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  1. Shedding small white beard hairs? 25 years old and have black full beard?
  2. Am i receding or thinning or mature hairline
  3. Age 25 with VERY thin hair. Should I get a hair transplant or wait a few more years?
  4. 9 months of shedding on finasteride.
  5. Breast pain Need advise
  6. Need info docs and public. Question about NWs, NW 1 in particular
  7. diffuse Alopecia areata
  8. Forming new hair follicales
  9. Hair loss - Progression
  10. Best hair cut for me (diffuse thinning)
  11. Hair loss with very red, inflamed scalp
  12. Shorter, tapered hairs??
  13. Looks like miniaturisation or the opposite?
  14. Hair density and recession
  15. You dont have to cut off all your hair, or build muscles to be happy. Long hair is ok
  16. Is my horseshoe becoming visible?
  17. Belgravia? anyone?
  18. Are low DHT levels automatically a good sign?
  19. Can you maintain without anti androgens
  20. Gaining back hair from 1-2 years ago?
  21. Dull aching in testes, anus and lower abdomen.
  22. seborrheic dermatitis
  23. Neutrogena t-gel shampoo
  24. Mpb itch
  25. Hi
  26. Does MBP always start at the hairline?
  27. Moving on after years on fin. What next?
  28. Dr. William Lindsey is right! Hair transplants cause PERMANENT scarring! FUE included
  29. Long Live Spencer Kobren!!!
  30. Skip LaCour is awesome and gives great advice on hair loss! Plus he looks great!!!
  31. Great video on self acceptance and how to get over hair loss and love thyself :)
  32. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST
  33. Dutasteride 2.5 mg dose.
  34. 20 year old and im not sure whether im balding
  35. Need Help. Balding is progressing fast. With pictures
  36. Hair Loss in Men: my tips
  37. SMP tricopigmentation progress w/ pics - Dr Gabel in Portland, OR
  38. Hair Transplants - the losing battle...
  39. Norwood 7s only have 2 choices: Make peace or use a piece!
  40. Propecia shed? What types of individual hair strands should I be losing?
  41. How much time to give it?!
  42. Should I try fin at 19?
  43. Need Some Opinions Please!
  44. Finasteride result poll
  45. Sean Connery was Norwood 6, but considered most handsome man of all time.
  46. The truth is that hair falling out in men is more common than hair falling out in wom
  47. help please.. alopecia ?
  48. My final thoughts on having no hair at 20
  49. venlafaxine/effexor make hair loss worse?
  50. Joe Tillman is the James Bond of the Hair Restoration world!
  51. Use of Body Hair
  52. Has anyone heard or used Nanogen
  53. Who is the best hair transplant clinics.
  54. 15 and receding hairline????? Need help please?!?
  55. Temple hair and MPB. Doc info please!
  56. Hair Loss and Exercise-Dr. Wesley Featured on Doctor Radio
  57. Help with using right mix for RU
  58. Women love Billy Zane!
  59. someone explain to me what is happening!!!
  60. Any documented cases of naturally regrown hair?
  61. Need advice
  62. So, as most of us here... Am I balding?
  63. Accutane=CCCAlopecia (Post users come here!)
  64. Widow's peak but becoming uncertain
  65. Question about frontal recession (photos included)
  66. need help with deciding if im balding.
  67. Just started minoxidil, need opinions
  68. hi I'm new and have a few questions
  69. 16 year old, balding?
  70. Practicing gratitude for the positive in our life is a Powerful practice!
  71. An effective treatment
  72. Maturing Hairline or Traction Alopecia
  73. losing hair+beard = losing my mind
  74. Chances of losing hair?
  75. Should I shave it all off?
  76. 17 and receding hairline? Please help
  77. Anyone who took Accutane for acne?? COME HERE please
  78. Intense Shedding -- Doctor says increase Finasteride?
  79. 25 with high temple recession....or a mature hairline?...or going crazy?
  80. when did your finasteride shed start?
  81. Shedding Anagen hairs ??!!
  82. Knockoff Kirkland Minoxidil on Ebay ??
  83. Propecia at 18/19 for slow hairline recession?
  84. Wtf is up with my hairline? Help
  85. link between dermatitis and propecia?
  86. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  87. Fin adverse actions
  88. PerfectHealthHair.com and FIN and NIZ - Problem/question
  89. Clipping off all hair, tanning, and getting fit! You may look better than with hair!!
  90. How long to ride stay on Fin while shedding?
  91. Alternatives to Propecia
  92. Hair loss may not be the only thing causing you to be depressed.
  93. Verdict in: Women would rather date a bald man than one with a hair transplant / rug!
  94. Where to buy finasteride online?
  95. Best Toppik deals
  96. 23 - MPB or MATURE HAIRLINE?
  97. Best hairstyle for balding in back (pics)
  98. Possible sides from Finesteride
  99. Having weird hairloss...
  100. My 3 month Results
  101. I'm about to give up on my hair completely
  102. Dead follicles
  103. My 3 month Results
  104. How long does the shedding last if you quit minoxidil in just 1 month?
  105. recideing hairline/maturing? help please
  106. Staring off each day with positive inspiration :)
  107. 20 and balding
  108. My hair: Should I bother fighting this?
  109. Receding hairline
  110. Blood work advice
  111. Big 3 non stop shedding, help
  112. Finasteride and acne ?
  113. Thinning crown???
  114. White stuff on scalp
  115. Thinning on sides of head
  116. I quit smoking and probably see some hair growth
  117. 4 years on Dut, Minox & Nizoral
  118. Rogaine 2.5 months - no signs of decreased shedding?
  119. 17 years old high schooler possibly in early stages of baldness [Photos included
  120. christian eriksen (tottenhan hotspur football player)
  121. 18 years old, does it look like my hair is thinnning due to MPB?
  122. I just SHED 50% of my hair in ONE MONTH
  123. Want to block some DHT. Fin or RU?
  124. Shedding not showing signs of stopping after 6 months. with pictures
  125. Chemical straightener
  126. How to start using Minoxidl?
  127. Doctors, what causes sebum plugs?
  128. Hair shedding due to finasteride....I'm freaking out!
  129. I'm 20 years old, not sure whether my hair is thinning or just have a cowlic
  130. Side effects of saw palmetto topical?
  131. only average/below average people need hair
  132. Confused with no apparent reason of hair loss
  133. 17 and losing hair HELLPP!!
  134. Propecia side affects Merck or bladtruth won't tell you about
  135. Simple 60-Second Hair Count Test Separates Normal Hair Loss From Male Pattern Baldnes
  136. 22 y/o entertainer Norwood 3... (pics included)
  137. Shock that head with radio frequency 💂
  138. Dr Mark Tam at the private clinic leeds
  139. Don't take fin and dut together. Also, advice needed. Thanks
  140. Bite the bullet?
  141. severe hairloss in one month , help please .
  142. Cure Dandruff & Oily Hair
  143. Am I losing my hair?
  144. 18 with a seemingly receding hairline?
  145. Is there anyone respond better with Finasteride than Dutasteride?
  146. How the **** am I supposed to apply liquid Minox?
  147. A great Norwood adventure.
  148. Winston
  149. To Quit or not to Quit Minox?
  150. micro pigmentation
  151. sodium lauryl sulfate and silicone free shampoo
  152. Does Viviscal hair lotion induce a shedding phase too?
  153. Propecia shedding: Some say it's real and others don't....
  154. Possible crown thinning. Help please?
  155. What should I do?
  156. Seems like my hair is thinning near my crown does it look this way?
  157. Potential minoxidil scam
  158. Switching from 5% minox to 2% for a month?
  159. What am I?
  160. 'That' moment has come.
  161. Spex and The Bald Truth feature in The 'Modern Barber' Magazine
  162. What stage am i in balding? (Pictures)
  163. recede back?
  164. hi guys, i need your recommend and advise
  165. New Regime/EXPERIMENTAL to finally beat this WILL LOG and update
  166. How is this propecia?
  167. something is causing my hairloss
  168. Shedding hair : Hair loss or breakage?
  169. Advice on Thyroid, DUPA, Bald Spots please
  170. "retrograde alopecia"
  171. how much hair I need to regrow to look normal
  172. Showing side effects at shedding stage.
  173. Saw Palmetto and DHT levels
  174. Am I expecting too much?
  175. can anxiety cause hair loss?
  176. Treating Post-Finasteride sexual dysfunction with Viagra
  177. what should I expect from propecia? please help
  178. ultra fast drying vs regular minoxidil?!
  179. Is this a normal hairline
  180. body hair, dht and finasteride
  181. Am I balding?!?!?
  182. should i do a HT fue method, need some edvive and help.
  183. Derma Roller
  184. An important question to the high norwoods & diffusers
  185. New here. Am I balding?
  186. Increased hair shedding in the fall months?
  187. Am I balding?
  188. A hairloss mystery
  189. original hairline
  190. Dr. Stephen Whiteson
  191. am i going bald
  192. am i going bald
  193. Any long time rogaine users?
  194. Shaved head or longer hair? thin hair.
  195. switch to avodart from propecia
  196. beginners question
  197. hi everyone
  198. help with minoxidil
  199. Diffuse Thinning: You think I can still be saved?(PICS)
  200. First Symptons of Balding starting?
  201. Thinning Hair started rogaine now shedding
  202. will i look Ugly bald
  203. Shampoo/Shower question
  204. Rogaine and vitamin E plant works
  205. Signs of balding?
  206. lightning makes my hair look so diffrent, its depressing
  207. What options do I have? Tried certain products and had no luck.
  208. Is it possible to be born with a hairline like this? ( pictures)
  209. Cowlick or baldness
  210. Will these hairs go terminal?
  211. Is miniaturisation ever halted?
  212. Does it look like i'm balding or just really fine hair.
  213. Women's preference when it comes to hair vs body type:
  214. is Minoxidil "Sulfate" really 14x stronger than regular minoxidil?
  215. Some advice on my hairline please
  216. stopping big 3 for 45 days due to military service, How much will I lose?
  217. What type of hair loss is this?
  218. Shorter hairs around hairline
  219. [25] Am I starting to go bald? What Norwood is this?
  220. How to know of miniaturized hair?
  221. Is this male pattern Baldness or something else ?
  222. Consistent shedding since minox 5%
  223. 21 years old. Thinning crown (5-6 months finasteride)
  224. Need Advice
  225. Should I just stop worrying?
  226. Has my hairline gotten a lot worse since 2000? (Pictures)
  227. Rogaine diffuse thinning
  228. Questions about hair cycle, hair lengths, miniaturization and TE + My discoveries
  229. Best time to get FUE into FUT scar?
  230. are these hairs coming out anyway?
  231. The thought of going bald made me happy as f*ck today
  232. Big 3 alternatives
  233. A little off-topic question
  234. Should i be worried?
  235. 6 month on propecia + 5% minoxidil, temporary halt and shedding is back again!!
  236. Is that crown thinning or just a hair whorl?
  237. Am I beginning to go bald?
  238. avodart or propecia for hair miniaturization ?
  239. PRP and Hair Color
  240. What is going on? Sides Thinnning
  241. Is Dermmatch worth the cost?
  242. First post couple of questions: starting Propecia
  243. Viviscal for Men
  244. hard flaccid penis from finasteride
  245. Finasteride 8 months - regrowth but shedding
  246. Gym supplements and shedding
  247. Change Products can caused shedding?
  248. Finasteride and an SSRI?? Anyone?
  249. Please take your time to read this thread and give advice.
  250. Do dis looks normal to u?