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  1. Can drinking cause hair loss?
  2. If the top of your head was a banker, it would be getting ripped off!
  3. How do you live with your hairloss?
  4. gray hair: better or worse at concealing baldness?
  5. The Vulnerable Hair Loss Sufferer: Arm Yourself With Good Information!
  6. Let's Talk About Hair Loss!
  7. I Donít think I would care if I Already had a wife?
  8. My generation sucks..
  9. Miniturization????
  10. Hair Loss Treatments Exposed: 20/20
  11. Need some help please
  12. Telogen Effluvium
  13. Can Creatine and DHEA Speeds Up Hair Loss?
  14. Things are getting worse for me!!
  15. Merry Christmas everyone!
  16. Rogaine WTF!!
  17. Where to get Propecia?
  18. Where do i begin?
  19. Happy New Year!
  20. Why is Propecia costing more?
  21. Cure for baldness? Marie Unna hereditary hypotrichosis (MUHH)
  22. "Skin Grafts for Hair 1984"
  23. Variable donor density & Efficient donor harvesting
  24. Question for Mr. Kobren and/or IAHRS Physicians regarding exercise and hair loss
  25. Cheap Propecia???
  26. Hi all, A little help please.
  27. Considering Shaving Your Head?
  28. Need Help!!! How to best cover a receding hairline
  29. Just started propecia
  30. John Travoltaís Hair | When Will They Leave Him Alone?
  31. What am I on the Norwood scale?
  32. Does this mean I'm balding?
  33. Where to start?
  34. Pimples and perspiration
  35. Having Hair Loss Is Exhausting!
  36. Men's Hair Loss & Television / Media
  37. I dont think propecia is for me :(
  38. Hair Care Tips and Remedies
  39. Diffuse thinning - is propecia less effective
  40. Is this a good thing?
  41. Is it safe to take anti-depressant with Propecia?
  42. Does hair dye contribute to hairloss?
  43. People with hair don't get many replies for dates?
  44. cheesesteaks make you lose your hair?
  45. question.....
  46. How Much Money Have You Spent Trying to Get Your Hair Back?
  47. Any success with hair plug removal?
  48. Balding in Canada. What are my options?
  49. Low level radiation = more hair loss?
  50. Who Is Balding Tony? Is this a real person?
  51. 17 and balding! Help me please!
  52. Nourkrin....does it work???????
  53. Question On Shampoos For The Doctors And Anyone Else
  54. 19, My hair is thinning fast
  55. Who Are The Best Hair Transplant Docs in Los Angeles?
  56. can anyone answer this?
  57. Question for people in UK
  58. Cant listen in, dangit?!?
  59. generic or branded
  60. Propecia...
  61. Questions from a 20 year old worrywart
  62. Accidentally Plucked Out Hairs - Will They Grow Back?
  63. use of rogaine post op
  64. Spencer and Dave???
  65. hair loss pattern
  66. Had a terrible visit to a dermatologist the other day
  67. Making the Jump - What Can I Expect from Initial Consult
  68. Need a doc
  69. avodart.com is it legit & other questions
  70. Does non surgical treatment work?
  71. Concerns about Propecia and permanent erectile dysfunction..
  72. hair loss article in the 5/27 NY Post
  73. "Trump" viewing hair loss article in the 5/28 NY Post
  74. Is there hope?
  75. Tonight on The Bald Truth 6/7/09
  76. Spencer, question about tonight's (6/7/09) show.
  77. Help Please
  78. Removing Plugs?
  79. Phil Spector Having a Bad Hair Day!
  80. Iím still skeptical when it comes to PRP
  81. Tune Into The Bald Truth Live Tonight 8pm EST 5pm PST
  82. bosley or hasson and wong
  83. Help whos the best hair transplant doc on the east coast?
  84. Natural loooking HT please
  85. Cali
  86. a "hair thickening" cartoon from the 6/18 edition of F Minus‏
  87. Propecea and Tight Throat?
  88. Great thank you from patient!
  89. Concern
  90. Feeling very depressed
  91. Nancy Morgan: Myrtle Beach Conservative Examiner Ridicules Hair Loss Sufferers
  92. Video Segments Of The Bald Truth Radio Show
  93. Geography question
  94. Spencer Kobrenís The Bald Truth Video Archives!
  95. Propecia question(s)...
  96. Who did Larry Kudlow (CNBC) or John McEnroe?
  97. washing the hair more often
  98. Florida sun
  99. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth 7/12 Show Posted
  100. Medication which regrows eyelashes
  101. Finisteride During Sex/Having a Baby
  102. Who did Sting's transplant?
  103. Obama Wears Mom Jean, AND?? Iím still Losing my hair!!!
  104. planning to start minoxidil
  105. Question about pulling your hair!!
  106. Hair Transplants | Video Segment of The Bald Truth
  107. Half a pill of propecia?
  108. Spencer Kobren Discusses Propecia With TBT Caller
  109. Congress Proposes 10% TAX on All Cosmetic Procedures
  110. Growing hair long after a transplant
  111. Anyone have any comments on Robert Bernstein in Manhattan
  112. Strip or FUE?
  113. I need something cleared up
  114. Please Help
  115. Questions about hairloss
  116. lost cause?
  117. Spencer, any IAHRS Surgeon, or anyone with knowledge......
  118. greying hair
  119. Histogen HSC | The Archived Interview with Dr. Craig Ziering on The Bald Truth
  120. Questions of Hair - How and Why
  121. Help has anyone had hair transplant surgery?
  122. Daughtry
  123. Advice with starting a regimen
  124. Itchy Scalp?
  125. Making the decision to have hair transplant surgery
  126. Hey guys 7 and 1/2 month update Propecia
  127. Is it true that excessive mastubration caused hairloss?
  128. Propecia Sides, please share your experiences
  129. Question about hair diameter
  130. Hair Shedding 1-2 weeks after the flu....coincidence or related?
  131. Balayam Biggest Joke Ever
  132. Crazy Derm Experence!
  133. What kind of hair loss is this?
  134. Supplements to take with Propecia for side protection??
  135. comic strip Flight Deck has wig wearing mentioned
  136. Diffuse thining or MPB?? Help!
  137. Spectral DNC product w/Provilus
  138. GIVING UP...well kinda (read)
  139. Undoing Transplant
  140. scar revision after two procedures
  141. if dr. glenn charles and dr. allan feller were only practing in 1980
  142. Early Advice, Doctors in Columbus, Ohio
  143. Where can I buy Propecia/Finasteride/Proscar?
  144. excess sebum on top of scalp
  145. putting product in hair
  146. Rogaine foam questions
  147. Avodart offshore success?
  148. Does Nioxin work? Does anything work besides Prop, and Rogaine to stop hair loss?
  149. Inhibiting DHT products.
  150. Does age matter with Avodartr+
  151. Does age matter with Avodart/Propecia?
  152. Avodart Question?
  153. dandruff
  154. Help with Propecia please
  155. Andre Agassi admits: "I wore a wig."
  156. Computer Generated After Images Before Surgery
  157. Propecia vs Proscar
  158. Must I use Propecia or Minoxodil after a transplant?
  159. Where am I on the Norwood scale?
  160. Alex Baldwin makes fun of Brian Grazer & Ron Howard's baldness‏
  161. now animals are losing their hair?
  162. New hair vs Miniturized
  163. Dupa?
  164. Is Retin A (with minoxidil) safe to use after a Hair Transplant?
  165. How do you guys cope?
  166. UK Propecia Prices as of Nov '09
  167. heart palpitations and finasteride
  168. Keto shed????
  169. Questions about Rogaine/Minoxidil. Please help!
  170. help needed
  171. generic propecia finasteride from emedoutlet
  172. new user confused what to do (pics)
  173. propecia and watery semen
  174. Is there anything that actually DOES work 100%?
  175. avodart.
  176. Should I add Rogaine?
  177. sup
  178. Hair loss and regrowth.. my story [w/ pictures]
  179. I'd like to get a prescription for Proscar and Avodart.
  180. Young guy- Strip vs FUE??
  181. If Dutasteride eliminates all DHT, why does hairloss continue?
  182. Shampoo Choices- PLEASE help!!
  183. i pulled a hair out of my graft
  184. Lowest "safe" dosage of Propecia
  185. Looking for Top Manhattan Guy to Work on Me
  186. Red Head? How long will my head look like a bleeding pin cussion afte my transplant ?
  187. Hair has been shedding very rapidly! (pics) *HELP*
  188. Destin, I have a question for you
  189. this week's Parade magazine mentions TV ad about a guy with his toupee flying off‏
  190. So i just recieved my Generic Fin..
  191. My situation (with pics)
  192. Rogaine after hair transplant
  193. photodamage
  194. Second Procedure Pics.
  195. Can no longer afford Propecia
  196. Is it possible to start shedding randomly while on fin?
  197. Off topic, but are you planning on upgrading your vbulletin forum to version 4?
  198. Any success with Revage 670 laser by Apira Science?
  199. Just alittle poll question
  200. Propecia 2nd year?
  201. thicker donor hair
  202. PRP experience with Dr DeYarman
  203. Life after Propecia?
  204. 1 year propecia update...ugh...Help and advice needed!
  205. Unusal men balding pattern - is this DUPA? (photos)
  206. Dermatologist
  207. Propecia: Any side effects
  208. Generic Proscar
  209. How long can we see positive results from taking propecia?
  210. accutane cause hair loss?
  211. FUE punch size
  212. what to expect from surgeon?
  213. dropped minoxidil after the first shed... what happens now?
  214. Minoxidil - significant shedding!!!
  215. When You're Feeling Down on Hair Loss...STAY STRONG!!!
  216. Does Propecia cause initial hair shedding?
  217. Handsome dude losing hair
  218. how many grafts do i need??
  219. Why must they create shirts like this for bald people?
  220. Synthetic Hair implants
  221. Hair specialists in the bay area
  222. Hair specialist in Boston
  223. Feel very betrayed by my own body.
  224. FUE HT vs the traditional line cut
  225. Do it yourself hair transplant
  226. Rogaine foam vs liquid
  227. Question about propecia/proscar prescription
  228. Need some advice please?
  229. Rogaine
  230. DR Dermatologist
  231. Natural home remedies for hair loss
  232. Minoxidil from Amazon?
  233. Holistic therapies increase chances?
  234. Just started Propecia and maybe im over reacting.
  235. Hair Replacement in Thailand!!!
  236. Loss on sides = mpb ?
  237. ...the saddest part about this; my life has only just begun.
  238. Does BioSil work
  239. i can't take propecia, are hair transplants an option for me?
  240. Minoxidil = Headaches & Propecia = Insomnia?
  241. Laser treatment in NYC?
  242. Propecia vs. Avodart on frontal thinning
  243. Hey guys. just some random q's with thin hair at 20.
  244. PRP at 2 months
  245. Anybody have some legit online pharmacies?
  246. Non-genetic causes of baldness in men
  247. 6 months on propecia, scalp pain in crown dramatically reduced
  248. Sleeping after surgery?
  249. womens' thoughts on hair loss regarding attraction
  250. Bosley vs other hair transplant doctors