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  1. Rogaine questions before starting
  2. Minoxidil 5% foam side effects?!?!?
  3. Intense Hair Shedding after a Year of using Rogaine and Propecia
  4. Transitioning onto Fin
  5. Hair envy? Who's yours?
  6. Who is the best?
  7. Supplements
  8. What the heck is this?
  9. With & Without Hair
  10. Don't know, is it Rogaine time?
  11. Worth starting minox?
  12. How many weeks after starting fin might someone experience a shed?
  13. The Last Bald Generation?
  14. Sulfate Free Shampoo
  15. Much respect to Tracy C!
  16. Heartbreak, thy name is hairloss
  17. I only have MPB on one side of my head :(
  18. Hairline Laser REMOVAL
  19. Proscar Prescription
  20. Proscar Vs. Propecia
  21. Theoretical opinion on Future "cures"
  22. Acceptance of Hair Loss
  23. spiro cream
  24. Minoxidil with MPG and AA??
  25. How to distinguish miniaturised hairs?
  26. Prayer for Joe from Staten Island
  27. Andrew Garfield
  28. Anyone had any experience with Dr Shocantelle Brown?
  29. Thinning on one side..
  30. Minoxidil on frontal hairline
  31. Dad settles claim for damages in 'hair-loss trauma'
  32. Hairloss & body hair
  33. 20 year old kills himself from...
  34. Benefits of baldness
  35. 21 years old...receding hairline
  36. For Some Men, Propecia's Sexual Side Effects May Be Long-lasting
  37. Propecia/Fin SHould be scrapped for good
  38. New coverup product.
  39. Sign hair loss is too aggressive for meds
  40. Propecia Side Effects - Advice On Symptoms Resolving While Continuing Treatment
  41. Body Dysmophic Disorder
  42. The scalp inflammation/itchy/burning/tingling thread
  43. Personal levels of tolerance and acceptance re finasteride sides
  44. Interesting hair comparison
  45. fake or legit finpecia
  46. Am I balding?
  47. Level of Contentment on Fin
  48. More bad news for Propecia Users
  49. Going bald? Some try shaving
  50. Who are more shallow: Men or Women?
  51. What can you tell me about the Laser comb?
  52. How Often Does Everyone Shampoo Their Hair?
  53. Baldness has an emotional and psychological impact
  54. Women totally LOVE these balding men!
  55. Dupa?
  56. Buzzed hair today, opinions on look?
  57. Has my MPB progressed or am i getting insane?
  58. Do Snake oils really work?
  59. Question about IAHRS surgeons!
  60. Finasteride and Alcohol Use
  61. Why not shave it off?
  62. Finasteride sides - Doctor appointment log & help request
  63. On the cusp of breakthroughs.. Why not get a hair system and wait it out?
  64. Bieber urges Prince William to act on receding hairline
  65. Dr. Carlos Wesley.
  66. Propecia and ED
  67. Don't give up -Reunion last night
  68. Post Minoxidil Shed
  69. Shedding on fin 8 months in
  70. To Andrew Zarian and Coco
  71. Beyond numbers: The truth about hair loss in men
  72. To fin, or not to fin?
  73. Hair trasplant questions
  74. Current hairstyle & Future hair transplant
  75. Treatment for Hypopigmentation from FUE scarring
  76. Biotin early in the Fin process
  77. Interesting Stats from Finasteride FDA Q&A (April 2012)
  78. Important Propecia Dosage Info
  79. Finasteride rx question
  80. Before/After Pics - All Natural Treatment
  81. NEED to get a referral for dermatologist Dr Fenton (London), HOW?
  82. Avalon Organics Biotin B Complex Thickening Shampoo/Conditioner
  83. [Pictures]New little hairs on right side of my hairline
  84. It is only hair loss.
  85. Generic Propecia and Minox
  86. New study reveals Creatine causes an increase in DHT (It causes hair loss)
  87. Need some Finasteride advice please
  88. Girlfriend knocked my confidence
  89. FUE v FUT - fresh thoughts
  90. Am I losing hair at 22?
  91. Shaved Head Guys are Tougher According To Study
  92. 10 Cities Where Bald Midlife Men Lure the Ladies
  93. aloe vera 100 pure gel
  94. How Long Did Your Finasteride/Propecia Shed Last?
  95. Will I shed a lot of hair on using Finasteride?
  96. a girl's perspective
  97. shaving head prior to HT
  98. Quitting Minoxidil Early
  99. Took 1mg of Propecia
  100. 6 Months of Propecia for widows peak result
  101. Reasons One should just be natural and go bald
  102. Harold
  103. Replacing Propecia with Rogaine
  104. Oh, I just can't wait for FUE
  105. FUE is our future
  106. When you are candidate for HT?
  107. Scalp Tingling and itch for new fin user
  108. How much scalp is removed...?
  109. I don't like my hairline
  110. How do you guys tolerate Minoxidil???
  111. What is going on with my hair?
  112. Propecia to Finpecia
  113. Enlarged Prostate and Finasstrides
  114. Offensive hairloss commercial.
  115. Promising hair loss story
  116. Starting Propecia/Minox after transplant
  117. Finding Fault with my hair
  118. Online Proscar, need some advice.
  119. Norwood 2, 3...?
  120. Need your advice
  121. Sad reality of hair loss
  122. Jesus I wish I started fin sooner
  123. What natural treatments? Side effects?
  124. Hair Transplant or Not???
  125. Minoxidil 15% on eBay. Thoughts on this?
  126. Started Finasteride, turned gay.
  127. Hairline Receding (pics 2010 vs now)
  128. Matthew Perry - Hair Transplant?
  129. How much hair will I lose in 3 months?
  130. Will I lose much hair in 4-5 months?
  131. Who can I see about my hair that isn't a salesman?
  132. 20 and took a big step
  133. Approx percent of people who shed when starting Minox?
  134. Velus hair vs Miniaturisation vs New growth
  135. A psychological profile of BTT users
  136. rogaine application times
  137. Need advice please (pics)
  138. worth the risk?
  139. Early MPB
  140. Who are they talking about?
  141. Storing Proscar
  142. Rubbing raw fish on your head
  143. ****ing rogaine sides!
  144. Study on balding men and dating
  145. My MPB hypothesis.
  146. Is the shedding from Propecia the same as Minox shed?
  147. Nice Hair - Thoughts?
  148. GYM vs Hairloss
  149. Rogain foam from ebay..
  150. Good mirrors vs Bad mirrors
  151. Joe Satriani on Hairloss
  152. Spencer and TBT
  153. Would You Ditch Your Man If He Was Going Bald?
  154. Wearing hats and baldness
  155. Thinning or not
  156. Any scientists out there see any connection of these dots?
  157. Weird hair thinning/shedding problem
  158. Does Fin always cause low Libido?
  159. Starting Fin soon. Advice please.
  160. Solution to hair loss, I think.....
  161. Help me! I need some ADVICE!
  162. Create your own Snake Oil Product
  163. Minoxidil
  164. Long time avodart propecia users
  165. Botched Transplant
  166. A hair loss sufferer is all alone except for this community.
  167. Finasteride/propecia shed gone wrong -- long story please help! 19yo
  168. Fin dosage needs as relative to hairloss progression?
  169. Article in The Times today on Hair loss.
  170. Possible to get sides after two pills of Propec?
  171. internet porn killing men's libido
  172. Miami Groupon
  173. The genetic lottery
  174. Do I really need all that Fin???
  175. genhair
  176. where did all the old ******* 15 people go?
  177. Some great advice I got
  178. Miniaturization = Thinning?
  179. Minox and Kids
  180. Propecia - Every Other day?
  181. Chronic Telogen Effluvium worsening mpb
  182. How should I handle this hair loss?
  183. How to do something about Hair Loss
  184. This Guy is super equipped to deal with Hair loss
  185. Minoxidal gave me ball pain!!!!!!!!!
  186. Help - Advice needed :(
  187. Is it true you need to be on Fin....
  188. Can Propecia fix this?
  189. Rogaine & Weight Gain
  190. 1 year post fin - before and after pics
  191. Bald guys and self esteem
  192. Getting on Propecia 3 mos. after transplant
  193. permanent vs non permanent symptoms
  194. Easy to pull out hair
  195. Looking for some fin/propecia advice
  196. Long time reader..
  197. Should I augment/add anything to my current regiment?
  198. gyno from fin?
  199. Dandruff and redness around eyebrows, nose and cheeks??
  200. Causes of MPB
  201. Stopped minox for six months, will I get back to where I was if I resume?
  202. Appetite loss and hair loss
  203. Pain of hair loss
  204. A colleague took two weeks off...came in shaved
  205. How distinguish between Fin side effects and depression effects?
  206. Vitamin B?
  207. Painless to pull out hairs
  208. My scalp has been itchy for months! Help!
  209. Close to moving into Norwood 4 territory. I can't help but laugh.
  210. This website helped me a little bit.
  211. Finasteride/depression? Other options?
  212. 1500 graft fue on thursday!!!!
  213. Why is beard hair...
  214. Can I get DHT bloodwork on the NHS (UK)?
  215. Question about Rogaine
  216. Hopefully calling in tomorrow
  217. Hair shedding facts and phases
  218. 0.5mg every 3 days not enough fin? Increasing dosage
  219. Nutritional Contributions to Hair Loss
  220. Hair falls out with white bulb at the end?
  221. ? about Dr. Feller
  222. 1.5 months on Minox, ok to start Fin?
  223. My hair is starting to get worse suddenly?
  224. Can any of you see increased hair loss on your scalp in just a week's time?
  225. Going to start 0.25mg of Fin, once every 3 days
  226. advice on avodart
  227. Men with Shaved Heads Appear More Dominant, Study Finds
  228. Itch from Minox..not any more.
  229. Will Minox/Rogains shed healthy hairs?
  230. My results with rogaine over 3 months (with pics)
  231. Help-hair loss regime is ruining my face(acne)
  232. Ordering Fincar TODAY, going to buy Nizoral RIGHT now
  233. 6 weeks off of propecia
  234. Does TRX2 work?
  235. Sudden increase in hairloss
  236. I think I hit the end of the road...Finasteride won't work for me.
  237. My blood test results: What do you guys think?
  238. Minoxidil second shed
  239. What is this white gunk? [PIC]
  240. reducing head sweet/sheen
  241. Would you do it?
  242. Why does spencer...
  243. Does my crown look 'iffy'?
  244. I think I'm a NW3. Any tips?
  245. For those with a low libido...
  246. Should I just shave it??
  247. Where can I get the best synthetic hair piece?
  248. Is my hair thinning badly? Is there anything early to prevent?
  249. Another Rogaine question
  250. 17 and either losing my hair or my mind.