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  1. Itching
  2. Propecia and Testosterone
  3. Just got Generic Dutasteride In the Mail
  4. Depression and hair loss
  5. Joe Biden's Hair
  6. Is my hairline receded? Will my Rogaine fuzz become real hair? Pics included
  7. Balding Aged 20
  8. Minox more effective with shorter hair?
  9. Regiment till New Years: Minox 5% foam + Nizoral 2% + T-Sal Shampoo + Biotin 10mg.
  10. So when's the next update...
  11. Parting Ways: A Brief Look Into Male-Pattern Baldness
  12. Topic: Minoxidil
  13. Women's breasts and men's hair
  14. White hairs
  15. Shampoo to use in conjunction with Nizoral?
  16. Excellent Results with Liquid, But Crazy Itching + Dandruff? Should I switch to Foam?
  17. Desperate...Is this a good idea for a Norwood 6
  18. Extent of minoxidil shed?
  19. Doctors refuse to prescribe Propecia
  20. 'Looper' Dismayed By Future Baldness in Time-Travel Parody
  21. 4 Months into Propecia-Questions
  22. New member. Receding hairline affecting confidence
  23. Rogaine (liquid) only working for short hair?
  24. Does rogaine 2% have fewer sides than rogaine 5%
  25. T levels
  26. Increase Finasteride Dose... 390 day update
  27. Interesting non-surgical solution
  28. Before and After Minoxidil
  29. How does this guy deal with hair loss?
  30. Interesting article
  31. People who had LONG TERM side effects after taking Propecia/finasteride
  32. I don't know if you know this, but it's almost Halloween.
  33. Debating Minox, also general update with pics.
  34. Gang I need your help for an intervention.
  35. 8 Month Propecia 1 month nizoral update
  36. Minoxidil for intermediate hairs?
  37. a few HTP questions
  38. unitedpharmacies-uk.md legit?
  39. Merck
  40. Post-op question to IAHRS surgeon and unsatisfactory reply
  41. John terry
  42. Hairloss & acne (a second puberty?) - who can relate??
  43. Problems with Finasteride
  44. The Daily Mail Live
  45. Confused about finasteride.
  46. Dandruff
  47. Another way to hide a receded hairline
  48. Spironolactone 100mg a day? Check this guy/girl results!
  49. HairDX - Company claiming to predict future chances of AGA development.
  50. Where are you buying your Finasteride online?
  51. Diffuse thinning question.
  52. Be involved in a hair research study today!!
  53. A drunken story
  54. Rogaine on the strip?
  55. Is there a way to determine if it really is mpb?
  56. Why do hairs on the back and sides remain?
  57. Diffuser thinner - Maintaining or Declining? Opinions on photos please.
  58. 23 and balding...ADVICE
  59. Justin Verons hair loss
  60. Dr. Emorane Lupanzula ?
  61. Got my fin today...but problem with dosing.
  62. Where do I stand?
  63. Made an album of my pics starting today on fin.
  64. Possible link to balding for some.. Fungus.
  65. Need a shampoo on the "off" days.
  66. am i balding from the crown?
  67. My hairline has been about the same for years, should I treat it? [Pic]
  68. Can adults grow taller?
  69. 22 year old losing hair - need some advice please
  70. I know It's rare as hell, sides coming off fin
  71. Crown/Vertex- please your opinion if you could, thank you.
  72. I'm killing my hairline...still scratch. Help me out...
  73. Nape shedding?
  74. A blast from the past...
  75. I intend to add Spiro to my regimen any thoughts ?
  76. Selling 4 boxes of Fluridil
  77. 5% minox too weak. Just add more?
  78. thoughts and help?
  79. Botched hairline design/ unhappy with BHR
  80. Regenepure Users Short and Long Term
  81. I have noticed the following.. prep time
  82. Avixis (Alfatradiol)
  83. rogaine once vs two times a day?
  84. Scarring
  85. Daniel Craig hair loss prompts warning from James Bond executives
  86. Propecia question
  87. Why doesn't Spencer interact with us more?
  88. Hair Loss has destroyed my Career, social life, and happiness.
  89. good doctor/ east coast
  90. I'm freaking out!
  91. Bald men study
  92. Hair Transplant Documentary Pilot Tape
  93. Can't use propecia/minox...what now?
  94. is mpb causing my itch and my bad state of hair?
  95. Thank you Spencer Kobren
  96. Terrifying neck shedding [pictures]
  97. Would you rather be really really fat(400lb+) or a Norwood 7 slick bald?
  98. Shedding Facts
  99. Thank you
  100. Should I help my friend?
  101. What age?
  102. Could use some advice - TE vs. MPB?
  103. sites to buy propecia??!!
  104. My hairline pics. What are my options?
  105. 24, can't stop obsessing over whether or not I'm balding
  106. Hairline maturing, or start of something more?
  107. Fin Dosage too much?
  108. Over-useage of Hair Dye!!!
  109. Sides 6 months in, what to do? help
  110. propecia dosage - ED v.s EOD
  111. Is the Belgravia Centre any good?
  112. Trustworthy site to buy Finasteride?
  113. Is feeling your bald spot an accurate indicator ?
  114. Can you take rogaine with you on a flight?
  115. How many of you have quit fin?
  116. Tips on buying time?
  117. Tapering down to 0.15mg every 3rd day. Penis problems, kinda worried.
  118. Can you make your hair grow faster?
  119. What time does "The Bald Truth UK" air?
  120. I've tried fin and minoxidil, now what?
  121. Do Zinc supplements increase DHT?
  122. Is it okay to masterbate 6 times a day?
  123. Minoxidil/rogaine Pm usage
  124. Has anyone tried a high-soy diet?
  125. Drinking alcohol every day causes hair loss?
  126. Spots on my head hurt
  127. So are laser combs any good?
  128. Been on Rogaine for 6 Months Should I try Finasteride?
  129. Creatine and DHT
  130. Hair products
  131. Acell+PRP doctors
  132. Does ACell + PRP stop hair loss?
  133. Is it just me, or is Daphne Oz really really hot?
  134. Going to start the Big 3 - If I continue shaving my head, does it matter?
  135. Finasteride Price Rises
  136. Vitamin D defecciancy - reflux meds
  137. Where is the first port of call when you realise you are balding
  138. HELP, Winter shedding ?!?!
  139. Buzzing your hair is the worst idea ever
  140. Extreme scalp itch with minox
  141. Serious hair loss after hair cut
  142. Serious hair loss after hair cut
  143. Fin Side Issues
  144. Freaking Out
  145. What does my hair look like?
  146. Question regarding my treatment and status
  147. Concealers (Dermmatch) for hair buzzed down to stubble?
  148. Hair Transplants and Canines
  149. Itchy scalp in could be hair loss areas
  150. Disingenuous Bosley Commercials
  151. Minoxidil and Propecia have finally paid off for me!
  152. Finpecia to Proscar?
  153. Horny Hairloss?
  154. Finally, had it done.
  155. Is this contradicting?
  156. What Hairloss Stage am I?
  157. Fin stop working after 4-5 months
  158. Do we need to disguise ourselves to get closer?
  159. RU58841 shed?
  160. Prediction Capabilities
  161. Need honest opinions
  162. Does cutting proscar reduce its "shelf-life"?
  163. Do Bald men have more body hair?
  164. how being in denial costs us bigtime:(
  165. Wishing everyone here a Happy Happy Holidays.
  166. I took the Propecia Plunge
  167. Rogaine timeline so far
  168. how's my head shape?
  169. Badly Photoshopped Prince William
  170. Fin...yes or no?
  171. Conflicting analysis from two hair transplant surgeons
  172. Receding at 17!? PICTURES (Update 2)
  173. Confused About PFS
  174. Genetics not looking to bright for me (17 years old)
  175. Fin dosage
  176. Propecia or Regaine, opinion and help please?
  177. Protein Supps
  178. Front Has Hair But is Thinning - What Do I Do?
  179. hairpiece made of your own hair?
  180. Skull shape
  181. itchy scalp after some harassment, am i in for a shed? or is it unrelated?
  182. Why can't they just trasplant in between your exisiting hair?
  183. HT action plan
  184. What can a scalp biopsy do?
  185. New to this
  186. just for fun
  187. Finasteride and getting a girl pregnant
  188. Which part will experience shedding with FIN?
  189. Hypothyroidism and Hairloss
  190. The number of people suffering with hair loss is staggering.
  191. 78 days after nizoral+rogaine+fin usage.
  192. finasteride shed at 3 months, good or bad sign?
  193. A good solution
  194. I want a buzzcut, but crown too thin?
  195. FINA! few questions look inside
  196. More or less likely to get sides with fin...
  197. I'm so devastated for my son
  198. Is there a consensus on natural weightlifting's effects on hair loss?
  199. .25mg fin
  200. Hairmax Lazor Comb
  201. Propecia shedding in month 4
  202. Haircut/Buzzcut
  203. my own Calvary..
  204. Does Scalp Itch Occur During Propecia Shed
  205. do these guys know something we dont
  206. Should I try to use rogaine again?
  207. Products to use- Mousse
  208. Nearly 15-20 days and finally my new Propecia generics show up
  209. Using Rogaine and not balding
  210. Study:Women prefer men with a full head of hair
  211. Keeping your scalp healthy in the winter
  212. Temple Hairloss is usually first?
  213. Severe Food Allergies and Hair Loss
  214. Severe Food Allergies and Hair Loss
  215. Am I thinning or am I imaginating things?
  216. Ton of Hair Loss after Rogaine
  217. Can Nizoral make your hair worse?
  218. The Bald Truth UK LIVE January 6th, 8pm GMT
  219. Bald men: How did losing your hair affect your game with the ladies?
  220. Finasteride users..
  221. Watery semen on Fin.
  222. Mature hairline or progressive hair loss?
  223. Nizoral vs. Nioxin
  224. Propecia has INCREASED my libido
  225. Propecia is maintaining my hair count/hairline, but it's still thinning
  226. so i went to the belgravia centre
  227. propecia study
  228. KeraFiber
  229. Finasteride and Creatine.
  230. Advice needed & greetings. I am new here
  231. If you start taking propecia before reaching puberty?
  232. Does Justin Bieber take Propecia
  233. Mature hair lines
  234. 20 year old balding? Please help...depressed.
  235. Why men spend so much money on hair treatment
  236. Anybody in the UK want a free bottle of Regaine?
  237. Isn't the fact that there are so many bald men a prove that baldness is attractive
  238. Another propecia question..
  239. when i get to nw7
  240. Regarding hair replacement
  241. What happens to spencer when
  242. Too Much Saline Solution?
  243. Do women victimize bald men?
  244. How to stop it before it starts?
  245. Rogaine on a Plane.
  246. Positive aspects of being bald
  247. 6 month minox shed or what? Losing hope :( diffuser
  248. Diffuse Thinning Question
  249. How bad does it look guys?
  250. Can I just use nizoral?