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  1. IMAGINE the feeling of relief
  2. Do I need to take anything else?
  3. how f$$$ed am i?
  4. Help!!! Massive Shedding (pics included).
  5. Did hair loss ruin Nicolas Cage's career?
  6. Rogaine still shedding - what's going on?
  7. Hairloss on side on head....
  8. Is this hair diffusion?
  9. Book on Hair loss Acceptance: "Hold your Bald head up High"
  10. Hair on hands after gel
  11. Hair loss is so difficult because....
  12. Anyone had this side effect of DHT reduction?
  13. I've had enough....I'm getting ripped, and moving on!!!!!!!
  14. Temples just look so weak.
  15. Excited to start doing something about my hair
  16. Need Recommendation for Fraxel Dr. In Chicago for Strip Scar
  17. Anything to worry about my crown?
  18. im a 19 year old guy with female pattern baldness, does it have the same cause?
  19. What should I get checked via a blood test before taking fin??
  20. Retrograde Alopecia means definite baldness?
  21. thoughts on latest pics
  22. Hair=Youth
  23. Anyone try these to alleviate finasteride sides? (MPB Research)
  24. Dandruff Problem
  25. Best/Most effective way to take Finasteride
  26. Really need your advice and thoughts
  27. Do these Photos basically mean im %$"#?(Crown)
  28. Is Propecia an effective treatment for DPA (Diffuse Pattern Alopecia)
  29. Why do some hairs take frigging ages to bugga off
  30. Need advice: diffuse thinning 23 year old
  31. How would you describe your horseshoe hair?
  32. 8 Months on Rogaine and Worse Off
  33. Slow receders
  34. red bumps on scalp
  35. To the guys in the UK, where did you get your blood work done??
  36. if i go on propecia what are the chances that i will have long lasting side effects
  37. Worth me posting pics?
  38. thinning hair growth rate
  39. Good results from the big 3? (pics)
  40. Can Propecia Work first Time and Don't second?
  41. How important is it too be consistent with the hours between minox applications?
  42. How bad was your shed???
  43. Take both Dutas & Fin???
  44. My Personal Dutas Update
  45. My treatment log (Minox 5%) (16 years old)
  46. Shorter hairs in the drain
  47. Finasteride causes higher dht sensitivity?
  48. what do you guys think of my haircut, and other questions.
  49. Graft Protrusion After 5 Months
  50. Nutritional Deficiences *Vitamin D* & shedding
  51. Over-useage of Hair Dye speeds up MPB???
  52. Fin and acne
  53. Propecia 1 Year Update
  54. Am I going bald?
  55. Propecia doomed hair
  56. Help regarding propecia/side effects and so on
  57. Question about heredity?
  58. so confused
  59. Finasteride, please help.
  60. Is this legit?
  61. Minox: only once a day, only on hairline. Thoughts?
  62. Going to a dermatologist, what should I know?
  63. 1 year update! (Norwood 2, 3...?)
  64. Opinion about Dr Tejinder Bhatti
  65. Proscar v Propecia
  66. Slow hair growth and Male Pattern Baldness
  67. Do topical DHT inbitors cause initial shedding?
  68. Artista and Finasteride
  69. Meanwhile in Fiji
  70. "Alopecia" vs MPB
  71. Getting my hair cut
  72. 23 Y,O Starting Fin, What norwood am i and how do you rate my chances of success?PICS
  73. Minox and Shedding
  74. If you are bald in a spot, can dormant follicles awaken?
  75. Just a thought with respect to regrowth..
  76. Is this a mature hairline at 16? (pictures)
  77. 20 YO been on propecia for 4 months
  78. Regrow your hair using the Law of Attraction!
  79. shedding hair fast
  80. Pre-fin DHT levels
  81. HELP getting blood test what is good DHT level?
  82. PFS (Post Fin Syndrome)
  83. 20/21 starting fin/minox/niz
  84. Do i shampoo daily?Naturally oily hair and skin, and could i apply Rogaine only once?
  85. Finasteride for young men with high DHT
  86. I got the lucky gene
  87. Truth is I cant move on...The reality shows in the mirror
  88. really not sure if i'm balding or not
  89. Possible DUPA?
  90. I give up, Im getting a hairsystem
  91. 18 and a Norwood 2, what could this mean? Please help!!!!
  92. The extent of Prince William's balding
  93. hybrid hair transplants
  94. The most depressing video I have seen.
  95. Going back on Proscar... please weigh in
  96. Can you inherit mpb from the female version?
  97. suggestions for 25 yr old with receeding hair line pic included
  98. Does your MPB show the same signs and extent as an older relative?
  99. Fin and MPB vs Prostate
  100. Some Observations
  101. Does hairloss affect men with attractive faces more than average looking guys?
  102. Does anyone get this minoxidil side?
  103. When a cure comes out, will every man get a treatment?
  104. Can Wayne Rooney 'Regaine' the fans faith this season?
  105. Receding temple but no shedding?
  106. DHT Blood Test Results Are In Using Dutas....
  107. Anyone here diagnosed with diffused unpatterned alopecia?
  108. can you acieve faster HT results?
  109. Shedding and FUNGAL infections?!
  110. Just say NO to transplant scars, and wait for Dr. Wesley's scarless treatment!
  111. Hair going through "waves"?
  112. Can you please recommend me a good and cheap hair system?
  113. Currently on dut and fin and quit minox. Do I have a bald spot?
  114. Hair cut - shorter than usual
  115. PropeciaHelp
  116. If you don't mind, opinion please...
  117. I know thinning more on one side is normal but this is ridicules.
  118. Experimenting with finasteride dosing and subsequent results
  119. 17 years old, is this the start of MPD?
  120. If baldness only affected Women, do you think we would have a cure by now?
  121. Generic Finasteride advice
  122. Is there really anything available for the temples?
  123. Where's the best place to buy finasteride online?
  124. Losing more hairs when shampoo is in?
  125. Guy asks for hair transplant on panel show!
  126. Watch this clip of the ending to Last American Virgin - my life summarized
  127. Elections here in Germany - Can't vote because all party candidates have MPB
  128. For those of you who believe that losing your hair will keep you from finding a mate.
  129. Thoughts On The Show (8/27)
  130. Stopping Rogaine Cold Turkey??
  131. S5 cream. How often should I apply?
  132. Horse-shoe length?
  133. When did you realize you were balding?
  134. I am not sure if my finpecia side effects are psychological or real or both.
  135. Losing hair on the side of head
  136. Does seborrheic dermatitis affect outcome of transplants?
  137. 25 years old, started to recede at the age of 22.... thinking of starting on the meds
  138. Few Questions about MPB
  139. All sides are created equal?
  140. Fin Users
  141. What can 1000 grafts do for a Norwood 6??
  142. Finasteride effect on bodybuilding?
  143. Are You a Surgical Candidate? Why or Why Not?
  144. Shampooing after a hair transplant
  145. The Bald Truth Live Tonight 5pm PST / 8pm EST
  146. Will Bodybuilding Effect My DHT Levels???
  147. Doctor said no Propecia for me. This sucks
  148. Diffuse Balding and Propecia
  149. What age should you take Propecia?
  150. There are so many Norwoods in the USA; then why do we feel so bad about hair loss???
  151. When you start to see regrowth what should be expected???
  152. FUE is NOT scarless(SOME DOCS SAY IT IS)....Wait for Dr. Wesley's procedure
  153. Where can I buy Finasteride online?
  154. 4 Months of Finasteride - Not happy
  155. Hairline. Is it balding?
  156. I just wish someone...
  157. Getting back on fin due to scalp itch
  158. Micropigmentation & buzz cut
  159. Finasteride 5 mg Question
  160. I am heading towards getting SMP!!!
  161. Do I have hair loss? Advice Needed
  162. Using anti dandruff shampoo after transplant?
  163. (urgent) is this anything to worry about?
  164. what norwood am I/how bad is my hairloss (pics)
  165. Thinking of getting off minoxidil (at least at hairline)
  166. Hey I'm Vic and there's no way I'm going bald! Pics + MPB questions
  167. Can increasing duta dosages trigger another shed?
  168. I'm guessing this is what a receding hairline looks like?
  169. Forelock miniaturizing...
  170. Why do so many men waste money on Western Hair Transplants
  171. Clinic in my country that claims this:
  172. Sooo....what are my options? (pics)
  173. Need to speak to old patients of Dr Bhatti from 1yr ago
  174. Recommendations for a great doctor in Houston?
  175. Information needed on DHT blood test levels
  176. How long did you shed when you first started on propecia?
  177. So 6 months ago here is my picture.... and now...
  178. Scalp DHT reduced by Aloe Vera Gel
  179. Quitting minoxidil after one year.
  180. Do temples naturally have less hair
  181. Could a nutritional deficiency cause a hair loss similar to MPB?
  182. Applying vitamin E oil to seborrheic dermatitus?
  183. Small tits is nothing compared to hair loss !!!
  184. itchy and tingly scalp
  185. Switch to DUT or give RU a try? Please help
  186. Rogaine in pill form?
  187. Let's discuss THE DAY
  188. Shedding after stopping minoxidil
  189. Difference between growth factors and minoxidil
  190. I can't seem to get the shedding under control?
  191. Detectability of Finasteride/Minoxidil in Blood and Urine
  192. 17 years old, receding hairline?
  193. Is there any proof the 100 hairs lost a day stat is true?
  194. Season hair shedding
  195. 18 y/o Hairloss
  196. Using topical steriod before hair transplant.
  197. My 6-month experience with Finasteride: My battle through side effects.
  198. Taking the plunge, started taking fin from today
  199. How far gone are these miniaturised hairs? Chance of regrowth?
  200. Advice on fin?
  201. So, they can grow a nose on your head but not hair
  202. Jeremy Piven at 28
  203. Does any one still pay for their finasteride?
  204. Follica
  205. hairmax laser comb professional 12?
  206. Did Jason Statham get a hair transplant?
  207. Musings on genetics
  208. Losing my mind of my hairloss
  209. Hair loss area name?
  210. Still not sure if I am losing hair?
  211. Noticed weird top of hair pattern.
  212. Future hair loss cure/treatments?
  213. Great hair loss video
  214. Using proscar (1mg) during and after HT hair transplant
  215. Castration before puberty would not only prevent MPB but also make you grow taller!
  216. look like future kids won't have to go bald
  217. Hairline
  218. What percentage of hair loss sufferers get hair transplants?
  219. Got basically all my hair back - how long can I expect to maintain?
  220. At what point did you shave your head?
  221. Anyone ever use Saw Palmetto and how did it work out for you?
  222. shampooing after hair transplant
  223. I shaved my head off, but people are always mean~
  224. who has an itchy scalp?
  225. Beta Sitosterol as a natural remedy
  226. 24 with thinning hair. Need opinions (pics)
  227. Hair loss with pictures
  228. DHT reduction by fin
  229. Could I expect the same side effects trying fin a second time?
  230. You think a cure will come out of left field?
  231. Should I just save it off? (pcs)
  232. Can I still go bald even on Finasteride?
  233. Continuous shed on fin lasting over a year
  234. IM sending a message
  235. 21 going on 22 don't know what to do.
  236. Arm pain from Minoxidil?
  237. I am Bald.
  238. If you had serious SHEDDING/breakage, what would you do differently now?
  239. Eyebrow transplant
  240. Temple points are crucial
  241. Rich and Famous hair transplants
  242. Keto usage and day to day observances..
  243. Hair Loss News - Scientists Grow Hair
  244. Advice needed
  245. David Tennant
  246. My hair looks so much better when I don't use shampoo/conditioner.
  247. minox-minox sides-minox sulfate.
  248. I just had SMP
  249. New to Rogaine
  250. Saw a Norwood 5 shaved head at the mall with a perfect 10.