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  1. 26 I think its time to try Propecia
  2. how badly am I receeding
  3. Dr. Carlos K. Wesley will be in Los Angeles on Monday May 11, 2015
  4. Year and a half update on Finasteride
  5. Will a hair replacement system affect a future hair transplant?
  6. Request...
  7. Can finasteride work better than dutasteride for some?
  8. propecia bad effects on hairline?
  9. 1 mg finastreide has stopped working- need your help please
  10. Do you think MPB can be stopped?
  11. hairloss and diet
  12. Androgenic Alopecia- You're Balding Because of Your Bones
  13. Alternative method for hair loss
  14. What are my options? Is 25 too young for transplant?
  15. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  16. Follicum
  17. Crazy Temple Regrowth
  18. Beginner Advice Needed
  19. Itching/sore scalp ON propecia HELP!
  20. Help! New hair lines.
  21. Can I buy RU58841 pre made?
  22. Quitting propecia advice
  23. 20 years old and receding
  24. miniaturization - hairloss. What is this?
  25. Finasteride question in regards to diabetes
  26. Am i experiencing hypoandrogenic effect from finasteride?
  27. Rogaine destroyed my life.
  28. I want reply
  29. Hi. Need some professional advice if i should go on topical finastride and minoxidil
  30. Our fixation to fit in
  31. Receding hairline at 17?
  32. Minoxidil Heart Related Sides?
  33. Would Regaine work on my temples?
  34. Finasteride and ecstasy (MDMA)
  35. What are the odds?
  36. Question about strange hairline
  37. Please help: Am I losing hair or not?
  38. Hairline
  39. Am I losing my hair? Asian 23 yr old
  40. Does recession ever stop on it's own
  41. quick question: future assessment
  42. Make your own conclusion
  43. Cut propecia 5mg losing potency?
  44. Severe loss
  45. Have a question here
  46. Have I got a receding hairline?
  47. this is such an ugly disease
  48. I cut it down to a 0 gaurd, and now I'm free. NO propecia, No rogaine, NO transplant!
  49. Am I losing hair? 19 Year Old Male
  50. Shedding like hell on fin...
  51. Thining on Crown
  52. How long would I keep my hair for after using regaine/rogaine?
  53. How long do you have?
  54. Minoxidil question
  55. Thin hair on hairline?
  56. Help Needed ! Hair loss
  57. Am I receding at my hairline?
  58. thinning at the crown? MPB?
  59. Getting crazy... Am i receiding ??? 25 yo depressed guy....
  60. Cheapest place to get good quality Finasteride and Minoxidil in the UK?
  61. My green tea,coconut topical and green juicing progress
  62. 8 Months on Fin? Anything?
  63. Hairloss on sideburns, around the ear and behind the neck
  64. How has finasteride treated you?
  65. Applying Minoxidil All Over Head
  66. Increasing fin dosage
  67. Hair systems: Why not?
  68. When will shed end after quitting minox?
  69. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  70. Cheap place to buy Finasteride in the U.K
  71. Ru and minoxidil
  72. Where can i get Finasteride online without a perscription Help!!!
  73. Outline on Male Pattern Baldness
  74. Opinions on Viviscal?
  75. hairloss, 19 years old.
  76. Is this guy receding? I found him on Youtube. he is 22
  77. How long until Fin kicks in?
  78. Am I balding on my crown?
  79. Harry Styles' hairline
  80. Should I stop Propecia or continue to take it?
  81. quitting propecia(fin)
  82. Is my crown thinning (part 2????) with pics
  83. Hair transplant PERMANENTLY killed hair follicles?
  84. I need some advice if that's possible- I've recently had major surgery
  85. Questions about hairline
  86. 20 Year Old thinning
  87. Anyone had experience taking Propecia with Accutane?
  88. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  89. When to throw in the towel
  90. Do you think these celebs are balding?
  91. switching from fin to dut advice
  92. Meet Dr. Patrick Mwamba, MD - Free London consultations -July. 11, 2015 (Sat.)
  93. Should i keep my hair short?
  94. hair self destruction??
  95. Reliable turkey clinic ? - gettin moneyz for da mohawk!
  96. Birthmark Question??
  97. What can i expect from Finasteride / 8 month hairless
  98. Which is better at regrowing hair: Minoxidil foam or Minoxidil liquid?
  99. on average propecia response...
  100. what happened to my hairline?! is this puberty hair line or is there a puberty hair
  101. Potent Topical Antiandrogens
  102. 7 months of shedding.. No regrowth
  103. 22 year old, is my hairline receding?
  104. Finasteride possibly not working for me?
  105. Balding primarily on my left side?
  106. Newbie here - questions about Rogaine
  107. Docs and the general public, please help me understand my scalp biopsy?
  108. RU help :)
  109. Nothing but cold showers
  110. Progress thread. With Pics.
  111. How long is the post minoxidil shed?
  112. How many people went on fin with good hair?
  113. Best hair products for thin hair? Gel/pomade etc.
  114. Anyone quit fin after scalp itch/inflammation?
  115. Pls, some advices about my crazy HT plan??
  116. Did Rogaine make my face swell?! :(
  117. Advice needed 19 year old receding hairline
  118. Raising up the white flag
  119. Painful sensation
  120. Need some help with the science Docs and you smarties!
  121. Propecia/ Finasteride - too late for me?
  122. Sebum??!
  123. anyone tried SMP (scalp micropigmentation) ?
  124. Hair Transplants
  125. Will propecia actually help me?
  126. MPB versus Telogen Effluvium (post-Minoxidil)
  127. Is 20-30 hairs in shower normal?
  128. Is this normal?
  129. Maturing hairline
  130. Thinning On Left Side Of Head Only
  131. First time ever using a treatment, Nizoral.
  132. Recent hair loss with dry skin on the root of shed hair??
  133. 19 - 2.5 years on propecia, 1 on minox, too early for ht?
  134. i am 17,anyone who accepted their hair loss??
  135. Seborrheic dermatitis & fin
  136. Teen Hair Loss
  137. Worried about shedding from rogaine
  138. Is this guy balding?
  139. MPB and thyroid
  140. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  141. Small hairs not growing? Why? P.. With pics
  142. Do I have diffuse thinning?
  143. Developing a bald spot now?
  144. Itchy scalp
  145. is finasteride the only way
  146. Man gets new skull, scalp
  147. Hair part changing due to mpb
  148. Am I balding and if so due to what?
  149. What's going on with my scalp? Baldness or something else?
  150. propecia/proscar
  151. Probably a dumb question...
  152. 22 Years old, is my hair thinning/balding?
  153. What do you do for hyperandrogenicity
  154. Went to Bosley (not many local options) for a consult, need to figure out whats next
  155. Am I balding?
  156. propranolol and hair loss
  157. Initial shed on Rogaine lasts how long?
  158. 3 month fin usage - questions
  159. How long until we have a cure??
  160. Fin killed my hair
  161. Would this have been alopecia areata
  162. Good Strategy?
  163. How has fin affected your hair line?
  164. Shaving it off
  165. Yellow build up on shed hair root?
  166. Baby hair on side of my temple not growing as faster.
  167. Can i try AAPE right after my HT surgery?
  168. frizzy hair, is it common in hair loss ?
  169. Chronic fatigue and hair loss
  170. Dr. Kleins - anyone use it with success?
  171. Reflex without taking fin
  172. Diffuse hairloss?
  173. Good hair dermatologist in madrid??
  174. Doctor, is it possible to have a naturally non balding V shaped hairline?
  175. Someone shed light on this!
  176. Hair loss
  177. Bob Beck's Protocol- Possible Role of Toxoplasma Gondii
  178. Forehead reduction surgery results
  179. Help! I'm 15 and wondering if I have MPB
  180. Point Those Lasers at Your Bone Marrow NOT Scalp
  181. STUPID QUESTION TIME: Do Any Of You Have Cats?
  182. Beware italian dermatologist Dott. Paolo Gigli - State attenti al Dott. Gigli
  183. Hair loss protocol - HOW are they allowed to get away with this sh*t?!?!
  184. Cowlick or thinning?!?
  185. Destined to not respond?
  186. Worst Shed of my life, very bad.
  187. Minoxidil has stopped working (I think).
  188. Help, shedding on propecia
  189. Ashton kutcher
  190. assessing hair loss
  191. Need Advice [any docs maybe?]
  192. What are your results with OC??
  193. Topical kitchen sink approach to maintain or try Propecia
  194. Camouflage/Consealer for smoothly shaven bald strip scar?
  195. Still losing hair after a year of propecia. (Advice Needed)
  196. safe to perm hair ?
  197. Am I balding guys...
  198. Im not sure about my improvement on my hair
  199. brazilian keratin treatment without formaldehyde ? ?
  200. Who here believes in derma rolling benefits?
  201. Am I experiencing hairloss?
  202. Arthritis, psoriasis, alopecia areata and now vitiligo cured by same drug
  203. Fin having confusing effects on shedding.
  204. Genetic lottery: Your hair-loss versus your family history of hair-loss
  205. Excessive sweating - from fin?
  206. 23y/o with major genetic baldness (& getting worse)
  207. Help me choose the best Laser for my helemt
  208. Topical Spiro on Hairline?
  209. Finasteride and Constipation
  210. Who got hairline pain?
  211. Please Help
  212. Minoxidil Direct
  213. Going bald due to sebum plugs?..
  214. How to get quality RU58841 powder? need advice!
  215. Long term finasteride users advice
  216. FUE about to go through the process of my life changing surgery
  217. would a perm damage thin hair ?
  218. Setipiprant
  219. What is the MOST gentle shampoo?
  220. Please let me know what you guys think
  221. Thinning Under Certain Light
  222. Hypoxia In MPB Where's It Coming From?
  223. A piece of advice for regrowing hair.
  224. Desperate :/
  225. Do I have telogen effluvium?
  226. Maturing hairline or MPB?
  227. Check out the plan 😏
  228. So.. I need some advice
  229. Maturing Hairline or MPB? (16 years old)
  230. Thin Hair on Back/Sides??? Pic
  231. Dr. Prasad Hair Regeneration!
  232. Getting married! Need quick hair thickening advice
  233. Type of baldness
  234. Report: Male Hair Loss 7 Times More Painful Than Childbirth
  235. Frontal fibrosing alopecia?
  236. where to buy safe and decently priced pro/fin (united states)
  237. Is my hair normal?
  238. Testosterone and hair loss
  239. Bald spot on fin.. Do I quit?
  240. Thinning crown???
  241. Itch and red scalp AFTER starting fin
  242. Honestly, does anything except Finasteride and Minoxidil work?
  243. WHY is my HT scar STILL RED!!
  244. Does my crown look thin?
  245. Finasteride aka Propecia causes cancer among other things...
  246. Not another rogaine ate my hairline thread...
  247. Sometimes automated scarless FUE is not all its cracked up to be. Dr. Lindsey McLean
  248. 17M- Maturing hairline or Norwood 1?
  249. Middle Part or thinning?
  250. Is my hair thinning or is it all in my head?