.25 EOD users!?
  36. Nizoral is $140.00+ on Amazon
  37. Rogaine - Minoxidil Dandruff Solution?
  38. About CB 0301
  39. Finasteride for 5~ months (results!)
  40. Nizoral selling for over $100 on Amazon, what to buy?
  41. THE BIG HAIR LOSS EXPERIMENT SURVEY - Treatments and Experiences
  42. Crazy Solution(Spiro+Dutasteride+Cetirizine) What do you think?
  43. minox shed question
  44. You have to cleanse!!!
  45. Reducing Sebum from the Scalp?? Low Dose Accutane????
  46. Minoxidil foam or liquid + itchy scalp
  47. If finasteride doesnt work, does it mean Avodart also wont work??
  48. Propcia and sperm count!?
  49. Need some advice (pls help)
  50. RepliCel Receives Issue Notification from the United States Patent and Trademark Offi
  51. Coming off propecia after a month of usage?
  52. how to apply Ru58841
  53. Increasing Fin Dose or Swith to Dutas or Together????
  54. Been thinking about anti dht creams
  55. RU 58841 - KB solution vs. Ethanol/PG
  56. Massive shedding by finasteride
  57. Finasteride itching head
  58. 18 With a receding hairline, recommendations for over-the-counter treatment?
  59. Topical Propecia
  60. If finasteride makes my hair much worse.What should i do? help pls..
  61. What is the next weapon if finasteride doesnt work?
  62. Laser Therapy
  63. Rogaine (need help)
  64. Normal amount of hairs in the shower?
  65. minox plus grecian formula...
  66. Stop the mythmaking! (Or why losing hair on minoxidil and dutasteride is not possible
  67. Emu Oil
  68. Countering Fin side effects (gyno)?
  69. Fin side effects.. anyone have them? did they pass when stopping?
  70. Homemade topical fin
  71. What are the successfull Oral/Pill treatments for MPB??
  72. Two months on Regaine, no shedding?
  73. How to Order RU?
  74. Has Anyone Used The Belgravia Centre in 2012/2013?
  75. Promox topic fin
  76. Fin linked to prostatitis at all?
  77. My experience with finasteride
  78. L'oreal scammin hard
  79. Just started minoxidil
  80. PRP seems to work, at least according to a published study
  81. Do InhousePharmacy-Europe call you to confirm the order?
  82. How to mix Azelaic Acid with Kirkland foam
  83. Question on ordering RU54881 from TheKaneShop
  84. Scientists Find Vitamin D Could Cure Baldness
  85. Had to stop FIN - still using minox
  86. Stopped Fin, Body Hair Growing Out of Control
  87. Minoxidil with azelic acid than generic?
  88. If Saw Palmetto caused side effects, will Fin do me in?
  89. Caboki & Temporary Hair Loss Situation
  90. More Snake oil
  91. Remox 3 foam
  92. Dutasteride - How much/how often?
  93. PRP - anyone had this procedure?
  94. Switching Finasteride to Dutasteride in this week
  95. Spiro Cream - Anyone had positive results?
  96. Rogaine & White Flakes - help needed
  97. Rogaine Foam vs. Liquid
  98. International suppliers of meds
  99. Profollica
  100. propecia - how well is it working for me?
  101. Coconut Oil?
  102. Anyone had any success applying Minoxidil once a day??
  103. Finasteride at NW5?
  104. Dutasteride powder arrived... Is there anybody from eu, who would be interested?
  105. Regenepure - Efficacy, price, use with Fin...
  106. Risk of RU588841; One bad batch
  107. Nizoral
  108. 2000 strip Dr G.Charles
  109. Switching from Propecia to Proscar
  110. Questions to ask doctor about propecia? Blood test etc
  111. Maintaining hairline
  112. 'replicel news release'
  113. Beginner questions about RU
  114. Opinions on the best generic dutasteride?
  115. Increasing fin dosage
  116. I'm not ready for propecia, so i've finally started minox
  117. The 30 month window!!!!!
  118. Does anyone have the result of the Ru58841 Phase II Study?
  119. General questions about getting a prescription for Propecia in the United States
  120. Age for Propecia?
  121. Conflicting info on fin...
  122. Managing weight gain on fin
  123. Is there any documented success of CB by forum members?
  124. Rogaine
  125. Propecia and armidex letro prevent weight gain gyno
  126. minox sides? am i that unlucky?
  127. Premixed RU Solution from MPBTreatments??
  128. Nioxin Shampoo & Vitatress Biotin Scalp Creme Vs Propecia?
  129. RU?
  130. Thinking of stopping Minoxidil and remaining on Finasteride
  131. Abour Rogaine
  132. LEGIT? Dr. Reddy's Dutas from inhousepharmacy.biz
  133. some questions for Fin users
  134. Recent Finasteride ED/fatigue
  135. "The findings help explain why humans don't regenerate their hair after wounding"
  136. "Follica speaks"
  137. Hair-Raising Follica Study Could Point to Baldness Therapy
  138. Switching between branded & generic Finasteride?
  139. Day off Minox, reduced shedding...
  140. dark circles under eyes?
  141. fin a second time?
  142. anyone using the microneedle device on the scalp to enhance minox penetration ?
  143. My Extensive Treatment and Still Not Satisfied(Fin+Dut+Accutane+Niz)
  144. Unbranded bottles of Minoxidil/Azelaic on ebay
  145. Can Minoxidil trigger MPB hair loss.
  146. Will Start RU58841. Advice Needed.
  147. Quick question about finasteride
  148. Jcm...
  149. Do you recommend RU58841?
  150. Thinking of NIgam or GHO
  151. How much minoxidil is absorbed into the system?
  152. New to hairloss! Help!
  153. Iron-Dragon PGD2 Inhibitors??
  154. Propecia in hot countries
  155. Dr. Diep, anyone
  156. Price decline schedule/estimate for 1mg Finasteride
  157. Another treatment than minoxidil
  158. Inhouse pharmacy alternatives
  159. Are there any real treatments with no side effects?
  160. Finasteride in conjunction with an Aromatase Inhibitor
  161. Reduce fin sides
  162. Losing Hope... I have just ordered Last Weapons(PGD2 Block+RU+Minox)
  163. Rogaine and Keratin Problem
  164. 4 months into propecia, sudden side effects?
  165. 18 years old with agressive mpb, few questions on minoxidil/keto shampoo
  166. rogaine sex sides_please see!!!!!
  167. Dr Nigams hair doubling possible plan?
  168. Need advice propecia aromatase inhibitors
  169. stopped fin. still doing rogain...what next, nizoral?
  170. Fin + Letro to save hair and combat gyno??
  171. Dutasteride, Fin, and RU did not work for me
  172. Entering Battle With Hairloss
  173. Titanium Micro-Needle Scalp Roller for Increase Minoxidil Absorption?
  174. Early 2nd Shed on Minoxidil
  175. Don't you want the shed from Dutas?!?
  176. Applying minox 1x a day?
  177. Pro-vaxa
  178. Liquid Minox Questions
  179. ru58841 systemic side effects
  180. Higher Strength (%10-%15) Minoxidil Users
  181. For those buying or considering buying drugs from "online pharmacies"
  182. Alpecin caffeine shampoo before onset of receding??
  183. Why are sheds rarely reported in minoxidil studies?
  184. Should a Norwood 1 be seeking treatment?
  185. Question About Fin timing
  186. Minox shed
  187. PRP AND ACELL FOR "maintenance"
  188. Fin Doseage Question...
  189. Dr. Robert Carlson's Pro-Vaxa?
  190. Fin vs. Dut for sides
  191. Does any one gain weight on propecia and keep taking it cose there's nothing better
  192. Making topical fin or dut
  193. Should i stop fin?? Please help..pics added
  194. How I'm managing to get on 1mg daily of Finasteride/Propecia, without side effects.
  195. anybody used topical finasteride 0.1
  196. Focus On What's Already Showing Results andPromise
  197. Recommend a brand of dut please. Thanks.
  198. My new regimen (Fin+Rogaine Foam+RU58841+TGel). What can i add more?
  199. Anyone taking Fin that experiences NO sides?
  200. growing hair faster
  201. High Hemoglobin Level HGB=19,5
  202. Shampoo Suggestions
  203. If Minoxidil can't stop hairloss on it's own, then how come...
  204. Washing hair AFTER applying minox
  205. I Want to Add More.. Fin+Minox+RU+Niz+???????
  206. Fear massive shed after ceasing Fin
  207. Is Propecia an effective treatment for DPA (Diffuse Pattern Alopecia)
  208. Help me Fight Gyno and Hairloss
  209. Minox for front hairline? Never thought it was worth it, but now unsure
  210. Anyone just take finasteride (no minox)?
  211. Amount of shedding that's normal on fin?
  212. Nizoral and/or shampoo treatment
  213. My new regrime
  214. Finersteride at age 20?
  215. Rogaine and heat
  216. Where to buy Avodart?
  217. Secrethero89's Log, 12 Months Journey, Added More Pictures,Comments are Welcome
  218. Armidex to stop propecia sides ?
  219. How can i make my own homemade custom minoxidil?
  220. Can you mix Finasteride with water?
  221. Have the finasteride in my hand. Now Im scared to take it.
  222. Oily scalp and dry hair w/ oily dandruff - shedding like crazy!
  223. Grape Seed Extract + Fish Oil + Zinc to Minimize Propecia Sides?
  224. Which member was able to grow hairs on their fingers?
  225. Best Minoxidil Cream For Front Hairline?
  226. Safe place to get Toco 8 now a days
  227. Innovative hair loss solutions Australia before and after
  228. distefano hair restoration in CT?
  229. just ordered finasteride from the online pharmacy. should i try something else first?
  230. Finasteride - too late start it?
  231. How to start up - RU/Fin?
  232. Foligain or other tablets as an alternative to Propecia?
  233. Hair Transplants in Crown area
  234. Penis TOO hard - post finasteride
  235. Alternative Treatment
  236. Blood test (DHT) with finasteride every other day.
  237. Should I try DUT even though Propecia gave me side effects?
  238. Shampoo Advice
  239. 1 Year stem cell injection result@dr.nigam
  240. Is anybody (from EU) interested in dutasteride powder?
  241. questions regarding rogaine FOAM
  242. Reve21
  243. Thinking of switching from Propecia to Provillus
  244. Questions before i start on propecia
  245. Propecia and brain damage
  246. Anyone heard of Hairgen?
  247. 5% liquid Rogaine vs. Rogaine foam 5%
  248. Shedding on Medication
  249. Saw Palmetto..
  250. 5 months on Propecia (Side Effects - Testicular Atrophy)