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  1. Is this normal? Wet/shampoo hair spiked up under camera flash.
  2. Scalp Biopsy Results [23M]
  3. Shedding from "TE associated with AGA"
  4. How did your baldness began ?
  5. Does this online pharmacy look legit?
  6. 21 and shedding alot [ Not on any treatment (DPA) ]
  7. New to the Site, and some quick easy questions. Thanks guys
  8. i had read
  9. Please help is this TE or Mpb
  10. Mature hairline, MPB, genetics or something else?? :)
  11. Retrograde Alopecia and Finasteride?
  12. dutasteride gynecomastia rate
  13. So I am a diffuse thinner? Bright harsh lighting? Fine Hair?
  14. Shedding 3 weeks into fin/minox, normal?
  15. Is this my part or thinning?
  16. sides... advice?
  17. Morning wood on Finasteride
  18. Dutasteride
  19. How long does it take for pulled hair to grow back?
  20. Rogaine taking a toll on my face
  21. Taking Iron increases DHT?
  22. Weird hair loss behind hairline..
  23. New hair?
  24. Am I on my way?
  25. Cyclosporine eye drops
  26. Male With Female-Pattern Hair loss. Anyone else experience this? Did Spiro Help?
  27. PRP causing thinning
  28. Fin and Min 6 month results pics.
  29. Noticed thin hairs, but is it hair loss/mpb?
  30. Telogen Effluvium or MPB?
  31. Do I even have MPB?
  32. How bad is it?
  33. Need opinion
  34. Seasonal Shedding.
  35. where am I on the Norwood scale?
  36. Is there something really wrong? PHOTOS
  37. [19M] Going bald, and I can't grow a beard
  38. 15 months on Fin....
  39. Epididymitis from Propecia at 6 months.
  40. Does alcohol raise DHT?
  41. Big 3 - success after only 3 months?
  42. Mature Hairline or Receding Hairline?
  43. Urgent help needed ASAP
  44. 10 months on rogaine - still shedding!
  45. Fapping and hair loss issue.
  46. Guys...is this DUPA?
  47. How the hell do you guys have the balls to take Finasteride?
  48. Propecia and liver enzymes
  49. Important question regarding use of minoxidil
  50. Switching back to name brand Propecia potential side effects.
  51. Periodic Shedding (feeling demoralized)
  52. Jason Spieth may have lost Masters but he is winning on hairloss
  53. dont lost hope for hairloss...............
  54. Hairdressers/barbers london???
  55. Damaged or thinning hair?
  56. Abnormaly big head?
  57. massive hair shedding from scalp and body
  58. 26 am I balding?
  59. samumed article
  60. Interesting Tricky Case of BALDING?
  61. Worth trying minoxidil? (photo)
  62. Would like your opinions
  63. Nape of the Neck Balding --- This is a Thing? WTF?!?
  64. salon recommended shampoos..?
  65. Is my hairline receding or maturing
  66. Cowlick or bald spot?
  67. In having propecia sides help
  68. Retrograde alopecia? Discuss?
  69. Pics of miniaturized hairs?
  70. Please take a look at my hair and give me an honest opinion.
  71. Rapidly losing hair mpb- Rate my hair loss on norwood scale.
  72. Finasteride Shedding
  73. Losing a different amount of hairs in the shower
  74. Progress with pictures
  75. Progress and pictures
  76. Crown help - Input please!
  77. 16 with thinning hair
  78. Obsessing over hair
  79. How is my hair? (21)
  80. 23/m is my hairline receding or maturing?
  81. hair transplant
  82. Dam having sexual sides wth maaan
  83. Hair ends quick question
  84. How is my hair (17.5)
  85. 19 years old and affraid
  86. Am I the only one who had a Norwood 3 as a toddler?
  87. Help ! is this bald ? dammit i cant find any hair specialist here.
  88. Am I Balding? (24)
  89. Your finasteride experience
  90. Am i losing my hair
  91. Is it safe to stop minoxidil after 4 months?
  92. On average, when does hairloss seem to accelerate the fastest?
  93. Am I balding?
  94. M (25): Typical "Am I balding?" thread - please help
  95. worried - Finasteride recovery
  96. What Are Some Tips for Trying To Determine Your Norwood Destiny?
  97. What exactly happened with replicel phase 2?
  98. (Male 20) Hair loss - Telogen effluvium/MPB? Many pictures. Long post but please help
  99. Anyone know about this company
  100. i dont want to be bald but am i
  101. That's it I'm going all out
  102. Replicel, Histogen, aderans, shishedo etc...
  103. Ketoconazole and clobetasol
  104. Receding heavily at 18[Advice needed]
  105. Hair Loss That Confuses Me.
  106. Am ı baldnig?
  107. Reliable places to buy fin/propecia? [UK]
  108. adding low dose spiro as of tomorrow
  109. stopping propecia to regrow hairline
  110. Deemark Hair Building Fibers
  111. any topical dutas users out there ?
  112. Switched from Avodart to Finasteride with negative results
  113. Starting a therapy
  114. Street price ambien
  115. hi some questions
  116. Please help?
  117. NJ/NYC doctors who prescribe Avodart
  118. To all you Norwood 6s (and anyone else!)
  119. Crown after wearing hat
  120. First time transplant 950 grafts on vertax. Day 0 post opp
  121. Questions About Pull Tests
  122. Having some questions
  123. The Impact of Hair Loss
  124. Still losing hair with keratin/sebum build up
  125. Finasteride / Mino shedding
  126. Am I on my way to baldom?
  127. Balding diffuse - What to do?
  128. Potenital crown and hairline work
  129. Terribly receding hairline at 17. What should i do?
  130. Using regenepure DR everyday unhealthy?
  131. Dutasteride approved in Japan for hair loss treatment
  132. 26 - Not sure if I am currently receding from MPB or just driving myself insane
  133. Getting my head round the Norwood Scale
  134. Am I starting to lose hair?
  135. Planning to start fin - general qs for veteran finners
  136. My hair loss story and advice!
  137. Flaxseed oil?
  138. Medical issue or MPB? In need of some advice
  139. 16 losing lots of hair, desperate for advice
  140. Anxiety/Depression and hair loss
  141. Flaxseed oil and african pygeum
  142. any tip on my thin crown?
  143. Taking saw palmetto for a month?
  144. itch and dandruff with finasteride
  145. Dapoxetine online
  146. a future of genetically-engineered bodies
  147. Am I diffusing?
  148. Am i starting to experience MPB, i am 17
  149. Hair thinning on one side
  150. Question I've had since forget about hairlines
  151. What Norwood Stage Am I?
  152. To all you bald/balding fathers!
  153. Will I look bad bald?
  154. Receding hair line in 15 year old
  155. Hair regrowth or miniturination
  156. Hair loss or hair whorl/cowlick?
  157. Fertility after taking saw palmetto?
  158. Propecia and hairline
  159. What's up with my hair????? I'm 18.
  160. More questions about saw palmetto
  161. Should a 16 year old with hairloss try saw palmetto?
  162. What's happening to my sides?
  163. Weird hair growth cycle, normal hair loss ?
  164. How Accutane can speed genetic baldness :
  165. Is it normal to shed while using rogaine/minox?
  166. Shedding short hairs only?
  167. 18 years old MPB ?!
  168. Density bad?
  169. Diffuse thinning or crown thinning?
  170. 19 Y/O with MPB?
  171. Pre-Planning for Hair loss
  172. Am i at risk for mbp?
  173. Amazing Hair transplant experience with Dr. Wong
  174. Hair loss "cure" or prevention...?
  175. Is this MPB or something else ?
  176. Mmmm mpb or something else ?
  177. Hi i have some questions about hair thinning
  178. How to delete my threads . I lose sleep because of what i have wrote in this forum.
  179. Minoxidil caused alopecia areata?
  180. Going For First HT(Ireland)
  181. Where did artista go?
  182. finasteride twisted(rotation axis)
  183. Thinking of trying minoxidil please HELP!
  184. Why do some men go bald at an older age?
  185. Help!!!
  186. Saw Palmetto / Fin
  187. Why no one is responding to posts and account deletion request ??/
  188. To administrator/moderator
  189. Due to go on TRT, extremely worried about potential MPB, any advice?
  190. 16 Receding hairline already? (Pics Included)
  191. Odd recession in the middle of my hairline
  192. Saw palmetto questions?
  193. ritonavir increases Dutasteride's potency!
  194. Incredibly Cost Efficient Way to Get Finasteride and other helpful hints.
  195. Starting Finasteride (a beginners guide and success story)
  196. Is this MPB DPA or DUPA?
  197. Help is my crown normal
  198. Minoxidil 15 month results (before/after)
  199. I need a advice from the finasteride initial shedders!
  200. 24 year old, Finasteride stopped working.
  201. Turmeric to Reduce Fin Sides?
  202. Rogaine foam
  203. 3 years on finasteride
  204. Loving yourself despite hair loss. Completely accepting baldness as beautiful.
  205. Does RU really work?
  206. is this baldness, i have two whorls but the density have reduced in that region,
  207. Dut
  208. Diffuse Thinning really noticeable under Camera Flash. Any good advice?
  209. Hair thinning on right side?
  210. Can finasteride stop working?
  211. What would you do in my position?
  212. increase testosterone - more hair loss?
  213. Im 16, Am I going bald?!!!? (Pics)
  214. Miniaturised hair from non-balding men normal?
  215. I need some opinions/advice please
  216. almost 17 and thinking about shaving my head bald
  217. Miinoxidil SHED after regrowth. HELP!!!
  218. ITV Health Show discusses Hair Loss
  219. Early hairloss
  220. 20, am I going bald?
  221. New to hairloss, And i need Major help
  222. Propecia at 9.5 months, my experience
  223. What the hell is RU ?
  224. Scalp Itch Gone
  225. Hair Loss and your Identity
  226. New here, hairloss since 14
  227. The shedding is real boys
  228. 20 years old , I have long hair so i tied it , would you say my hairline is receding?
  229. Quick response to finasteride- is this normal?
  230. chronic stress and anxiety
  231. Regrew 60%-70% of Temples and Crown Naturally!
  232. No history of balding yet I think my hair is thinning??
  233. Am I going to shave my head?
  234. The Telegraph - Weird and Wonderful Hair Loss treatments !
  235. How bad is it? 19 years old
  236. Dutasteride after 5 years of finasteride
  237. Minoxidil Question
  238. Can Dutasteride make things worse?
  239. Taking dut/fin empty stomach increases its effectiveness?
  240. Research and labs
  241. Would it be bad for me if I start taking propecia/fin
  242. Is generic finasteride really effective?
  243. The Truth About Donald Trump's Hair
  244. Is this balding or am I going paranoid?
  245. Is 1mg (2 pills) of dutasteride daily too much?
  246. Has it started? (21/M)
  247. Not too sure if I am Balding or if it's judt natural Asian whirl
  248. Surgery
  249. Been off Finasteride for 2.5 weeks, am I doomed?
  250. I'm 28 And I've Been Taking Finateride For My First 5 Months?