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  1. Quitting Rogaine Foam after using once a day for two months
  2. Finesteride...
  3. Does this look like hair loss? (photo)
  4. how bad is this?
  5. Nizoral 2% How to get?
  6. History of baldness on either side of family increases risk of balding
  7. Best hair style post HT
  8. 19 years old thinning front hair-WHAT treatment would work
  9. Just for fun
  10. Mature hairline or balding
  11. Thinning pubic hair on fin
  12. 3/4/2012 show was GOOD
  13. Guys who start losing hair in their lates 30s and 40s
  14. You kno what sucks about a receding hairline....
  15. Nioxin vs. Nizoral shampoos
  16. About shampooing
  17. Baldness acceptance from a 25 y/o
  18. 3 months on propecia and still shedding
  19. Hair regrowth with just minoxidil?
  20. Getting thin (two crowns)
  21. Kirkland Minoxidil 5% in the morning and dulagen 15% at night?
  22. Temple/Side of hair loss...
  23. Questin on HT
  24. Ambian CR and hairloss
  25. Hair loss slowed down?
  26. 10 years of hairloss....
  27. Spray on tan and airbrush post op
  28. Propecia along with erectile disfunction drugs?
  29. Baldness is caused by "dandruff germs"
  30. Early shed, early growth???
  31. Is it worth seeing a therapist about hairloss?
  32. Hair-Loss Ad Uses Mirrored Ceiling to Point Out Your Bald Spot
  33. Propecia and estrogen levels
  34. 3 weeks after transplant, transplanted hair is still in. Is this normal?
  35. Generic Propecia in US pharmacy
  36. Graham Norton
  37. Best shampoo/conditioner/styling products for very fine hair
  38. scalp micropigmentation
  39. Hair piece/toupee
  40. Hair shaving for cancer patients in the 3/18 NY Daily News
  41. Quitting fin causing DHT levels to spike?
  42. Caboki and Couvre Concealer
  43. How many years younger do you look after your big-3 treatment?
  44. much needed advice, cant find anything on the net
  45. Propecia vs Finasteride
  46. My (non?)progress
  47. Dermmatch for blondish hair
  48. Horrible side effects of minoxidil?
  49. Does fin really regrow recently lost hair?
  50. Why am I shedding so much?
  51. Scalp Sensitivity
  52. A word that annoys me 'Vanity'
  53. How often to shampoo while using Rogaine?
  54. Dr. Robert Leonard
  55. hair loss mentioned in 3/22 Mother Goose & Grimm comic strip
  56. Trigger for MPB
  57. Hair Transplant Goal
  58. Hairloss sucks but theres always worse...
  59. Propecia/Fin
  60. Beautiful Balding Men
  61. Dandruff solution?
  62. Wax and hair strands?
  63. Tim Lovejoy (UK)
  64. what does early diffuse look like?
  65. The Bald Economy: The Big Business of Hair Loss
  66. Minoxidil and Sun Exposure
  67. Maintaining Hair!
  68. what are your DHT levels?
  69. I know, I know, you guys are probably INUNDATED with this question...
  70. If we went bald in the opposite way......
  71. Beautiful Balding Men Again!
  72. freaking out
  73. Would you rather have your hair back....
  74. Hair on the back and sides
  75. Best time of day to take Propecia?
  76. Is Propecia appropiate for a 18-year old?
  77. Will I be going bald over time? HELP
  78. Replicel 2012
  79. just a rant.
  80. hair loss in the 4/3 Argyle Sweater comic strip
  81. has my hair got worse? opinions please
  82. Hair transplant shame
  83. Good Hair Thickening Shampoos
  84. Legal Drug-Pushing: How Disease Mongers Keep Us All Doped Up
  85. 20 Years old and a sign of balding?
  86. A few questions
  87. Whats the worst case scenario for getting a hair transplant???
  88. Any recommended hair translpant doctors in southern california?
  89. Very scared, can pull hair out in large numbers.
  90. Baldness and getting girls
  91. Anyone know if theres a show tonight....
  92. Shedding due to combing and rubbing?
  93. Is **********************.com offline?
  94. Working out and hair loss?
  95. Hair length on FUT
  96. Hair loss?
  97. Drug companies will stop a cure hitting the market
  98. Finally went to a derm. Still don't get it.
  99. Is Scalp Micropigmentation a Scam?
  100. Been on propecia for exactly 4 months. should i stop?
  101. Hair Loss Expert
  102. ? about Dr. Bernstein
  103. Traction alopecia. help!!
  104. Finasteride/Propecia side effects resolution?
  105. FDA adds sexual side effects warning to baldness drug Propecia
  106. Unpigmented hairs?
  107. Cure within 10 years?
  108. where to get propercia or generic in vancouver, canada
  109. Hair imaging software
  110. Rows of Scalp and Thin Hairs
  111. how much donor does the average guy have
  112. interesting story
  113. Does this look like hair loss? (photo)
  114. What questions are important to ask yourself when considering a HT physician?
  115. Is this hairloss? (Pics inside)
  116. Chicken or the egg?
  117. Supplementing DHT?
  118. Teenage Hair Loss
  119. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and its role in sexual health
  120. Possible Hair Loss ?
  121. Hairloss often not such a big negative aesthetic impact.
  122. Is my crown ok?
  123. What haircut makes you look older...
  124. Where to buy Propecia?
  125. Burning sensation?
  126. Propecia to Generic Finasteride....Help!
  127. Questions about future treatments or micropigmentation
  128. I'm getting the side effects!!!
  129. ******* 5% night and day formula
  130. Jonjo Shelvey...
  131. Home laser Helmet
  132. Laser Comb.. worth the punt? UK residents (especially) go for this!
  133. Predicting final Norwood level?
  134. Weird idea to cover thinning hair
  135. Dr. Sara Wasserbauer is HOT
  136. Hair Loss: There's Light at the End of the Tunnel
  137. Confused with diagnostics from two different doctors!. Help
  138. need advice...
  139. Started using Rogaine, I don't wash my hair much.
  140. Stress and the side effects of finasteride (5mg Proscar)
  141. Finasteride and teens
  142. Saw a "hair specialist" today, I am very disappointed
  143. Looking for advice/opinions - Oily skin/scalp and Fin
  144. Hair fall stopped dead, 4 months on fin.
  145. These men look great! I kinda hope I get their confidence someday!
  146. Starting back up on fin and minoxidil. Please help!!!
  147. The effect of not washing your hair on MPB
  148. even a NW7 can beat baldness, its simple
  149. Doll Face (especially for Scorpion)
  150. Can MPB stop at some point?
  151. How I considerbly slowed my hair loss.
  152. 18 and balding or adult hairline?
  153. Louis C.K. Talks About Comedy and Hair Loss
  154. what are celebs doing?
  155. The Difference Between Slick Bald and Thinned
  156. Topical DHT Blockers...help!
  157. Early balding, metabolic syndrome and diet
  158. Man wins court case over anti-balding treatment
  159. Propecia Side Effects- Percentage affected
  160. Dangerous Drug Injury Lawyer Comments About Potential Propecia Class Action Lawsuits
  161. Better to have hair short when starting the big 3?
  162. Non-surgical products for the hairline, e.g. Toppik
  163. Family of suicide victim speak out against hair-loss drug Propecia
  164. should i go for hair transplant at 24 (pic uploaded)
  165. ? about Dr. William Lindsey
  166. DUPA and Vitamin D Deficiency
  167. Couple of questions
  168. 39 hairs in the shower??!?!
  169. Hairloss on scalp, body, dry skin, dandruff, and can't gain weight
  170. new at the forum and have a question
  171. Nisim Hair Growth
  172. Started all 3. Question how to start taking Propecia.
  173. A question about how finasteride works
  174. Propecia and the lovehandles..
  175. donor area thinning too!!!?!?
  176. Natural dht blocker
  177. My DR. Won't Prescribe Avodart
  178. Minoxidil 5% from EU
  179. A question to guys with significant hairloss
  180. Speed of the loss
  181. Log: Just took my first dose of Finasteride
  182. Apparently this is a mature hairline according to Dr Rassman
  183. Impact of vitamin D on hair loss?
  184. HT or not? Dilemma...
  185. Safe to Drink Red Wine while on Finasteride?
  186. propecia shed
  187. DHT related + BHT
  188. Finasteride sides: update (especially for fab and Johny.track131)
  189. What is defined as shedding?
  190. Finally started my medication / testicular pain due to minoxidal ?
  191. Hair Fantasy
  192. I'm only balding at the temples/hairline. Should I take Fin?? If not, what?
  193. Propecia and facial/body hair
  194. Liposuction and Hair Transplants
  195. tight scalp
  196. Finasteride/Military Service
  197. Strange balding videos
  198. Generic Pelosta/Finasteride?
  199. 17 Years old, Losing hair (Update)
  200. Helpful, informative site.
  201. how fast can you reach norwood 5,6
  202. Have you experienced shedding/hair loss after switching from 15% to 5% minoxidil?
  203. Are some hairs thinner than others in general?
  204. Need some advice...
  205. Should I try again with another dermatologist?
  206. Spencer Diet
  207. how bad is it? (lots of pics)
  208. switching from finas to avodart
  209. Blood test results
  210. Adolescent Acne & Hairloss
  211. Hey guys I just gave myself a haircut, tell me what you think
  212. Rogaine Foam
  213. Receding at 17!? PICTURES (Update)
  214. Can MPB start as general thinning without receding?
  215. Toco 8
  216. I'm back: latest
  217. Giving yourself a hair tranpslant
  218. regrowth
  219. all long term propecia users please share your experience
  220. Hair loss at 24, what should i try? With pics
  221. Questions?
  222. Just a quick question, about this brand of proscar
  223. No shed on Minox
  224. ketoconazole foam
  225. Problems with Fincar/Inhouse
  226. 23andMe contributes to genetic discoveries related to male pattern baldness
  227. How Long Before Fin Stopped your Shedding
  228. Going on propecia after Saw Palmetto
  229. Finasteride (Propecia) Vs. Dutasteride (Avodart)
  230. Wish me luck
  231. grey hair any indication
  232. how long can you break from fin?
  233. Male Baldness: Common Causes of Hair Loss
  234. Would you really want your hair back?
  235. UK Starting Big 3 - Just Niz + Fin to begin with? + Buying Advice Pls!
  236. Saw Palmetto verses Propecia
  237. I think I may have this .. propecia
  238. Hair loss gene to aggressive for big 3?
  239. upcoming treatments
  240. Ht, fin, smp, minox...
  241. Just filled my first script of Propecia
  242. Switching between Finasteride types
  243. Why bald men never went extinct: 4 theories
  244. One photo/ one decision
  245. Apparently some have had success on Fin+Dut
  246. Switching between oral and topical menoxidil.....
  247. Something on the Lighter Side
  248. Digit Ratio - lots of info about yourself in 3 seconds!
  249. Whats the worst part of hairloss?
  250. The 17% that didn't respond to Propecia!