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  1. best hair loss doctor in toronto?
  2. Hello guys need some help :)
  3. 10 months on finasteride 1.25mg
  4. 3 weeks on fin, concerned..
  5. What type of doctor
  6. 10 Months on Finasteride
  7. Are these hairstyles possible with a FUE?
  8. Contradictory advice from doctors, what should I do?
  9. Buzz cut - need honest opinions.
  10. Finasteride for 2+ years and no results
  11. Is it ok to use minoxidil on 'dirty' hair?
  12. consult with dr. umar
  13. [WARNING] Australia Scammers
  14. Can propecia be taken with an anti-histamine?
  15. propecia bad effects on hairline
  16. New dense patches of long vellus hair on temples
  17. Your washing and fap habits? personal experiment starting
  18. Can a 6-pack abs make up for being Advanced Norwood 7?
  19. Hair texture/strength after excersise
  20. Recent increase in minoxidil flaking
  21. What do these hairs mean? Good or bad sign? [pic]
  22. Lack of Support
  23. New Finpecia supplier.
  24. Does this sound like an effective topical?
  25. Hair loss at 17 Help
  26. Is it possible to create hair loss by using minoxidil when you dont need it?
  27. Is this DPA or DUPA? - 17 years old
  28. 15 and losing my hair? with picture
  29. Source for Fincar
  30. can propecia fix this
  31. Joe Rogan on dealing with balding
  32. RSD Tyler awesomely handles white knight douche
  33. Advices on top Surgeons
  34. To all my early MPBer!! READ ME plz!?
  35. The Bald Truth Live Tonight 8pm EST 5pm PST
  36. Better or wose? Opinions please
  37. Is it too late?
  38. I'm leaving all hairloss forums, farewell. (this will be lengthy)
  39. Spiro cream in the UK
  40. You guys are right..Getting fit is taking my mind off of baldness...
  41. Any proof that MPB is not an auto immune disease?
  42. United Pharmacies - Any good?
  43. Is there any benefit in...
  44. am i starting to go bald?
  45. Regulate your Hormones?
  46. Whos bought from alldaychemist? How to pay?
  47. Am I balding? Pics/ info inside
  48. Minoxidil question
  49. what do you guys think?
  50. My Minoxidil experience and Liquid vs. Foam
  51. To the high norwoods...
  52. Hair Fibers
  53. The big 3 all at once??
  54. Is my hairline receding?
  55. Is this a good plan for the future?
  56. No side effects
  57. A few years down the line
  58. What's more dangerous: birth-control pill or finasteride?
  59. Fin/Dut and Beard Growth
  60. The Bald Truth live today at 8pm ET
  61. Am i a good candidate for ht ?
  62. Wake up Call
  63. My hairline is very similar to this...
  64. 18 years old, Aopecia Areata
  65. Am I going bald ?
  66. I am screwed right?
  67. 5 months of finasteride (Shed)
  68. Rogaine messed up my hair really bad!
  69. A question about my condition and future hairtransplant[Photos]
  70. recesion contines
  71. What to expect at 21 (Treatment)
  72. Hair thinking or paranoid? (pics)
  73. Has propecia lost effectiveness - second shed?
  74. My Norwood 7 friend just married a hottie blonde 10/10...
  75. Will I Look Good Shaved?
  76. Is my hair thinning?
  77. 1 year on fin (temple pics) Gradually reversing of the miniaturisation process
  78. Bad Online Finasteride Pills! Please Help!
  79. Desperate!! Purchase a Few Strips of Fin. Please Help!
  80. Hair Loss Concealer's
  81. [Hair Loss Photos] Suggestions on preventing hair loss
  82. Gynecomastia, propecia question.
  83. Potential Hair Loss?
  84. 3.5 months after quitting minoxidil help !
  85. Should I do hair Transplant at Civas Clinic in Turkey?
  86. Start balding? (foto)
  87. Shedding hair with whispy tips and hicker roots [PIC]
  88. hair transplant + hair cubed
  89. Will male pattern baldness always lead to complete baldness ?
  90. Balding? 20 y/o
  91. low FSH after starting fin
  92. Thinking off dropping propecia for good (Gynecomastia)
  93. Gynecomastia (gyno) AFTER stopping Finasteride
  94. Critique my hair loss regime...should I add OC000459 and CB-03-01?
  95. MSM and Biotin
  96. 2.5 Months Finasteride, still Miniaturizing
  97. Help access my balding
  98. Buzzcut and oily (shiny scalp)?
  99. Some days, coping with hair loss seems ok..other days, it seems super depressing...
  100. Young bald woman talks about how to deal with hair loss.
  101. Do vellus hairs definitely mean balding?
  102. Lifeless hair
  103. Pictures of Crown Transplant -- approx 1600-2000grafts? Please provide if possible
  104. FUE HT question - shaving down?
  105. what should i do now?
  106. Another Hairy Guy!
  107. Where/how can I get legit finasteride in the UK?
  108. Why are we such harsh self critics?
  109. 8 months 1mg finasteride - is this a second shed? (pic inside)
  110. Sb204
  111. 25 - MPB - advice needed
  112. Is this definite thinning?
  113. Theradome Temperature Error
  114. Finasteride and itchy scalp
  115. Regenepure and Nizoral shampoo
  116. This video boosts my confidence, even as a super Norwood 7...
  117. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  118. Where to buy finestiride in europe without prescription?
  119. Where to buy propecia online in the united states?
  120. Temporary drop in fin dosage
  121. minox is the only growth stimulants? need advise
  122. Should I Take Finasteride?
  123. Which Norwood Classification am I?
  124. Using minoxidil- starting to lose hair from places I never used to
  125. Propranol
  126. New forum subject/category?? -- before/after
  127. Would appreciate any advice
  128. week without usual hairloss meds
  129. Baldness and working out,
  130. People that order from Inhouse on here
  131. Should I start with hairloss meds? (pics)
  132. Hair thinning on side of head
  133. Dutasteride vs. Finasteride and some finesteride questions.
  134. Thinning on one side of head
  135. Advice for a possible Norwood 6?
  136. Thinning on top
  137. Regaine - a year on.
  138. 20 Years old - going bald?
  139. Probably MPB, what next?
  140. Will Finasteride Affect my Beard Growth?
  141. Just shave it.
  142. How is it looking?
  143. Best Transplant Surgeon in NYC?
  144. Need opinion please!
  145. What should i do? NW 2 and thinning at just 19
  146. Stars like (ie. The Rock) didn't get hair transplants, so they know something we dont
  147. question regarding propecia
  148. anything to worry about?
  149. Presentation + Question about "norma" thinning while aging and effect of stress
  150. A Short-story of a 18 years old teen (maybe I can relate to you too..?)
  151. The first signs of beginning of balding?
  152. Got some dutasteride....
  153. Would you rather?
  154. is it too late to try and regrow it naturally ?
  155. Is propecia enough??
  156. Second shedding ahhh
  157. Penis size vs. Full head of hair...
  158. Hair loss after I shampoo
  159. HELP! freaking out don't know whether im going bald or cowlick
  160. UK - How to get 5mg finasteride? (or cheap 1mg?)
  161. Rogaine & switching doses
  162. Walked out of a mall, because I just felt so ugly.
  163. Persistent Scalp Itch
  164. Hi guys,new to this forum,i cant take it no more!!!Time for a transplant..need advice
  165. There is no cure for baldness. I have proof
  166. Weird Batch of Kirland Minoxidil?
  167. Balding Hair for a 17 Y.O
  168. Facing my fears, and going back to the mall today even with my Norwood 7 baldness
  169. Mature hairline or MPB?
  170. Booze and hair loss
  171. Barber Said I was starting to thin, Am I?
  172. RU questions
  173. Hair quality yearly or seasonal cycle?
  174. Am i balding or Maturing im only 21 nearly 22 (Pictures)
  175. Bald Guy by Nice Peter
  176. Any luck re-growing miniaturized temple hairs? Please share
  177. Starting nizoral after already using rogaine
  178. European based surgeons
  179. Finasteride aka Propecia/Proscar and Erectile Dysfunction
  180. Diffuse thinning? (19yo)
  181. Finasteride dosing efficacy
  182. Funny Story
  183. Getting a hair transplant because I cannot do this anymore.
  184. Taurine
  185. Rogaine Foam Dizziness
  186. Any experience with beta blockers and hair loss?
  187. Only using micro roller!
  188. NEED advice!!! - Receding hairline
  189. My story - your advice/opinions/feelings!
  190. Spironolactone 100mg
  191. Am i balding or just paranoid? Pics included
  192. Can you tell the difference when hair is miniaturising or whether it's coming back?
  193. Rogaine: Shedding and Long-Term Use
  194. RU situation need help
  195. Propecia vs girlfriend: advice?
  196. Red dot on scalp.
  197. Shedding out of nowhere.
  198. Finasteride Disappointment
  199. Minoxidil Experiment
  200. help--Rogaine and scalp folliculitis
  201. Can someone help me determine what this is? 25 YO
  202. That last show on Artas vs Neograft confused me. Now I don't know what FUE to get :(
  203. Which norwood is that
  204. Are Dermatologists Really Worth It?
  205. Literally got made fun of, and told by couple guys that I need SMP.
  206. Spiro
  207. How can I practice gratitute, when I get depressed whenever I look in mirror.
  208. 15 yr old
  209. Stealth Hair Transplant
  210. Propecia and erectile dysfunction, quit Propecia... back to Propecia ?
  211. Anyone know what womens DHT levels are?
  212. Finasteride and dutasteride
  213. rogaine
  214. Joe from staten Island, I feel your pain buddy...I really feel for you.
  215. Question about Propecia Side effects
  216. Rogaine is working but shedding tiny hairs??
  217. Am i losing hair?
  218. Is any one else growing hair on top of their nose?
  219. Need suggestion about taking Finasteride
  220. One does of regaine foam, will I shed?
  221. 23-years-old and apparently balding.
  222. Head shape, Forehead size, Nose shape all cannot be fixed with hair transplant...
  223. Extremely sudden shed after gym session!!
  224. Hairline progress (pics included)
  225. 20 Year old, am I balding ?
  226. Even though I'm Norwood 7, how do I approach women at mall or grocery store?
  227. Doctor won't prescribe 5mg finesteride (quartered)
  228. Any good hairloss products?
  229. Did I dislodge a Graft???
  230. Growth stimulants
  231. Lipogaine.. any experience with this.. the not so secret mix.. ??
  232. Scalp seems to produce loads of sebum
  233. Help!! :( .. my hair keep falling ! I LOVE MY Curly HAIR :(
  234. Does FIN work on a receding hairline?
  235. Inflamed scalp
  236. Hair loss shame: Dreadful moment when someone from 7 years ago saw me in a store...
  237. Mature hairline or balding!?????
  238. Rogaine abrupt stop
  239. 18 and seriously worried about my crown.
  240. Shaving your head
  241. Has anyone else had people send them extreme negative energy and curses...
  242. How many grafts would this HT require? Is there an option for partial hair piece?
  243. Help with regime
  244. Dealing with MPB as a teenager
  245. Shedding after 2 years on Finasterida
  246. Am I Balding Or Is This My Hair Line [Pics Included]
  247. important if your bald(Directed to FlightTL mostly)
  248. Finasteride for hair loss around ears and at the nape of the neck.
  249. Positive: Tip to getting women, even though I'm super Norwood 7.
  250. What are my options?