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  1. Increased Dosage of Finasteride?
  2. nizoral shampoo?
  3. What halts frontal thinning/receding hairline?
  4. Hairline HT & piece for crown?
  5. Propecia UK Stat - Quiz time
  6. Young men's experience with Propecia
  7. Rogaine - how long before it stopped working?
  8. FINCAR? generic Proscar
  9. Londons Harley Clinic
  10. Topical Cream with DMAE and Alpha lipoic acid and grapeseed extract
  11. Propecia shed
  12. The Propecia website has been taken down
  13. Uk hair solutions???
  14. Where to get Generic Finasteride - UK
  15. Currently on no treatment - UK
  16. does lowering propecia dosage help?
  17. Question about natural dht blockers, help!
  18. how long until side effects go away?
  19. How accurate is family history?
  20. Latisse for your dome? Eyelash enhancer also thickens thin hair
  21. Fin in liquid form?
  22. The 15% Solution?
  23. Dutasteride powder dissolved in ethanol/vodka for topical. Few questions!
  24. Rogaine Foam: 3 mos@appx $16, 1 mos@appx$7 (U.S. residents)
  25. KGB Special offer
  26. peopecia side effects: stop taking it, half the dose, what of the long term effects?
  27. rogaine - top of the head effectivness
  28. Blocking DHT
  29. How soon after shower can I apply Rogain foam?
  30. Rogain, baby hair at first or is that all?
  31. Foligain foam
  32. Fortalex PT
  33. quick question about fin
  34. PFS... post finasteride syndrome
  35. Best thing for DHT blocking?
  36. Hair Simulation Technique
  37. Lazer Comb Treatment
  38. Anyone take Propecia Long Term & Quit w/out Problems
  39. Questions Questions
  40. Jeunesse Serum
  41. Nizoral: Doctors
  42. Nizoral making me itch...
  43. 10/2011 Study: <1.0% Japanese Men Show Side Effects on Finasteride
  44. please save this 20 year old. spectral dnc?
  45. Affording dutasteride?
  46. Multiple Minox Sheds
  47. Nizoral Shampoo question.
  48. Propecia/Finasteride in the UK
  49. Looking for some advice on Propecia RE: The cost of it
  50. Help
  51. Transplant + pigmentation
  52. Can Alpecin Coffeine Shampoo decreases the effect of Finasteride?
  53. Propecia how long does it take?
  54. *******
  55. Regaine/Rogaine storys?
  56. How best to use NIZORAL ?
  57. Do Laser Combs really work?
  58. Tocotrienol/Toco 8?
  59. shedding short hairs after 1 month on Avodart!
  60. Starting Treatment Questions
  61. Skin with hair follicles regrown in mice
  62. Women using specific cream for hair growth
  63. Concerns on Propecia....
  64. energy comb, VS> factory refurbished hair max comb
  65. Different ways to use Minoxidil?
  66. Profinast/apple polyphenol
  67. Symptoms when Propecia looses its effectiveness
  68. Can you overuse a laser comb??
  69. Quitting Propecia after ten years... need help.
  70. Rogaine Foam losing its effectiveness???
  71. Natural DHT blockers - HLCC Script Complete
  72. Efficacy of Hair Loss Medications on the Front of the Scalp
  73. 15% Minox
  74. Artas
  75. Any Experience of Stopping Propecia after long term use and Massive Hairloss?
  76. Minoxidil vs Propecia (frontal and mid scalp hairloss)
  77. Maxogain: who knows anything about that stuff?
  78. Infrared vs. laser light for hair loss
  79. Propecia Short Term Effects
  80. Nervous about Rogaine Shed (2 Pics)
  81. 10+ years of Propecia Use?? How many on this board - Your Experience?
  82. Impatiently upped to 15%
  83. anyone heard of recoverup?
  84. My cousin and I both have Penis shrinkage from Propecia
  85. Topical Anti-androgens
  86. Nizoral and Minoxidil as a preventative measure
  87. Spectral DNC-L
  88. Is there really a point in taking Biotin?
  89. Topical Spiro cream
  90. Tips for applying liquid rogaine to hairline and front of scalp
  91. Propecia Shedding
  92. New Hair Loss Product: Hairsil
  93. 4rx.com is this seriously legit or not?
  94. Stopped using Regaine (Minoxidil)
  95. Are my Finasteride & Minoxidil products legit?
  96. Finasteride and Minoxidil
  97. Increased Hair loss due to Minoxidil
  98. My regimen of 10 years
  99. What is considered a BIG shed?
  100. I did hair transplantation
  101. Finpecia from ukfinasteride
  102. Stopped Using Rogaine
  103. Ache in testicles
  104. Hiding A Transplant
  105. Dandruff Solution And Hair Products
  106. Does anyone use Nizoral alternatives (Dandrazol etc)?
  107. Problem with Propecia
  108. Does Apple Cider Vinegar help in hair strength?
  109. Andrew51
  110. All this talk about Propecia is getting me Depressed
  111. Rogaine customer service
  112. Nizoral Killed my Sex Drive, Would Procepia and Dutasteride as well?
  113. The big 3 minus 1?
  114. where do u get your ******* plus from
  115. Zinc! Zing!
  116. Can't afford Propecia anymore.. but..
  117. Shampoo
  118. Nioxin Hair Booster
  119. My regimen that worked for years
  120. Noticing new, possibly dangerous finasteride side effects
  121. Is 1.03 per Propecia Tablet Cheap?
  122. Anyone who had eliminated side effects of finasteride with lower dose
  123. Replicel ?
  124. For you guys who are thinking about buzzing your hair
  125. Went to a doctor and he advised taking Nanogen Serum and..
  126. Where to find 5% minoxidil without propylene glycol??
  127. N2 shampoo
  128. Have not had shed from minoxidil
  129. my regimen
  130. Spectral DNC-N
  131. Propecia, how long it takes for it to work?
  132. Need help from experienced members Propecia
  133. Propecia/Finpecia or Proscar?
  134. MINOXIDIL 5% - where can i buy?
  135. Adding minoxidil after long term finasteride use?
  136. Question about minoxidil application?
  137. Kanolone(triamcinolone)
  138. Taking the plunge, question about blood work and hormones
  139. Confused about ukfinasteride
  140. Mone hair cure?
  141. Swicting from Minoxidil 5% to Minoxidil 12% causes further hair shedding ?
  142. KIRKLAND Minoxidil 5%?
  143. ADERANS is hiring
  144. Propecia and young people
  145. Minoxidil side effects ????
  146. UK users of Proscar
  147. The Lowest Dose of Propecia/Proscar etc?
  148. My new propecia say Merck Sharp?
  149. Propecia and High Blood Pressure.
  150. Dont Forget About Histogen...
  151. Finasteride and Neurological Damage
  152. Generic Rogaine Foam
  153. My Experience So Far - Rogaine (liquid and foam) + Nizoral 1%
  154. Boots Hair Retention Programme
  155. Propecia and its effects.
  156. Minoxidil Foam v Liquid
  157. Herbal DHT blockers vs Finasteride.
  158. Propecia and SSRIs?
  159. Anagen one
  160. Propecia Causes Penis Shrinkage In Rats..
  161. FDA RE-TESTING PROPECIA due to complaints
  162. Saw Palmetto in Shampoo interfere with Propecia?
  163. 10 year study on Finasteride
  164. im 19 and losing my hair fast!!
  165. This sucks getting Propecia Warning on National TV now
  166. Nizoral questions
  167. How to store pills
  168. Someone who is already at increased risk for testicular cancer
  169. New breakthrough
  170. procepia
  171. Will minoxidil work forever?
  172. Why is only Propecia implicated in PFS?
  173. Selling some RU
  174. Opinions on recomended hair length for h/t?
  175. Does rogaine foam help with dandruff?
  176. Question about Propecia
  177. New to Finasteride! Got some questions.
  178. Is minoxidil causing wrinkles?
  179. Aderans Research Reaches Major Milestone in Phase 2 Clinical Study Enrollment
  180. Raxuschem.com
  181. Will Rogaine shedding affect my frontal hair so much?
  182. Lipogaine
  183. My Experience on Propecia and Minox so far..
  184. Does Propcia work for all MBP'S
  185. Online Pharmacy Propecia
  186. Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo C1
  187. BM Online Pharmacy Cheaper Meds.
  188. Babysteps
  189. Self help Vs Hair clinic
  190. FUE doctors in canada
  191. Regaine Foam Question
  192. Nioxin shampoo or Nizoral???
  193. Test
  194. All you veterans.....please offer some advice?
  195. Baldness Drug May Cause Sexual Side Effects
  196. Baldness, prostate drugs get sexual side effects warnings
  197. Any one have any luck with lattise?
  198. Proscar and Minoxidil Questions
  199. Question about Propecia & Proscar
  200. please help save this 21 year old, spectral dnc-n yes or no
  201. propeica or generic properica for cheap online
  202. When will the results of Propecia/Avodart(Finasteride/Dutasteride) study be released?
  203. Avodart to Propecia? Has anyone done this?
  204. Help with new regimen
  205. For anybody who has quit taking propecia for several years, did side effects go away?
  206. do you think replicel will be safe?
  207. Finasteride Uk
  208. Where to buy Nizoral and Minoxidil within Canada?
  209. Fin shed
  210. Does finasteride block dht or cause the body to produce less dht?
  211. Need New source of 15% Minoxidil-former Dr. Lee Patient
  212. will replicels treatment even be affordable
  213. Proscar /Propecia differing potential for sides?
  214. Hair Loss Stem Cell Research in Japan
  215. Anyone heard about New Anti-Aging Hair Solution Keranique
  216. Alternative to Propecia
  217. rogaine regrowth
  218. Finasteride Side effects and Viagra
  219. Walmart (Northstar) Finasteride
  220. Propecia EOD?
  221. Caster Oil?
  222. Fact or fiction: fin is only effective for 5 to 6 years?
  223. My Thermascalp review
  224. Resveratrol and Circumin?
  225. Stopping a treatment and going to start Rogaine,what happens to the results..
  226. can you take fin every other day to start?
  227. Question about Fin
  228. Inconclusive rant about finasteride, DHT reduction and ways to control it.
  229. Try this if you have ED or loss of Libido from Fin
  230. Regaine/Rogaine Foam dhow long can u make it last?
  231. Private stem cell clinics/laboratories?
  232. What do you pay per tab?
  233. Quit Minoxidil
  234. Here's an idea ... TOPICAL Fin or Flut
  235. Pura d'or Shampoo
  236. Using Nizoral shampoo to treat hair loss
  237. Advice on minoxidil liquid used only 3 times
  238. I Blame it all on Propecia
  239. DHT cleansing shampoos
  240. Finally got Proscar instead of propecia
  241. Are Side Effects Common with FIN and PROP...not sure to start.
  242. 10 month Rogaine Update
  243. 26M crown thinner, help with Regime
  244. Time for an all natural assault!
  245. correct way to apply regaine foam?
  246. Issues with premature Rogaine use?
  247. U.S. may speed approval of "breakthrough" drugs
  248. Missed Fin for 3 days
  249. Hair loss Is preventable and reversible. A must Read!
  250. Generic Foam: Kirkland? Is it the same as Rogaine?