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  1. Does Adrenal deficiency effect hair loss? (Interesting)
  2. Dangerous camouflage of acne?
  3. Are there any decent remedies or solutions for a receding hairline?
  4. Soy milk- good or bad for hair?
  5. Question about Spencer
  6. Is there a way to tell if Propecia is working?
  7. Combining Nizoral and Nisim?
  8. Predicting one's level of genetic hairloss
  9. Looking for advice please
  10. Prescription for Propecia (Help!)
  11. Restarting Propecia
  12. Anti frizz/curl cream?
  13. Will you test + for Roids if on Propecia?
  14. Don't Blame The Propecia!
  15. Live Bald Truth “Drink and Chat” Tonight 7pm PST/10pm EST
  16. Losing my hair, need to act soon!
  17. Is there anything worse??
  18. Hair Loss Conspiracy Theories
  19. How do I know when I should stop taking finasteride/propecia??
  20. Ordering propecia online?
  21. Why do I have to wait for a Hair Transplant?
  22. Post Op concern: hitting my head
  23. A Positive Post
  24. Dr DeYarman 27 yr patient PRP results @ 3 months
  25. Too Much Grey Hair!!
  26. Could a surgeon technically...
  27. Where is the link for hairloss specialist?
  28. Can anyone name....
  29. How long should I expect Minoxidil to work?
  30. Enough
  31. Interesting - EFA deficiency
  32. Please help
  33. Propecia and brain fog
  34. What Norwood scale are you? And what is your regimen ?
  35. Travelling With Propecia
  36. Head And Shoulders?
  37. Hair Transplant MD, San Francisco
  38. Does anyone have pictures of toppers?
  39. Is hair loss really more distressing for women?
  40. Is hair loss really more distressing for women?
  41. Is there a way to tell besides the obvious?
  42. Genetics and Finasteride/Dutasteride
  43. Why do some guys wear very bad toupees?
  44. Hair regrowth? Or prolonged anagen phase?
  45. Has anyone had a comb-over?
  46. Careers
  47. I have been using Finasteride and Dutasteride
  48. Problem with Citing Examples of Good Looking Bald Men
  49. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 7pmPST
  50. Is 4rx.com really trustworthy? Please help.
  51. Long hair...something to consider
  52. Pop comb-over!
  53. Using Minoxidil: hair in my face. HELP!
  54. Cant believe this shit is happening to me
  55. I am getting side effects...
  56. Miniaturization Mapping
  57. Musings of a hair loss sufferer.....
  58. Considering The Hair Replication Tattoo Procedure - Good Idea or Bad?
  59. Where on your scalp did you start noticing baldness?
  60. Things to Do When Hair Loss Starts
  61. 19 and I THINK I'm going bald.
  62. Putting on a Brave Face
  63. Propecia user getting side fx, need advice.
  64. hair club
  65. Going crazy...literally
  66. Question about whether HT can increase density
  67. Minoxidil, growing hair on my forehead
  68. Going to a local doctor.
  69. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 5pmPST/8pmEST
  70. Am i starting to losing it?
  71. Scared of getting transplant now
  72. "Bald men still deal with hair-raising issues"
  73. Acell
  74. What to do?
  75. Ryan Giggs tackles his thinning hair with £6,000 regrowth treatment
  76. Finasteride Side Effects?
  77. where to go online or elsewhere for 'cool' head wear
  78. Question for Spencer Kobren About The Bald Truth
  79. Good Shed vs. Bad Shed??
  80. will i be okay??
  81. Found a good Hair spray/Mousse
  82. Advice needed. Belgravia or Not?
  83. Online Pharmacy
  84. only 2 -7 percent seek surgical or drug treatment?
  85. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 7pmPST/10pmEST
  86. Please HELP an 18-Year Old
  87. Discussing hair loss problem with a dermatologist or a trichologist
  88. Concerned about finastride
  89. Overuse of Minoxidil?
  90. thinning
  91. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 5pmPST/8pmEST
  92. A thought...
  93. The Bald Truth Live Tonight 7pmPST/10pmEST
  94. Can Anyone Tell Me How Bald?
  95. Advice Transplant vs. PRP
  97. Stilllll Shedding!
  98. Attempting to switch from Rogaine to Natural
  99. radioshow podcasted
  100. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 5pmPST/8pmEST
  101. The Bald Truth Live Tonight 7pmPST/10pmEST
  102. Having children on propecia
  103. Listening to the show in Scandinavia.
  104. Hair loss is so ****ing stupid.
  105. Help with purchase
  106. The O'll Sausage
  107. Hair loss?
  108. BP-CEO Tony Hayward has a hairpiece right?
  109. Who are the very best in Manhattan (after Bernstein)?
  110. Bumps where the graft incisions were made
  111. Shaving head after Hair Transplant
  112. Is CVS Pharmacy a legit place for proscar?
  113. Trying to make a choice (pics)
  114. question that hasnt been asked?
  115. Accidentally took 2 days worth of finasteride in 1 day. Help!
  116. Shedding on Finasteride/Regenpure shampoo?
  117. No Baldness at all in family line
  118. life is shitty right now...
  119. The Bald Truth Live Tonight 7pmPST/10pmEST
  120. Not sure what to do
  121. Noticed balding in it's extreamly early stages...
  122. Im shedding hair again... WHYYYYY
  123. Am I going bald? I just turned 20
  124. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein - Upcoming Las Vegas Visit
  125. Need Help Making a big decision - had 1 HT - want to shave it down
  126. need help
  127. Point of no return
  128. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein / NYC Consultations!
  129. Success
  130. Hair coloring / dye and its effects
  131. Rogaine effect
  132. Is there any hope for me?
  133. The Bald Truth Live Tonight 7pmPST/10pmEST
  134. Prescription: Propecia
  135. TBT Podcast anyone?
  136. Been on Finasteride for 3 months...
  137. Forum Update on Twin Brothers "Gemini 1" and "Gemini 2" --10.5 Months, Dr. Hasson
  138. propecia,minoxidal 5% and nizoral what to phase out?
  139. Billionaire (Parody) - "The Bald Truth Anthem" by Alex Pavia - Great Video!
  140. What to do??
  141. 25 UK guy looking for advice
  142. Famous people balding
  143. Need Advice
  144. Itchy inflammed scalp
  145. Hey guys, quick question
  146. How do I determine what kind of hair loss I'm experiencing?
  147. PRP does it work and would you recommend it
  148. Why do I have gold hairs?
  149. Is traction alopecia permanant
  150. What does inflamation feel like?
  151. Half Dose Propecia Question
  152. Anyone have success increasing the dose on proscar?
  153. Bald Yet BOLD!
  154. considering shaving my head?
  155. Dandruff after hair transplant
  156. "Gemini1" and "Gemini2" 11-Month Post-Op Forum Update
  157. Should I quit Propecia??
  158. Been on Finasteride for 3.5 months and seeking advice..
  159. Doxycycline
  160. Question about missing one dose of Finasteride
  161. Minoxidil or not?
  162. Thinning at both sides.....
  163. A new Idea bald with plastic surgery
  164. Advice needed
  165. Hairline Getting Worse
  166. Doctors and your thoughts about loading the crown in this way
  167. Just started to shave my head
  168. Need back up not to be buzzed
  169. how to check if right number of hairs have been transplanted
  170. Mom blames me for hairloss :P
  171. Advice about a surgeon in TN
  172. Propecia look-a-likes
  173. believe me...
  174. Would you trade ten years of good hair right now...
  175. Can DHT cause hair to be curly?
  176. The Bald Truth Live Tonight 5pmPST/8pmEST
  177. Is it possible to not go bald if you have hairloss in your family?
  178. Doc Specializing in Hairline Work
  179. Hairline HELP!!
  180. Premature Baldness: Options
  181. Thriller Fiction - Spotting the Bad Guy
  182. Finasteride and donating blood/plasma. damn.
  183. The Gemini Twins - One Year Results
  184. i will try exfoliating soap
  185. Need to know how People are Dealing With IT? Advice Spencer?
  186. New Theory Produced for Consideration of Others
  187. 2nd prp after 4 month
  188. Dr Yarmann rocks!
  189. New Outlook & Propecia Results
  190. Terry Fox
  191. Being a man is harder than being a woman
  192. Crown Area
  193. What norwwod scale is my hair?? Please helop
  194. hair length
  195. Will cutting my hair benefit me?
  196. An announcement, just in case of a baldness cure
  197. Cb-03-01
  198. what does this mean?
  199. severe thinning/shedding at sides and back
  200. Be aware of OCD
  201. Ritalin/Concerta vs Alopecia
  202. Recommend a Dr in LA for FIN?
  203. "Post Fin Syndrome" sounds scary - how does TBT not talk about this?
  204. Question about Propecia
  205. Can Any body help?
  206. GQ's "The Most Powerful Bald Men In America"
  207. Doesl Taking Propecia cause early Ejectculation of sperms?
  208. CUMC Professor Discovers Genetic Basis for Hair Loss
  209. Concealers after hair transplant?
  210. do you know what?
  211. Weight Lifting and Hair Loss
  212. does the thick individual shedded hair grow back?
  213. After 26 years of big baldness
  214. Balding at very young age...help
  215. 4 yrs of propecia
  216. Balding Younger?
  217. 21 year old
  218. British Scientist Conduct Experiment
  219. Propecia & Minoxidil
  220. Grinds my gears
  221. Some Thoughts on Baldness
  222. The Shorn Identity
  223. Advice required
  224. You must have heard this a 100 times...
  225. Optimizing your Social Environment
  226. Quick Advice Needed Please!
  227. Short hair with a transplant?
  228. Botox maker Allergan is about to launch clinical trials of a hair-growth treatment
  229. Propecia Results Months 4 -5, Please Help
  230. DHT "useless"? wwwhhhaatt? not true says article
  231. Breast Enlargement and Propecia
  232. What kind of haircut do you guys have?
  233. Prince William Is Going Bald - Some Papers Think It's Big News
  234. What type of Dr. should I look for?
  235. Do we have the cure for hairloss?
  236. Do Or Die (Literally)
  237. Need Help!!!
  238. Hairs on My Pillow
  239. Propecia: Experienced or Pro Advice Pls
  240. Hair Loss
  241. Help me win my hair back?
  242. An, most likely, irrational fear.
  243. rogaine
  244. Gym and exercise
  245. Works For Me
  246. Propecia works really
  247. My opinion on which minoxidil to buy..
  248. Propecia, saw palmetto and beta sitosterol
  249. Need advice
  250. The Horseshoe Dilemma