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  22. I want to stop Rogaine
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  37. How would you feel?
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  42. official stance on itching?
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  44. Is my crown okay? I'm very paranoid.
  45. Is this just a maturing hairline or MPB?
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  54. rice water ?
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  56. I wish may you all regain all of your hair!
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  59. TIme to Buzz? Shave?
  60. Am I starting to lose my hair? I want to stop the anxiety
  61. What was your timeline like after quitting Finasteride?
  62. Should hair on top of head be the same density as hair on back of head?
  63. Think I'm noticing thinning, anyone care to evaluate?
  64. Finasteride Making Me Tired?
  65. I'm 24, balding but I grew a beard? Your thoughts?
  66. Am i getting bald or is it just a cowlick...very nervous here..please help me with ur
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  69. am i losing my hair?
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  75. Does Diffuse Thinning Mean You Will Always Reach Advanced Norwood Class?
  76. What NW Class am I at?
  77. am i balding at the crown or it is just a cow lick?
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  79. Dr Mantse, prohair.hu, Budapest, fue, advice......
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  81. Am I thinning or am I just paranoid? Photos inside
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  88. I'm 35
  89. What is the running theory for what causes Post-Fin Syndrome?
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  108. no side effect under real Proscar 1/4 but huge on generic 1mg.. bad generic?
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  114. Am I balding at 21 or am I being paranoid? (pictures attached)