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  1. Am i balding at 20?
  2. Propecia to Finpecia??
  3. Minoxidil 2nd shed @ 6 months?
  4. Why men are so obsessed about baldness
  5. Anyone knows please
  6. Help me choose my first 'Regime'
  7. Jeremy Piven Ice Bucket Challenge
  8. Hair transplants: A permanent solution to an impermanent problem.--Advice I got today
  9. Am I balding or just paranoid
  10. Is Propcia enough?!
  11. 10.5 months on propecia
  12. Dr. William Yates is doing amazing work!
  13. FUE Directory?
  14. What Norwood am I?
  15. inhousepharmacy-europe?
  16. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  17. Jerry Ward shaves his head, and doesn't care about hair loss. A true badass!
  18. Why isnt there a foundation for awareness/donation towards alopecia?
  19. Guys on here who are Norwood 2 and devastated, just think about me: Norwood 7 :(
  20. Counting hair manually? + advice on loans and other stuff
  21. 1 year 3 months update (minox, fin)
  22. How bad is my thinning?
  23. Temple Points thinning inwards
  24. Has anyone used an Aromatase inhibitor while on Finasteride?
  25. Taking Finasteride when you already have gynecomastia/man boobs.
  26. What are my options?
  27. Anyone know what's causing this shedding?
  28. Am I Balding Or Is This My Hair Line [Pics of Shaved and non-shaved head]
  29. Nizoral, hair shedding, itchy scalp, small white flakes etc.
  30. baldness early warning of prostate cancer
  31. Severe widows peak but not balding???
  32. Pretty low DHT, but losing hair.
  33. BBC Radio 4 Interview/Documentary on Hair loss
  34. Can you still have kids after using propecia/finasteride?
  35. Realized my depression has lot more causes than with just being Norwood 7.
  36. Ideal and worst head shapes for bald people
  37. $9 Walmart Finasteride
  38. Am I starting to bald?
  39. If your hair is super sensitive to DHT, would Finasteride be a waste of money?
  40. Finasteride (Propecia) - Is it possible to make it into a cream?
  41. Using Fin at 20 y/o .. Any affect on further development
  42. What to do if propecia hasn't worked
  43. Sebaerric Dermatitis (Scalp flaking/dandruff) and Finasteride
  44. 47% of balding/bald men would spend their live savings to regain a full head of hair!
  45. Mature Hairline or Balding?
  46. 3,5 months on 0.5mg Propecia, worried...
  47. I thought I would follow my father's hair loss pattern.
  48. 17 and balding, is it time to say goodbye?
  49. Good Trichologists in the NYC/NJ area?
  50. Frontal receding - Fin or Dut?
  51. Gordon Ramsay hair
  52. Male 28 , is this the end ?
  53. I think we're brainwashed to overlook hairsystems
  54. Phil Spector's prison photos
  55. I'd say 90% of my married guy friends do not give a flippin rat's poop about baldness
  56. Will a dermatologist confirm my baldness? [pics]
  57. Overcoming The Stress OF Hairloss in Men
  58. Is it possible to determine the "perfect" density required for and HT?/ Hair clinic
  59. Concerns of balding at 20
  60. High School Hairline vs. Today 6 years later (PICS)
  61. Late response to finasteride treatment?
  62. NW? Minox? Hair Style?
  63. balding 17
  64. A bald guy with facial hair sometimes looks better than a clean shaven guy with hair
  65. Women wet their panties over Kelly Slater and his bald head....
  66. Different types of shedding
  67. Hair Transplant with Dr Bhatti in Oct 14 - Part 1
  68. How are Duggar daughters saving sex for marriage? I respect their Mad Self Control!
  69. First appointment with a dermatologist
  70. @ people who have switched from Fin to RU
  71. Time required for HT
  72. Do ladies like chest or arms muscles more? I got tons of chest hair, do I trim?
  73. weird symptom :/ dunno what to do!
  74. Dutasteride without a prescription?
  75. Legit online store for fin/propecia for Europe(Serbia). Balding and can`t get them :<
  76. Am I Going Bald?
  77. Meet MyWHTC's Dr. Patrick Mwamba -Free London consultations -Nov. 22 & 23,'14 Sat/Sun
  78. Can temple thinning occur without noticing any hair loss?Pictures of my hair
  79. Am I balding?? 21 year old college student here
  80. Where to buy finasteride
  81. Need help with Minox
  82. HT Update and advice needed on current regime
  83. Is this the start of MPB?
  84. I'm a little confused and could do with advice [Pictures provided]
  85. Can't tolerate finasteride, now what?
  86. higher dose of propecia
  87. Products for naturally fine, straight hair
  88. Whats happening to the side of my hair?
  89. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  90. Using rogaine, shedding lots of tiny hairs??
  91. Tonight's Bald Truth taught me a lesson.
  92. Are these hairs salvageable? [PICS]
  93. Increased shedding and miniaturization after mild usage of Cialis?
  94. I'm too ugly for women...Giving up on them all together...
  95. 22 ears old, am i balding (please help)
  96. Anything out of the ordinary? (19 y/o)
  97. Hair Changing Color
  98. 6 days until 2 months Postop, 50% of grafts not fallen. Pics from after transplant
  99. Facebook stickers..
  100. Nobody wants to give me Propecia.
  101. hair removal
  102. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  103. being bald = being a (large) minority.Whine and change!
  104. Can hair improve after quitting minox? (bad reaction to it?)
  105. How do I get a perscription for Fin?
  106. better or worse? i dont get it!
  107. l'Oréal changes the name of Neogenic: Meet Serioxyl
  108. Not head but body going bald
  109. Best thing I've done for a while
  110. Beautiful woman on subway literally laughed at my baldness and uglyness...
  111. Can I use Nizoral and Bosley Shampoo?
  112. Empowering song about fighting hair loss
  113. Nj housewives fight with guy wearing concealer
  114. Make pattern baldness or no?
  115. Dr. Say no avodart or 5mg proscar
  116. Just started on finasteride 1mg but am I too late?
  117. It's official. I'm not strong enough to stay away from women or give up on them. :(
  118. Guy Appears To Have AMAZING Results [videos]
  119. Advice? 27 and balding.
  120. Have teens always suffered with MPB?
  121. Cowlick/whorl or beginning of MPB?
  122. Am I losing hair? or am I just being paranoid. [PICTURES]
  123. Dr. Yates last video with 3000 grafts was amazing!
  124. 35yearsafter is right. FUE leads to gaps between hair follicles (Moth Eaten donor).
  125. CANADA: which webstes ship dutasteride to canada?
  126. Could a Varicocele affect hair loss?
  127. Rapidly Thinning Hair
  128. Self Diagnosis Tools
  129. Hair follicle drug screening.
  130. Steve Harvey gives advice to a young hair loss sufferer
  131. How to get Spencer's opinion
  132. sudden rapid hair loss?
  133. Masturbation affects on Hair
  134. Please Read And Advise - 23 years old
  135. Only 20 years old. Erectile Dysfunction? Propecia?
  136. Can Finasteride stop frontal receding?
  137. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  138. Science/technology snowballs doesnt it?
  139. Joined a dating website. I put no pic, but I get responses asking for a pic...
  140. Am I balding?
  141. Does Finasteride Halt diffuse thinning on sides, temples and sideburns?
  142. Blading? A little advice?
  143. Im 16 and really concerned about my hairline! help!
  144. Question about the famous brain fog.
  145. Why Azelaic Acid should work in theory
  146. Pillow hair loss
  147. Daily itching and shedding!! - 8 months on fin!
  148. Sores on Vertex
  149. Clobetasol hair regrowth
  150. Fast and Furious 7 trailer out. 3 out of 4 main actors are bald/shaved head.
  151. Doctors in Toronto/Mississauga area that will prescribe Dutasteride?
  152. I Need Help Withdrawing From Minoxidil: 13 Years In
  153. balding yeay or nay
  154. Androgenetic Pathway Update and Possible Cure
  155. 2 months on Fin
  156. Boris Kodjoe is the best looking balding man on this planet! Women LOVE him!
  157. What type of hair is best for a hair transplant?
  158. Does Ultrax Labs Hair Maxx DHT Blocking Hair Loss
  159. Proscar and prostate cancer
  160. Is my hairline receding?
  161. Review - Vinci hair clinic spain - Dr Nestor Pissano
  162. Where would you say I am on the norwood scale? (Age 22)
  163. Swelling of Donor area
  164. I put caboki on my frontal third...It literally boosted my confidence by 100%.
  165. Crusts / scabs falling out look like grafts after hair transplant
  166. Is my hair line receding or am I just imagining it
  167. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  168. Need desperate help re hair loss
  169. Hair shampoo frequency and strength? Too much bad? Too less causes dht/sebum buildup?
  170. Hair transplant in Thailand
  171. Should I accept my image as being bald even though it was forced upon me?
  172. diffuse patterned alopecia
  173. Would you rather have: (Good hair line) or (good shaped face/head and low face fat)?
  174. Need your Opinion/Help whether to start with Minoxidil treatment
  175. Switched from Avodart back to Propecia
  176. Fathering Children on Dutasteride and Finasteride
  177. Saw 2 shaved head Norwood 5/6s at furniture store with hot women who are 10s.
  178. redness after hair transplant
  179. His combover could have killed him!
  180. Shaved head, cut my head, worried about scarring in donor area
  181. Does Caboki Cause More Baldness?
  182. Things have gotten much worse.
  183. Seeking thoughts on moving from fin to a full HT...
  184. Am i balding or no :( (with picture)
  185. 20 years old don't know what to do
  186. Baldness: what is baldness?
  187. Looking to dilute RU, suggestions?
  188. Should I rejoin facebook? People won't recognize me
  189. Pictures of my Corners
  190. To take Propecia or Not?...that is the question.
  191. What do you guys think?
  192. receding or mature hairline? advice or comments apprieciated
  193. I feel life is difficult for everyone, not just me.
  194. 19 years old. Is this MPB, DUPA, TE or Fungus?
  195. Extremely itchy hair
  196. Spencer Kobren, please forgive Joe from Staten Island...
  197. Today I start on generic Finasteride 1mg!!!!!!!
  198. RU seized at UK border
  199. Totally new to this losing hair thing
  200. Has anybody had success with very aggressive hair loss?
  201. How likely is it that Minoxidil will not work (or will make things worse) ?
  202. I think i am balding early. Any advice?
  203. Blading Head After HASCI
  204. Premature Grey Hair: Psychological similarities to balding and future treatments
  205. Herbal Supplements
  206. Is this balding, or health related? (accelerated thinning over 3 months)
  207. AHK-CU a good alternative to minox?
  208. Propecia for Regrowth
  209. Rate my hairline /10
  210. Are Patent Laws a Major Hindrance to Better Available Hair Loss Treatments ?
  211. Best hair spray thickener?
  212. Afghanistan Veteran
  213. Dentures, female wigs, makeup all acceptable, but men wearing hair systems laughed at
  214. Propecia 2 Year Update
  215. three questions out of pure masochism
  216. I think women love 6-pack abs more than hair on men.
  217. telogen effluvium after stopping minoxidil but continuing finasteride
  218. Why do we worry? Get over it! - What are your concerns
  219. Beginning Hair loss strategy
  220. Froze up with woman at the mall..The nice body thing doesn't work :(
  221. Worried about by hair (pics)
  222. Andrew Zarian, please give Joe from SI a show on GFQ network!
  223. penile issue, temporary issue at start of Rx?? medical insight apreciated
  224. Can anyone help?
  225. Spencer Kobren looks like he could be David Spade's brother..
  226. Illusion's Hair Loss Log
  227. Starting the Big 3 all at once!
  228. Northern VA / DC area doctor who has prescribed dutasteride before/recently?
  229. Question for those of you who have tried Das Gro
  230. Question for those of you who have tried Das Gro
  231. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  232. Really Need Your help !!!
  233. Propecia accelerating hairloss
  234. I really feel bad for Joe from Si and Spencer Kobren.
  235. Joe from Staten "officially resigns" from The Bald Truth Live Ep. 111 Dec. 16, 2014
  236. Progesterone success and dermaroller
  237. Opinions on my hairloss and NW scale. Thinning seems to be spreading.
  238. Am I being paranoid about my hair crown or is it cause for concern?
  239. 20 Years old, Advice needed about what to do at this stage.
  240. a quick apology and a question
  241. how long?
  242. Plug Removal - possible?
  243. Caboki Shelf-life/losing effectiveness
  244. Minoxidil: Am I too far gone?
  245. am I going bald or just freaking out
  246. hello! I've been using rogaine foam without any signs or history of thinning.
  247. please help am I going bald people say I'm not but I think I am
  248. balding or just mature hairline? ????????
  249. Early Signs of Balding? 24
  250. 32 years old, from Germany, do I have diffuse alopecia or something else?