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  1. does anyone want my generic propecia?
  2. Who came up with Propecia having sexual side effects in the first place?
  3. Please take a look at this
  4. Synthetic Cannabis
  5. Confused
  6. What if a Cure Never Comes?
  7. Need Help in Ordering Propecia Online...Please help!
  8. finasteride and frontal hair loss?
  9. Why worry about hairloss when you can use toppik and nanogen
  10. Meeting With Dr. Fisher Today
  11. Photo taken in the sun
  12. Switched from Propecia to generic brand Proscar
  13. What to do about my uncombale and tangled hair
  14. Good hair loss/hair thickening vitamins?
  15. World Dermatology Conference
  16. Have any of you used beta-sitosterol for hair loss?
  17. 2011 New Product - Complete protection against hair loss
  18. Umar or Bauman??????
  19. Water Problem
  20. The total opposite of the Holy Grail treatment
  21. Should I get ACELL/PRP without a transplant?
  22. Norwood 5A hairloss system
  23. hair dye ?
  24. follicles were meant to die
  25. Finasteride or Dutasteride Efficacy
  26. Rogaine foam in the morning and generic minoxidil at night
  27. Crown Transplant
  28. Chris Evens, Captain America is going bald!
  29. New Hair Gene Found!
  30. Holding on
  31. Normal shed?
  32. Immune System Involvement
  33. Spironolactone, Revivogen, and other Anti-Androgens
  34. Follica
  35. Topical anti-androgens
  36. bizarre method of growing hair
  37. Gray hair might be reversible
  38. Follica Clinical Trials!!!
  39. Is hair naturally thinner in front of the crown?
  40. Hair transplantation and weigh loss patch treatments
  41. Adrenaline Rush
  42. looking for answers
  43. Massive Finasteride shed after 1 year?
  44. Keto 2% and Minox foam 5% on hairline..
  45. Interesting Read!!
  46. Minoxidil Prices
  47. Finpecia sides?
  48. going bald?
  49. Just started Finasteride
  50. cutting finpecia ?
  51. Questions about my hair loss
  52. finally got to do somthing
  53. what should I do now?
  54. Wanting to get my propecia taking monitored...
  55. Going back on propecia after stopping, advice needed
  56. Is it early to start the treatment?? please help
  57. dutasteride 3 - 4 months
  58. can u see through light hair???
  59. Spiro in the UK
  60. Fin 1mg tablets user. Results? When?
  61. Hair Genetics - Where does it come from?
  62. The secret to a thick hairline...... (Pictures included)
  63. Front hairline receding
  64. How is norwood one considered no loss
  65. having trouble listening to the Sunday radio show
  66. The Ignorant Media
  67. How often do you wash you hair, a day?
  68. Masturbation after a day after HT.
  69. Question about Rogaine (to use or not to use)
  70. What is Best Dosage Time for Propecia?
  71. The drug is toxic!
  72. Do you believe in what they say about hair loss?
  73. Not sure where to post this - Just looking for help
  74. this is what the doctor told me
  75. Please read this thread (lots of pictures)
  76. Rogaine
  77. Hair Restoration, considering some products.
  78. you taking the pic...
  79. hair loss - body hair correlation??
  80. Tons of Questions :(
  81. weight training and hair loss
  82. question abouy nizoral for spex
  83. center parting
  84. could allergena affect hair?
  85. Miniaturization
  86. FUE for someone who is not balding
  87. Getem outta here
  88. Avodart - need some advice
  89. Advice....
  90. Receding at 20!
  91. Switch from Finesteride to Dutasteride?
  92. Is Hair Transplantation permanent?
  93. Terrible scalp itch and hair loss
  94. HT scar after surgery
  95. That's why people laugh at people losing hair.
  96. call me crazy but wouldn't this be an easy way to transplant yourself?
  97. Where to buy Nizoral from ?
  98. Am i starting to recede?
  99. can anyone help me out
  100. please help!!!
  101. 2 months on fin...
  102. Scared shitless and sad as hell :(
  103. Rogaine Foam
  104. Good Idea??
  105. anyone here know about this product?
  106. Hair Transplant Surgury followed by Broken Humerus Surgery. Telogen Effluvium???
  107. Hair Transplant?
  108. Why are the effects of hair loss on a person not recognised by society ?
  109. mirror vs digital camera vs webcam
  110. What can Propecia do for my hair loss situation ?
  111. Hairloss is fun! Its absolutely awesome!
  112. Wash Out Toppik before Rogaine?
  113. does wearing a hat cause hairloss?
  114. 0.5mg fin every other day?
  115. Propecia side effects linked to level of hairloss ??
  116. Occasional use of Zantac
  117. using propecia without having hairloss?
  118. Close-up hair pics, Avodart, Spironolactone
  119. Balding, receding or just a awkward hairline?
  120. Generic Propecia?
  121. Researcher has 'baldness calculator'
  122. Finally got my hands on the pills.
  123. A compliment to Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth and Staff
  124. What if Propecia doesn't work?
  125. Diffuse thinning
  126. Is it risky to delay Propecia in favor of Rogaine
  127. Gordon Ramsay shock fall out confused?
  128. Hair Style Choices?
  129. Is Tim Lincecum & Tom Brady's hair genetics?
  130. Do you HAVE to take propecia everyday?
  131. Bosley Commercials
  132. Fue
  133. Vellus Hairs
  134. Help getting on fin
  135. Proscar/propecia
  136. Propecia - Diary of Progress
  137. breast tenderness on finasteride
  138. Shedding on fin still normal after 9 months
  139. Still shedding in fin????
  140. How To Listen To Spencer's Full Podcasts
  141. What do you think?
  142. Rogaine 5% and non MPB-affected scalp
  143. How to tell if balding is to aggressive for propecia to work?
  144. Going to Derm next week, what tests do I need
  145. does anyone want my fin
  146. help please
  147. Rogaine and long hair?
  148. kirkland minoxidil?
  149. Using Nizoral everyday?
  150. My Propecia progress.
  151. Hmm been on rogaine for 6 days, and shedding?
  152. Change in location cause shed??
  153. Rogaine - does it work on font of scalp?
  154. Request: Before and after rogaine 5% pics?
  155. Taking the plunge; My Finasteride Progress
  156. Omfg!?!
  157. Fatty Skin Cells might be the cause of hair loss
  158. Axe Pomade
  159. The oddball questions no one can answer...
  160. Starting to get depressed and loosing hope (PLEASE take a look)
  161. Start Rogaine a month before HT?
  162. Rogaine/Regaine question regarding age limit
  163. Are Women Your Motivation To Get Your Hair Back?
  164. Seasonal Hair Loss- When To Panic and When NOT To.
  165. Dr Review Website, does anybody know ??
  166. Insurance : Hair Transplant
  167. how high would you rank your libido?
  168. Some thinner hair falling
  169. Questions...
  170. Merck corruption
  171. finasteride up for grabs
  172. Where to get cheap minoxidil Uk
  173. shiny scalp=dead follicles??
  174. Please help..i beg of anyone to answer this question related to shedding
  175. Diffuse thinner, not a winner?
  176. Fue ?
  177. Shedding body hair?
  178. Dr. Diep mhtaclinic.com
  179. Question for finasteride shedders
  180. 22 unconfident reciding dads bald and both grandpas
  181. Another thing that can lower you testosterone !!
  182. Barber Shop Horror Story
  183. propecia sides effects, watery seamen,smaller testicles????
  184. What do you think about this
  185. Importance of Punch Tool Size and FUE in Jinemed Turkey?
  186. Beginning to understand Hair Loss FAQ
  187. scarring
  188. Toppik not sticking
  189. strip incision and donor area follicular damage
  190. I'm dead serious....
  191. Transplanted hair...when it doesnt ever grow back
  192. Techs..how can you judge their competance?
  193. IGROW laser light
  194. How should I approach my hair loss
  195. Rogain update and some questions to you all
  196. Physician or Trichologist for Testost. Levels??
  197. anyone understand what's up with this?
  198. Rogaine, shedding grow back if I stop?
  199. Upping finasteride dosage?
  200. fungal infection question
  201. Has anyone tried Spironolactone for men's hairloss
  202. Hair transplant on plastic surgery
  203. The affect of zinc on hairloss
  204. all-inclusive
  205. Does my hair line look receded?
  206. George Costanza now wearing a rug
  207. harris haseeb
  208. Switched from propecia to finesteride. Is it the same drug?
  209. Jason Alexander Speaks Out About His New Hair Piece
  210. Rogaine 5% Liquid to 5% Foam - Advice Needed
  211. Sex and DHT
  212. been on rogaine for over 2 months and shedding again?
  213. Heart Palpitations from Minox after 1st dose
  214. Is my Dermatologist wrong?
  215. man boobs with minoxidil. how to counter?
  216. Sex and DHT
  217. Uneven hairline = baldness?
  218. Starting Rogaine tonight
  219. advice please
  220. Question about speed of baldness..?
  221. Started Propecia/Nizoral
  222. Can someboy explain what a receding hairline looks like?
  223. Where Do I Rank?
  224. David Tennant's hair.
  225. What's happening atop my head?
  226. brittle hair, no hair loss
  227. Is there such thing as a "mature hairline"?
  228. Hair loss after NeoGraft
  229. Testosterone Therapy and hairloss
  230. Is there a bad start?(pics)-Advice Please.
  231. Is my hair thinning?
  232. Procerin - Any good?
  233. Problems when urinating after taking Propecia?
  234. Need HT Advice. Scheduling it soon!
  235. Macaulay Culkin
  236. Shedding
  237. Prorestora
  238. Propecia accelerates frontal loss?
  239. Shedding hair on body and eyebrows?!
  240. Shedding
  241. bald spot starting?
  242. Need zinc supplement to reduce DHT level
  243. Request for information
  244. Ru groupbuy
  245. Shedding hair 100 days before?
  246. Minoxidil & Nioxin a deadly ****tail?
  247. Something I notice about propecia and hairloss
  248. medication and hair transplant.
  249. seviour hair loss..going bald @age of 19!!!
  250. The Last Stand