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  1. hairloss - how to help tiny hair grow
  2. Balding
  3. Some questions concerning hair transplant
  4. Starting to bald? 22 M asian
  5. Has anyone had any luck with adjusting Finasteride dosing schedules to reduce sides?
  6. 7/8 Month Thinning/Shed
  7. kane pge2 group buy
  8. Sexual side effects in young men
  9. Question for Rashid
  10. 3D Scalp Micropigmentation!!!!
  11. temple comparison?/
  12. need help
  13. Need advice
  14. i'm 16 and already losing hair?
  15. Tiny blonde hairs in temples. Will they develop?
  16. Suddenly thinning at almost 40
  17. DHT and an itchy scalp?
  18. Grade 3 all over - Possibly considering DUT!
  19. Cowlick or MPB? Please advise.
  20. 22 years old with receding hairline, seeking advice/next steps to address it (w/pics)
  21. Will rogaine cause shedding in non-applied area?
  22. I want to stop Rogaine
  23. Am I doing enough?
  24. hair strands in the shower?
  25. 22 - Am I going bald (pics)
  26. Has anyone heard of stopping and restarting finasteride, inducing persistent sides?
  27. Desperately need advice ?
  28. Is this a bald spot or a cowlick?
  29. Diffuse patterned alopecia how I am reversing the miniaturization process
  30. 23 years old - Is my hairline receding or maturing? PICS
  31. Am I potentially balding and what to do ?
  32. Does dutasteride at lower doses work better for some?
  33. my battle agaisnt hair loss?
  34. Niacin Dilemma
  35. Am i going bald??? 20 Years Old (PHOTOS)
  36. Stopped Using Minoxidil After...1 Hour
  37. How would you feel?
  38. Is there a cheaper alternative to the Belgravia Hair Loss Centre in the UK?
  39. Am I balding? Long hair guy here
  40. Probability of Fin Working on the Hairline/Hairline Corners
  41. 22 here... Am I balding?
  42. official stance on itching?
  43. hair loss treatment......
  44. Is my crown okay? I'm very paranoid.
  45. Is this just a maturing hairline or MPB?
  46. Is my hair thinning?
  47. is my hairline receding?
  48. Will this shampoo make me lose more hair ?
  49. Hair under light
  50. Best hair loss Treatment...
  51. Do I have a receding hairline?
  52. Worried about my crown
  53. Best possible action for me? (Pics)
  54. rice water ?
  55. beta sitosterol dosage and damages?
  56. I wish may you all regain all of your hair!
  57. Derma rolling with topicals. Skin wants hairy skin!
  58. Mature hairline?
  59. TIme to Buzz? Shave?
  60. Am I starting to lose my hair? I want to stop the anxiety
  61. What was your timeline like after quitting Finasteride?
  62. Should hair on top of head be the same density as hair on back of head?
  63. Think I'm noticing thinning, anyone care to evaluate?
  64. Finasteride Making Me Tired?
  65. I'm 24, balding but I grew a beard? Your thoughts?
  66. Am i getting bald or is it just a cowlick...very nervous here..please help me with ur
  67. Bald spot or cowlick? Advice needed
  68. Slightly paranoid? Or really balding?
  69. am i losing my hair?
  70. How to I find someone to examine hair
  71. An update from a long time finasteride user who stopped for a bit and is using again
  72. Regrowth hair cycles?
  73. Hair loss clumps (when showering) on Fin a year?
  74. Really long, but I am 17 and need help ?
  75. Does Diffuse Thinning Mean You Will Always Reach Advanced Norwood Class?
  76. What NW Class am I at?
  77. am i balding at the crown or it is just a cow lick?
  78. 1 Month off of Finasteride, when should I start to be concerned?
  79. Post Finasteride Syndrome (Theory)
  80. Am I thinning or am I just paranoid? Photos inside
  81. I am balding already, 17 year old ?
  82. My Dermatologist told me I was thinning at my Temples.
  83. Am I balding at 19?
  84. Harvard Results of Post Finasteride Syndrome Study
  85. My new Hair Loss and Hair Transplant website
  86. Alcohol and Finasteride?
  87. I'm 35
  88. What is the running theory for what causes Post-Fin Syndrome?
  89. A year and half on finasteridfe
  90. SMP hair tattoo is the future
  91. Post finastwride syndrome
  92. 24 with thinning front hair and receding temples?
  93. Is this balding or just how my hairline looks?
  94. Radio 5 Live Hair Loss Interview
  95. Food for hair loss
  96. Is this NW 2 or 3?
  97. 22 and Balding
  98. How long did it take you to feel normal after quitting Finasteride?
  99. Does Anyone Speak Portuguese? (finasteride results video)
  100. 21 y/o thinking about getting a buzz. been loosing since I was 16 PLEASE HELP!
  101. Thinning around crown area at 15
  102. Propecia sides questions and looking for advice
  103. Suggest best trichologist in Toronto
  104. 16 year old - Am i balding or just a silly hairline? (PICS)
  105. Does a $2 / Graft FUE surgeon in LA sound fishy?
  106. I Am 18 Year Old, Do I Start Treatment?
  107. no side effect under real Proscar 1/4 but huge on generic 1mg.. bad generic?
  108. 22 years old, got a haircut today and think I may be balding
  109. For those that quit Fin, how long did it take for sides to go away?
  110. Does finasteride stop you from developing ur man features?
  111. 22 with significant hair loss!! Help!!
  112. 14 years on finasteride and contemplating stopping
  113. Am I balding at 21 or am I being paranoid? (pictures attached)
  114. A good protein powder to make sure you are getting enough aminos for your hair!
  115. Rate my hair loss..20 year old
  116. 19 YO - Hairloss started at 17 ; Should I ask for Avodart?
  117. What Norwood am I? Nw3?
  118. Minoxidil 5% Sexual Side Effects (Please help)
  119. Hair transplant reversal
  120. Hair transplant reversal
  121. is this a norwood 3 or 2?
  122. Finasteride/Propecia for 7/8 months hair loss started again
  123. SMP Recommendations
  124. Dr. appt. this Friday - Generic or Brand?
  125. Premix RU85541 review log
  126. Just got my first prescription for generic Propecia - paid 62 dollars.
  127. Question about Fincar
  128. 24 year old male - what in the WORLD is going on with my hair?
  129. 17 year old, i think im going bald
  130. Is it normal for hairs to be of different thickness? + general questions
  131. Best hair loss immediate solution!
  132. Is this early diffuse thinning?
  133. Dry scalp and thinning hair...
  134. Lack of hair on crown. Thinning or Cowlick?
  135. 26 years old, am I balding? (pics)
  136. Minoxidil, anxiety, panic attacks.
  137. Lack of Hair Products in USA
  138. 19 years old. What'r ur opinion on my hairloss?
  139. Hair loss at 19
  140. Help me with my hairloss, I just turned 20.
  141. Switched from overseas meds to "fda approved"
  142. could i have started minoxidil too early?
  143. 20 years old with receding hairline, whats your opinion?
  144. different types of Tea that is good for hairloss ?
  145. Photos from January to 16 November
  146. Is this a good sign?
  147. No results after 4 months on propecia = not working?
  148. What the heck is going on with my temples?
  149. Five studied men on different treatments/different results
  150. Spiro Dangers for men - All males should read
  151. Maturing hairline or future balding?
  152. Norwood 2 - First treatment regime - Ultimate Supplement/Diet/Shampoo approach
  153. Dr. Brian Heil |Pittsburgh
  154. Is this Male Pattern Hairloss? stopped using minoxidil after 4 weeks.
  155. Shedding more after buzz cut??
  156. Hairloss at a young age, using dermaroller +minoxidil
  157. HT- do they work for advanced hair loss and am i a good candidate? Recommendations?
  158. Occasionally shedding more than 100 hairs
  159. It's taken me 10 years to lost half my hair, does that mean it will take another ten?
  160. Please help. Do you think I will become bald when I'm older?
  161. Am I a Norwood 7?? Will a HT work?
  162. thinning hair, would you start with finasteride?
  163. Where in the Norwood Scale am I?
  164. DHI - any experiences
  165. Could someone who didn't see results on minoxidil get regrowth if they add fin?
  166. Am I balding on the crown?
  167. Searching for hints and tips
  168. 27 Male - Need opinions on whether I should start on Finasteride.
  169. Worth a dermatologist appt?
  170. Not sure if balding or maturing hairline
  171. Using sunlight to elevate mood and beat depression.
  172. I've been taking 0.5 mg Fin for the past couple of months, should I move up to 1 mg?
  173. Telogen Effluvium or Androgenetic Alopecia?
  174. Am I balding?
  175. Does Finasteride cause alzheimers
  176. When Restertin Propecia, how long before it becomes effective, and to what extent?
  177. Please help! Any good surgeons around?
  178. 5 Years on the BIG 3 - Need help
  179. cowlick or balding?
  180. 23 years old hairloss help (with pics)
  181. Laser Comb
  182. Will I go bald/am i balding?
  183. Is it smart to take finasteride for just minor recession or as a preventative?
  184. 24 yo - balding temples and not noticing effect of min/fin
  185. Help needed !!!
  186. 26 diffused thinning on top
  187. Is there a way I can take fin that will reduce the chance of androgenic upregulation?
  188. Should I get on dut?
  189. fapping raises DHT?
  190. Is this something to worry about ?-possible miniturization!
  191. lowering your testosterone and sex drive?
  192. Thinning or am I worrying too much? 16
  193. losing 20-30 hairs a day 22 male
  194. How bad is it, and how should I wear my hair?
  195. 23 is my crown thinning?
  196. How to get rid of gynecomastia(man boobs) naturally.
  197. Stopping Minoxidil After 2 Months
  198. 19 with a hairline like this and thinning on top, any suggestions?
  199. Am i going bald? 16 years old. :/
  200. Getting Off Propecia To Donate Blood
  201. Almost 19, is my crown thining?
  202. any advice what to do ?anyone like me ?mpb/telogen
  203. Thinning hair crown?
  204. hair thinning on one sod
  205. histogen and replicel.
  206. Apexatropin & propecia
  207. can these things cause mpb acceleration?
  208. Confused about my hair?
  209. Cowlick idk man
  210. Minoxidil and general thinning.
  211. rate my hair loss..
  212. Getting a six pack abs easily and naturally :)
  213. am i balding????
  214. someone help
  215. Am I the only one frustrated by this?
  216. New guy seeking advice, Rogain user looking to start fin
  217. New Regime - 0.25 fin EOD worth it?
  218. Fin/Minox and Receeding
  219. Hey Guys...I need some clarification please!
  220. The 3 best surgeons in Turkey
  221. cowlick or bald spot
  222. Is this balding?
  223. My backstory
  224. Older you start balding the less aggressive ?
  225. Using the Law of Attraction to get what you want, and be more peaceful
  226. is this diffuse thinning? am i balding?
  227. Hair turned blue after transplant
  228. Am I going bald? Or mature hair line?
  229. am I at risk?
  230. Wispy hairs within your normal hair - sign of new growth?
  231. If you had unlimited money, what treatment would you get?
  232. Am I Balding?
  233. Is it possible for Propecia to ever make someone's hair worse?
  234. Am I starting to go bald or crazy?
  235. can't tell if this is balding
  236. What's up with my hairline?
  237. Minoxidil or RU58841 - if you could only choose one?
  238. Am i going bald? Please help
  239. Will minoxidil prevent me from keeping finesteride gains?
  240. Minoxidil Updates (My experience)
  241. 21 and possibly thinning how bas is it?
  242. 23.. a few questions and pictures
  243. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  244. Is it the alcohol that causes face ageing or the Minoxidil itself?
  245. Is 0.25mg Finasteride best for MODERATE DHT reduction?
  246. Halting hair loss with a daily scalp exercise....interesting
  247. Can anyone explain this?
  248. if a hair is accidentally pulled out?
  249. if a hair is accidentally pulled out?
  250. so i have no idea if im balding or not, can anyone check the pics and tell?