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  1. Purchasing Propecia Online
  2. What does this mean?
  3. How to Combat Propecia Side Effects
  4. Can someone with hypogonadism have mpb?
  5. Had SMP a year ago..Need to move on..How do I delete my account?
  6. Who should I go to if I believe I'm balding at 18?
  7. Pretty sure I'm beginning to get MPB
  8. 14 days post FUE
  9. Is there any correlation between ethnicity and hairloss?
  10. Hair Products
  11. Is my hair thinning?
  12. Who on here has had an FUE procedure and liked it?
  13. Update on RU systemic side effects, and the best NO side effects Regime OUT THERE
  14. How far back will Propecia work?
  15. Am I balding? Or is my hair normal? Please help!!
  16. Is this crown balding or a cowlick?
  17. Erm am i balding or paranoid?
  18. UPDATED picture, is this crown balding or am i worried for no reason?
  19. Where is the Evidence that RU58841 even works???
  20. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  21. Quit minoxidil after a year without regrowth
  22. listen to what a friend said....
  23. Question for Propecia users and their DHT levels.
  24. Any Ketoconazole shampoo success stories out there? (Without taking anything else)
  25. Can Ketaconazole cause permanent hair loss
  26. You're More Beautiful than you Think
  27. vasodilators & pimples
  28. Simple question. Am I balding - what do you think? (With pics)
  29. You are a winner if you can clip your hair to a 1 and move on with life.
  30. Does baldness start off with thinning in the frontal region?
  31. This disease is affecting me more than usual today...
  32. can someone reccomend best clinic in london to have smp
  33. Opinions on graft no required and donor quality.
  34. Balding where I part my hair.
  35. effect Dut dosing?
  36. Is my hairline receding?
  37. minoxidil weight gainer?
  38. do follicles die?
  39. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  40. Does a hair transplant help prevent further balding?
  41. Qutting Propecia after 3 years.
  42. Receding hairline at 19?
  43. Early 30's-Maintaining Norwood 3-Considering Future HT-General Thoughts
  44. I shed less and feel happier and better when I eat healthy.
  45. frontal thinning
  46. My hair loss 22 years old
  47. Taking propecia orally vs. sublingual..?
  48. Reasons for Loss Pattern
  49. whats this thing?
  50. Rogaine Foam- Initial Shed
  51. Advice needed for coming off propecia
  52. 27 yo, what NW am I? How to get hairline design? Is wig an option? What else to do?
  53. For Jotronic: I'm taking the plunge for a FUE as a Norwood 7... :)
  54. Terminal loss and too much loss overall on Avodart
  55. 21 years old: Rapid hair thinning mystery
  56. 2 years after hair transplant...hair STILL not growing?
  57. 18 and worried!
  58. Is my crown thinning?
  59. Is my hairloss normal? Front, around ears, and neck
  60. 19 year old male:early signs of MPB or mature hairline?
  61. emotional trauma/massive weight loss: telogen effluvium?
  62. Dutasteride success after Finasteride failure?
  63. Thoughts on Oral Spiro?
  64. Bald men are so ugly.
  65. Propecia and Minoxidil - facts
  66. help PLEASE!! Weight gain on Fin
  67. Bleaching
  68. Male 20 Yr old, am I balding?
  69. Does thinning hair look thinner when long?
  70. Should I start Regaine? Very scared of shedding phase.
  71. Hair Stem Cell Transplantation
  72. Does RU58841 make your androgen receptors more sensitive?
  73. Has anyone on here who has gone prematurely bald still had luck with the ladies?
  74. I am 99% sure I am going bald and no one will help me.
  75. Opinion hair? What do do?
  76. coffee
  77. Do I really have androgenic alopecia?
  78. Hair loss due to nerve/muscle damage?
  79. Rich Piana makes being bald look cool!
  80. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  81. Is Propecia worth the risk?
  82. Why does society place such a high demand on beauty?
  83. I realized something today. I am just ugly, and no hair transplant will help me...
  84. Can hair miniaturize without falling out?
  85. Just throwing it out there.
  86. Help needed - 3 months into Propecia and I've got the "balding itch"
  87. catch-up hair loss
  88. How did premature balding/a shaved head affect your dating life in your twenties?
  89. Experience flying all the way to Turkey for FUE and not having it done
  90. 21 yo experiencing hairloss
  91. Marijuana and hairloss
  92. Specific question on 'visible signs duration' after treatment
  93. My progress so far
  94. Talked to a chick on dating site for a while. After I sent a real photo, she....
  95. Did I recede?
  96. Hair gone thin and curly.
  97. ruxolitinib drug ?
  98. Rock, Statham, Diesel, Slater, Howard all look fantastic no matter what!!!
  99. Hair clippers
  100. Shedding with collagen supplement
  101. US to Turkey for procedure?
  102. Surgery and finasteride?
  103. Levothyroxin Medication
  104. Where Do You Think My Hairloss is At? (PHOTOS)
  105. CG 210 ... Anyone tried this before ??
  106. Thinking about getting a hair transplantation, advice appreciated :)
  107. Questions about Seborrheic Dermatitis and MPB
  108. Am I beginning to go bald?
  109. The Best Thing about Going Bald
  110. Shedding tiny hairs on rogaine (most of dem thin)?
  111. Artas can you shave bald?
  112. Are whirls on the crown a sign of hairloss? Am I losing my hair? (Pics)
  113. Worried about shock loss
  114. Is my hair getting better or worse?
  115. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST
  116. How awful is my crown?
  117. Finasteride & Facial Hair
  118. Scalp pain after a year on fin
  119. Good online pharmacy for band name avodart
  120. My hairline is ridiculous for someone of 16...
  121. Long curly hair here: mature hairline or MBP hairline? (Pics)
  122. 24 and devastated!
  123. 16 and possibly balding. Need answers
  124. Kelly Slater says "NO!" to hair transplants and "YES" to clipping it off!
  125. Shedding question
  126. Rogaine changing my haircolor??
  127. Can't tell if it's getting worse or not
  128. Propecia dosage idea due to temporary shed stop after quitting the drug???
  129. Please relate
  130. Where does your hair grow fastest?
  131. Addicted to Minox, I need HELP!
  132. Will I be able to hold on to my hair until Histogen is available!?
  133. Visiting New York (from UK) - looking to buy some medication
  134. Finasteride's telling me things about myself that I need to know more of
  135. 20 and thinning?
  136. 25 years old. Prostate questions. Side effects. Receding hairline.
  137. Hair looks dry and frizzy. Do you guys have the same problem ? ( hair loss )
  138. Am I losing my hair? (pics inside)
  139. Mpb?
  140. What are your thoughts? Any help is appreciated
  141. "Rebuild Hair Program" by Jared Gates & Dr. Blount~ A waste of time??
  142. What would you do ?
  143. Need help with propecia side effects please.
  144. Donor limited
  145. Different causes of Hair loss
  146. From FIN to DUT - How to get Blood Test UK?
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  148. Is shedding like this normal?
  149. 17 years old male. Am I going bald?
  150. Bald men pick up the hottest women, and Brandon Carter teaches how!
  151. Some F**** Help
  152. Hair Loss Affects Over Half of Men Over the Age of 30
  153. Need help choosing the right DERMMATCH color
  154. LLLT + occasional PRP therapy?
  155. F*** DONE with finasteride
  156. Working on a natural fitness program..Bought my bottle of whey from whole foods :)
  157. Machine Gun Kelly 24 year old with very aggressive hairloss restores hairline
  158. Do receptor sides go away after qutting finasteride?
  159. Just started loosing hair. seeking treatment early.
  160. What is OC?
  161. On a positive note...
  162. Is Dutagen from Inhouse Legit?
  163. I need some clarification about DHT effects on hair follicles and androgen receptors
  164. are cigarretes damage the hair?
  165. Does an 'undetectable' hair transplant exist?
  166. Been on Fin for about 3 months and noticed weight gain?
  167. Can a guy ever have a sleek shaved head again after FUE?
  168. Where to buy Fin?
  169. thinning above hair and temple left side only?
  170. Liquid trickling on Scalp after hair transplant
  171. My DHT blood test results (3.5 months on Fin)
  172. Am I too late for treatment? Need advice (20yo
  173. Hair loss due to stress and diet
  174. 18 y/o with thin hair, male mature hairline or balding pattern? Just a big forehead?
  175. Above Ear and Nape hair loss???
  176. Likelihood of going bald?
  177. Been on Propecia for nearly two years and....
  178. ThinningHairFML
  179. I bet the cure is in babies scalps
  180. cowlick or balding?
  181. My Neograft days 1 - 6
  182. Am i balding? Please reply
  183. Finasteride for 1 year and 5 months..
  184. genuine baldness cure
  185. How much hair do you lose per rogaine application?
  186. Finasteride / Propecia PRICE, HELP needed!!
  187. 21. Unsure whether I am receding, or if this is just a natural hairline.
  188. How well can I pull it off?
  189. If there wasn't a stigma about wearing hairpieces hairloss forums wouldn't exist
  190. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST
  191. Wiry hairs growing back?
  192. Just tried Caboki
  193. So I finally paid a visit to my doctor today
  194. finasteride sides
  195. Anyone of you guys have had success with long fin use 10+ even 15+ years
  196. where should I apply minox now?
  197. Thinning due to malnutrition?
  198. shed hairs - shouldn't they be shorter not longer?
  199. 21 years old Propecia side effect (Nipple tenderness)
  200. Enteric coating on my Finasteride tablets?
  201. Is a USB microscope effective for tracking progress?
  202. Will prp keep my hair?
  203. malnutrition
  204. Hair line - Please help!
  205. Random theory
  206. Stopping Rogaine after 9 months
  207. Male pattern baldness or mature hairline?
  208. Wtf happened to my hair
  209. Continue Nizoral or stop? Need second opinion
  210. How's my hairline? What Norwood-stage...
  211. accutane hair loss plz help
  212. 3 months on finasteride - questions
  213. excessive body hair and hairloss, any correlation?!
  214. Hello! Can someone check me out (my hair), analyse it please!
  215. Testosterone Results
  216. Should I change from Finasteride to Dutasteride as a 19 yo?
  217. Length of fallen hairs?? Haircuts?
  218. Really trying to figure out where I lie...
  219. My story
  220. I'm confused about estrogen, help....
  221. Accutane and Propecia = ughhhh
  222. Why would anyone want FUE dot scars when Pilofocus is here already???
  223. Does normal gymming and lighting weights cause mpb.
  224. Stopping hairloss meds due to military career.
  225. Need some advice
  226. Is there any evidence that the type 1 5ar enzyme contributes to androgenic hair loss
  227. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  228. Is my hair starting to recede or thin?
  229. 5 months on RU and 2 months on finasteride
  230. Dr Briggs in NC
  231. Contact dermatitis minoxidil?
  232. Am I balding? Or just mature hairline... 18 years old
  233. Can you get your hair back by blocking DHT?
  234. Psa test
  235. Please do your research and think before you get carried away with MPB treatment
  236. Veteran losing ground, needs advice
  237. Fin non responder
  238. Does baldness affect hair on the sides too?
  239. This is getting bad...right? Updated from previous threads.
  240. Am I thinning at the crown? (With Pics)
  241. Does anyone know of any new replicel or setip. News
  242. Spencer doesn't make sense
  243. Am i getting bald? Help cause i m worried or this is just mature hairline
  244. Story time
  245. Noticed a major change in hairline
  246. adding saw palmetto to my regime. let me know.
  247. South Asian. Start of MPB or just normal swrril at the crown?
  248. Cryer looking pretty good shaved.
  249. Propecia Australia
  250. [21] On Finasteride and Thinking about Minoxidil