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  1. CB vs. RU
  2. How long will this last ?
  3. Could I have DUPA?
  4. Alex Turner
  5. If it's good enough for Jason Statham and Bruce Willis, it's good enough for me!
  6. MSM after HT dosage
  7. Did Johnny Depp have HT work done?
  8. Is Generic Finasteride really as good as Propecia/Proscar?
  9. Eyebrows
  10. Bald Truth new shows - where to find?
  11. Biotin and Magnesium?
  12. How to tell the Doc??
  13. All over shed normal?
  14. Doc prescribed Finasteride - have questions
  15. Using toppik after ht
  16. My battle begins....I think
  17. The Bald Truth live show 10/29/13 reviews
  18. miniaturized hair length
  19. the annoying in-denial sides debate!
  20. Only one way to fight hair loss?
  21. Can MPB start at 15 years old?
  22. Is this normal? Black dots..(pics)
  23. Is my hair normal
  24. Calling out the old timers: what was it like to treat hairloss back in the days?
  25. Why do HT surgeons recommend their patients use Fin and Minox?
  26. Finasteride and testosterone boosters?
  27. Quit Avodart and have some questions on my mind
  28. Mods
  29. Hair cycle
  30. Pure testosterone or DHEA worse?
  31. Over Harvesting with FUE
  32. treatment options
  33. Meet WHTC's Dr. Mwamba in London - Feb. 15th, 2014
  34. could this technique lead to a real cure for AGA?
  35. Quitting fin after 10 months?
  36. how to survive until treatment ????
  37. Wishful thinking or is propecia starting to fight my mpb?
  38. Shedding from other parts of head?
  39. Thickening shampoo after HT
  40. Question For People With Regrowth / Those Who Understand It..
  41. Is my body absorbing the minox?
  42. Top of head stabilized, sides of head bald
  43. Routine
  44. Brothers, I need your advice.
  45. Is FUE a stupid idea, since Pilofocus is out???
  46. has this ever been tried
  47. Somebody Give me Something
  48. Hair Color Change?
  49. Having second thoughts about using Minoxidil.
  50. Going from Avodart to Propecia. Anyone ever do this?
  51. Sports after a HT?
  52. Regaine - am I using too much?
  53. Generic Viagra and Propecia
  54. Yellow bulges on hair
  55. Blood work before starting Propecia?
  56. How many of you are 23 or younger and on fin?
  57. Results 4 months with minox + finasteride
  58. How many people here are using Finpecia (1 mg) from InHouse?
  59. Dont have the strength to move on...
  60. Propecia - shrinking forelock or shedding?
  61. Will propecia ever make hairloss worse?
  62. Robbie Williams HT
  63. Hair Loss pattern looks like AGA but not seeing (much) miniaturization?
  64. A NW7 gets married. Looks like there is hope for some:
  65. Shedding Regrowth?
  66. Robbie Williams says he has done a hair transplant
  67. Question about grafts
  68. Seeking for honest opinions, should I do it?
  69. Balding pattern
  70. Wearing a hat after HT?
  71. Daniel Negreanu
  72. Having Sex vs Having Hair
  73. eating healthy after HT?
  74. Blood tests and fin
  75. 26 years old NW3 : tell me what you think
  76. Strongly considering getting on fin but i have a few questions
  77. I think hair transplant is out of ? for me
  78. Where to get Finasteride UK?
  79. Average male adult hair count, NW1-7
  80. Need some advice guys.
  81. prp therapy-getting educated
  82. Giving up and I'm ok with it
  83. 25 Yr old MPB NW3 thinning crown Q's HELP! PLEASE READ!
  84. Paranoia or something real?
  85. Scalp Peels
  86. What are you living for?
  87. Anyone ever try a partial hair piece for the temples? Take a look at my hairline!
  88. ? about minox foam
  89. Potentially Developing Gynecomastia on Finasteride
  90. Get paid up to $800 for taking part in Fin study
  91. Depressed, fed up and close to the end
  92. ESPN Discussing Labron James' hairline
  93. A little update :fin/minox 6months
  94. What REALLY Causes Hair Loss? Biggest Kept Secret
  95. Dr Damkerng Pathomvanich FUE
  96. Is there any way to predict the outcome of a buzz?
  97. Norwood scale, loss hair count
  98. Dr. Bernstein doesn't care about being bald, because he looks good like Bruce Willis.
  99. Differentiating Between Chronic Telogen Effluvium and Anrogenic Alopecia
  100. Styles
  101. Bad Shed Switching to Every Other Day Finasteride Dosage
  102. I have not been able to let go and accept my Norwood 7 fate.
  103. will minoxidil work on this area of my hair?
  104. Forelock receding due to propecia??
  105. Whiskers
  106. NW 2/3 Diffuse Thinning and Static Electricity
  107. Off and On finasteride for conception of the unborn child
  108. sad news about Bryan Shelton
  109. am i nw 2 or 3 ? and i have a question
  110. Dermarolling and Hair Transpalnt??
  111. 1 year with Rogaine and no results
  112. Percentage of men reach NW5 / NW6 as final stage of MPB
  113. Bars and Clubs for BALD ONLY!
  114. Is Norwood 2 really a mature hairline
  115. How do you apply toppik/nanogen to your own crown without someone elses help?
  116. People who decided to give in to baldness... how do you feel now?
  117. Can someone please tell me what pattern of loss this is? So confused.
  118. High DHT levels- question
  119. 2500 grafts
  120. Eyebrow - 700 grafts
  121. Eyebrows - 600 grafts
  122. About to start finasteride! (18)
  123. Finasateride cost?
  124. Colorado Hair Institute - Procedure Scheduled Mid-February
  125. Does a buzz cut make a thinning hairline look thicker?
  126. ukfinasteride.info - gone?! Where now?
  127. Finasteride & Antidepressants
  128. My hair isn't even worth it!
  129. 22 with receding hairline...
  130. shedding all kinds of hairs
  131. Here is what my hair loss level looks like....
  132. Rate my donor area.(pic)
  133. Chris Pine
  134. Different types of hairloss
  135. Hit the gym hard...felt good.
  136. Low Level Laser Treatment
  137. Dr. Rahal's IAHRS membership?
  138. Can an FUE to restore the frontal third make girls chase me again
  139. Shedding In Phases?
  140. Is there any miniaturization here?
  141. Interesting blog about identical twins with MPB
  142. How Much Do You Think My Hairloss Has Progressed (PHOTOS)
  143. Guys I need help regarding continued thinning post HT
  144. This is BRUTAL. Now what?
  145. Very Aggressive Hair Loss at 18 with no sign of genetics?
  146. Sad truth is I only get noticed by women and treated nice, when I wear a hat...
  147. Question to people that have thinning hair on the back/side of your head
  148. A question about minoxidil
  149. Using concealors after a ht with dr umar
  150. Pilofocus
  151. Omar Borkan Al Gala (a model) - Hair loss
  152. Hair Transplant doctors in TN
  153. New to the forum-Need some opinions
  154. from Avodart to Proscar
  155. Article in the daily mail - Referring to Histogen/Replicel?
  156. went off rogaine for a bit and lost a lot, will it come back if i start again?
  157. 23 and concerned
  158. Why don't insurance compaines cover 5 mg finasteride pills?
  159. receding hairline
  160. Red bumps on scalp??
  161. coloring hair after a transplant
  162. I would pay big
  163. Post-operation, strange shedding? HELP!
  164. Nutrition, Fitness and Weight
  165. 21 with a thinning hairline
  166. Choose a cure
  167. Opinions on my results after 3000 - 3200 grafts
  168. propecia cost?
  169. Workout supplements that will not accelerate MPB?
  170. Nizoral Shampoo
  171. Why do so many people seem to have side effect on Finasteride?
  172. Anything beneficial in 2014?
  173. Thekaneshop order questions
  174. My Propecia Experience - Looking For Advice
  175. Increasing SHBG
  176. I am trying to Work out but I'm ugly/bald and I just cant cope anymore.
  177. Coloring hair
  178. Bradley Cooper on Propecia!
  179. Dealing with the inflammation
  180. Interesting video with Joe Rogan about balding
  181. Starting Minoxidil, advice please.
  182. Rogaine Shedding after 8 months
  183. 9 months on fin. Top hair is lifeless. Hairline the same.
  184. Topical valproic acid increases the hair count in male
  185. Any Fin users who made the switch to Dut?
  186. I have 0% of the skills this guy has...He gets beautiful women like its nothing...
  187. latesse updates PLEASE! ?
  188. Minoxodil, curious about bad skin and how long it works.
  189. How does one determine their final NW pattern?
  190. Question About Shedding (another one!)
  191. At a complete loss, should i start fin now or wait until i'm 18 in 10 months?
  192. WHTC Clinic extends an additional day to Zurich consultations - Press Release
  193. Hair loss forums are a luxury.
  194. Propecia 7 months
  195. Male balding patterns Q's
  196. Balding pattern
  197. Speed of hair loss
  198. Any doctor or member know what is it called when leg is almost bare of any hair?
  199. can volumizers/mousse + blowdrying work for diffuse thinners??
  200. Help with getting Finasteride in Ireland!
  201. The act of taking Finasteride
  202. The Bald Truth Live Tonight 8pm EST / 5pm PST
  203. What would happen if..
  204. Anyone have experience with laser therapy
  205. Minox
  206. Propecia so far.
  207. help with ru58841 vehicle
  208. The Bald Truth Live Tonight 8pm EST / 5pm PST
  209. I got a huge forehead, and it makes it hard, plus I'm ugly :(
  210. Using a hairpiece to get laid
  211. Potential Hair Loss Treatment "Disappointments"
  212. prp therapy
  213. Mesotherapy, does it work?
  214. RU and S5 cream combination?
  215. ? for Jotronic/Spex...Do FUE white dots show if you cut hair to a #1?
  216. propecia online?
  217. Repuatble website to buy generic fin off of?
  218. The Bald Truth Live 8pm ET 3-18-14
  219. Dutasteride in Canada?
  220. Caffeinated Drinks and Hair Loss(Coffee,Green Tea,Soda)
  221. Is there anything outside of "big 3" that will thicken follicles?
  222. How to apply rogaine liquid to temples?
  223. Coping mechanism: This guy makes losing hair at young age look easy.
  224. Rogaine foam vs liquid ?
  225. which NW am i ?
  226. i still experience hairloss even on finasteride
  227. What can the ends of your shed hairs tell you?
  228. How bad is my situation?
  229. Saw a Norwood 6 at the club, making out with two 10s...
  230. I need some closure on whether or not im going to lose my hair, 19/yo
  231. Need some advice
  232. Rogaine over a year!
  233. Telomere Shortening Reversal.
  234. Minimizing shed periods
  235. Hair loss best thing that ever happened to me.
  236. any difference in hairline?
  237. Donor Hair Area - Losing Hair
  238. 18 year old is this bad recession for age?
  239. A particular issue of interest regarding medical therapy with (Finasteride)
  240. Arsene Wenger warning his players about hair loss products
  241. What is considered "early hairloss"
  242. On Fin: Temple regrowth AND diffuse loss at the same time?
  243. Am I losing my hair? 18 Male
  244. I love this workout routine...I'm losing bodyfat and gaining muscle :)
  245. Important questions to ask a physician?
  246. 3 month update.
  247. Uneven hairline
  248. Does erratic shedding (day by day difference), indicate MPB or the opposite.
  249. Your opinion, if you don't mind
  250. Being bald or having no hair?