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  1. How to make propecia tolerable
  2. im confused
  3. crown check
  4. Where do you guys get your Fin?
  5. The World Over
  6. Online Pharmacy
  7. Why do I have this kind of hairloss?
  8. Natural way to reduce hair loss/ regrow hair....
  9. Slow recession questions
  10. William Shatner has ALWAYS been of interest
  11. Receeding, young and unsure
  12. Pfs
  13. Does mpb affect the speed of your hair growth??
  14. How long after starting propecia without hair loss would you be considered as stable?
  15. Dandruff
  16. My Finasteride progress
  17. Receding at 16!How bad do you think it is? (Pictures)
  18. Someone help me!
  19. Advice PLEASE!! Rogaine Destroying me?
  20. Balding
  21. For people in the UK, where do you get propecia from and how much do you pay?
  22. Nizoral Vendors?
  23. Need advice
  24. Regrowth? Or miniaturization ?
  25. Body Acne from Rogaine?
  26. Generic propecia
  27. Haircut/Buzzcut Update
  28. Nizoral 2% in the mail
  29. Receding Hairline! How bad do you think it is?( pictures)
  30. Here's a Question For You Guys...
  31. 1 Month of Minox and No Shed
  32. Losing hairs in shower
  33. The Joys of being bald
  34. Quitting propecia, share your thoughts:
  35. Yup, pretty much sums it up!
  36. FUE Surgeons in Turkey
  37. What is wrong in being bald
  38. What kind of men cannot pull the bald look
  39. Losing tons of hair only on the sides of my head?
  40. Which Shampoos that Cause Hair Loss?
  41. TE?
  42. Is Saw Palmetto Safe & Worth it?
  43. Should I give Propecia another shot? Need advise please
  44. ginger hair or bald????
  45. Celebrity Hair
  46. CNC Hair transplant machine?
  47. Why can't we watch the UK show on catch up?
  48. Listening to and watching Spencer's weekly US Broadcasts live
  49. Should I be taking anything.....
  50. Why hair is so overrated?
  51. Got a pretty short haircut - crown check now?
  52. Looking to start FIN again, this time 0.5mg thoughts?
  53. Apart from possible sides, is there any REAL reason to start with fin over dut?
  54. Can I order legit Nizoral 2% online
  55. Baldness Cure That Reverses Genetics Could Be Available In Two Years
  56. Am I doomed to go bald?
  57. What is more important beard or head hair
  58. Do I hide my hairline well?
  59. Anterior Mid Scalp Finasteride
  60. Is my hairline a sign of my hair loss future?
  61. Framing the face....
  62. The Bald Truth UK LIVE show - 3rd Feb 8PM GMT
  63. Great fin experiences?
  64. Minox may be causing dark rings under my eyes
  65. Hairloss wet to dry (pics)
  66. Any issues with finasteride and being underweight?
  67. Propecia/Nizoral 7 month update (pics)
  68. Belgravia Centre: My thoughts, your thoughts and advice.
  69. How far along am I?
  70. About to finish my 6th bottle of Rogaine...
  71. Should I start Minox again??
  72. Frustrated with fin/dut
  73. whats my norwood? (pics)
  74. When getting a HT and relying on the doctor to do a good job..
  75. Costco Finasteride Legit?
  76. Starting dutasteride
  77. High Cortisol Blood Levels & Propecia?
  78. Severe shock loss
  79. Long-term minoxidil users?
  80. Stupid q....
  81. Minox no shed!?
  82. Finasteride: Crushing pills, "parachuting" low dose, pill coatings
  83. 2 Nice articles
  84. How Screwed am I? [Pics]
  85. dna test
  86. What is the best treatment available for a NW7
  87. Is Dr. Reddy's Dutas from inhouse legit?
  88. 17 (almost 18) and Finasteride
  89. cabuki ... hair stuff
  90. Going to see an endocrinologist. What questions do you want answered?
  91. Bald Truth convention?
  92. The Bald Truth UK LIVE show - 17th Feb 8PM GMT
  93. First 6 months or last 6 months - which is worse?
  94. How come some really rich and famous people do not get hair transplants?
  95. Wearing a piece but thinking of getting rid
  96. Is it normal to...?
  97. Is it possible to preserve hair follicle
  98. My Treatment Recommendation From A Doctor
  99. How bad is this?
  100. Daily shampoo
  101. Dr. Sara Wasserbauer is like super Hot!!!
  102. GLA for hair loss
  103. Is it true that only ugly men fear baldness
  104. (pic) What stage of hair loss am I, is it bad, and what can i do to make it better?
  105. What NW level am I? (with pic)
  106. hair loss treatment should be covered by insurance
  107. Massive finasteride shed thread
  108. With near 0% body fat, even a NW7 can look bad ass
  109. Isn't a full head of hair overrated?
  110. What stage am I at?
  111. I don't want to wait 1 year to see my HT results!
  112. Do you think there would be a problem w cycling between 1mg and 1.25mg of fin daily?
  113. laser cap laser comb
  114. Propecia Alternatives?
  115. Beat the itch, beat the bald
  116. How come some men get side effects from Propecia and some don't
  117. Who says rock musicians don't go bald?
  118. Started Minxodil a few days ago
  119. Concealer
  120. Taking .25mg - .5mg fin in hopes of reducing sides with same effectiveness. thoughts?
  121. How much does a hormone (specifically DHT) test cost?
  122. My hair loss pics
  123. Did Rogaine/ Minox Work for You?
  124. Dramatically naturally slow down Hair loss - From Spencer Kobren's book
  125. Shaved Down
  126. Capillogain
  127. matthew mcconaughey again claims Regenix saved his hair...
  128. Why ketoconazole only 1x per week?
  129. Jude Laws hair
  130. Aames' Dutasteride Log
  131. FUE scars
  132. Where can I buy a concealer in London?
  133. My hairloss situation
  134. I'm upset as to how women percieve my MPB
  135. Spencer Kobren, this article is for you
  136. Where is the treshold for the shock loss of minoxidil-dependent hair?
  137. Where is the threshold for the shock loss of minoxidil-dependent hair?
  138. Regaine/Rogaine Qs
  139. The Last Supper: Chris' HT edition
  140. Declan Donnelly (UK celeb)
  141. Best DHT shampoo...
  142. Difference between a 'mature hairline' and early MPB?
  143. is all small hair miniturization?
  144. ukfinasteride.info price and packaging
  145. minoxidil frequency
  146. Its all about the attitude, check it out
  147. Laser therapy, yes or no?
  148. Rogaine
  149. 6 months off Propecia Today
  150. The problem with Finasteride.
  151. The best place for treatment advice.
  152. considering Dutasteride, need help!
  153. Cutting it to a Number 2 and dandruff
  154. Could taking a large dose of saw palmetto screw up your hormones?
  155. Kirkland Minox and ball ache
  156. The best hair loss sports stars
  157. Does retrograde alopecia mean definitely baldness?
  158. Have you noticed that more advanced nations have more bald men
  159. Flying with finasteride
  160. Velus regrowth?
  161. Is private messaging working on this site?
  162. Getting cold feet
  163. My story
  164. HP grafts question for N2.5
  165. Hair taking a pounding with dut
  166. 4 months into using Fin. Several time line updates.
  167. Need of assistance
  168. My shaving experience
  169. Starting Minoxidil
  170. Dr. Mwamba-Consultations in Zurich (April) and London (May)
  171. Advice/thoughts? fellow hairloss warriors...
  172. Hair Transplant Scar Question
  173. Hairloss and lifestyle
  174. Do you have any close friends you discuss mpb with?
  175. Doctor Apointment - propecia
  176. long time reader new user.. need help with fin
  177. Should i start taking propecia now at 18 years old? Please give advice.
  178. 17 and receding?
  179. Finasteride into fifths
  180. Help with hair loss
  181. FAST Shampoo and Conditioner - Anybody heard of this?
  182. Bad Over-eating and hair loss???
  183. facial hair style for my face? srs ( balding)
  184. Baldness pattern!
  185. Thickness of gray hair
  186. Propecia at 18?
  187. 21, MRM Prolobium (Epilobium Parviflorum), No sex drive!
  188. Identity is Key
  189. Finnastiside Alone?
  190. Hair Dye?
  191. Finasteride synchronizing hair cycles
  192. Minoxidil results, how soon ?
  193. Is there such thing as starting too early?
  194. What if Vin Diesel had hair?
  195. major shed...possible cause propecia to proscar???
  196. Reduced Minox Facial Puff Successfully
  197. Receding Hairline! How bad do you think it is?( pictures)
  198. Slight loss of libido with Finasteride..
  199. Does blond hair make MPB less noticeable?
  200. I think I am a mutant now
  201. Should we be ashamed about this?
  202. NEW STUDY 2013 on BLACK TEA and Hairloss!
  203. AM I going bald? If so, HOW do I prevent any more hair loss before it gets worse?
  204. Why are there no stickies on this forum?
  205. Clobetasol Propionate
  206. Bill gates hates baldness research
  207. Is my thinking correct? (Please try to follow my logic) (interactive experience)
  208. Do women really mean what they say about bald men?
  209. Websites from Turkey - 1500 grafts for 1,500
  210. FUT scarring
  211. They laughed at me because of my hairloss.
  212. Is Norwood 3 + actually the end?
  213. Propecia + Rogaine questions
  214. "Ideal candidates" for hair transplants
  215. Good responder, still shedding. HELP PLZ!!
  216. Taurine 2013 hairloss update!
  217. Going bald?
  218. Propecia vs Depression
  219. Popecia the Gym & Protein Shakes
  220. The Bald Truth UK Starts at 7:30 GMT
  221. going bald sucks
  222. Friends, I'm giving up the Fin
  223. Is Minoxidil-direct.co.uk legit?
  224. Is Finasteride available on NHS as a private prescription?
  225. Baldness: Men Share Anxiety over Hair Loss - BBC4
  226. What dose of fin should I take considering my DHT levels?
  227. Stopping Minoxidil whilst on Propecia
  228. Best Facial Creams/Lotions to Combat Minox Sides?
  229. What am I on the norwood scale?
  230. Propecia and erectile dysfunction
  231. How long does hair take to change from Brown to blond
  232. Do the "Big 3" actually maintain hair?
  233. What blood tests should I get done?
  234. Honestly, what is so wrong with going bald???
  235. How much time with Rogaine
  236. Did anyone not shed on propecia??
  237. Need advice on DUPA
  238. Started Finasteride 2 weeks ago - Already getting sides.
  239. great results
  240. Ugly people aren't bald
  241. Fin & BHT's
  242. Hairline growth
  243. Question on Min (Rogaine)
  244. DHT levels and FIN
  245. What do you think about MPBtreatments?
  246. Best hair products for Norwood 3A?
  247. Is this guy for real? (Results seem too good to be true)
  248. Dr. Brett Bolton
  249. NW1 is pre-hair loss
  250. Not in the right place to start taking fin