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  1. Back, 100% recovered.
  2. Rhinoplasty or Hair transplant????
  3. Am i going bald
  4. Working out + finastride questions.
  5. What shower filter is everyone using
  6. Any hope for my hairline?
  7. Possible minox shedding already?
  8. Patchy Beard on Rogaine
  9. Irrefutable Evidence Fin Can Exacerbate Hair Loss
  10. Should I see a doctor -- 27/M
  11. My story
  12. Hair loss expert says Prince Harry following in William's footsteps and going bald
  13. Channing Tatum--Yikes!
  14. Why Don't More People Get Hair Transplants?
  15. KeraFiber?
  16. Dr. Bernstein is the Bruce Willis of the Hair Transplant Industry
  17. Connection between scalp itch and MPB?
  18. What should I do?
  19. A Hair Loss Song For All You Bald Guys
  20. Hair loss with flaky scalp! Please help.
  21. Biotin
  22. Huge mistake
  23. Ten months in with finasteride
  24. Forget about cutting it to a #2 or less, after FUE
  25. Receding Hairline Advice?
  26. So what happened to the forum suggestions?
  27. Hair is always better than bald, really?
  28. British celebrities balding
  29. 1st time post questions
  30. I'm looking for opinions on my hairline.
  31. Officially starting a "Hair Loss Sufferers Anonymous Meeting"
  32. TE or MPB?
  33. Backstreet Boy's Hair Transplant
  34. Post Hair Transplant - Now 25 - Serious Propecia Side Effects - Looking for advice
  35. Noob questions on the big 3.
  36. I reversed my hair loss without Finasteride
  37. Wtf. 26 and getting acne?
  38. Minor Dandruff use Tgel or
  39. Do you think finasteride is working for me?
  40. Zero libido the last couple of months
  41. pictures of my receding hairline :
  42. What age do most men stop caring about hair loss???
  43. New and confused :/
  44. My current treatment plan as a teenager
  45. What labtests should I have before propecia?
  46. FUE vs SMP for scar reduction
  47. The Best Multivitamins
  48. Nizoral questions
  49. minoxidil (spelling that wrong I think) highly toxic to cats
  50. Am I balding?
  51. Some questiones and need some advice
  52. Hair is thinning around ear - Help.
  53. MPB or maturing hairline? (pics) please post your opinion.
  54. Scar Revision - advice needed!!!
  55. Effect of Finasteride on facial hair
  56. Minoxidil Loss
  57. Thinks everybody should cheer up a little!!
  58. Can Rogaine cause temple regrowth?
  59. Recommendations
  60. Conditioners
  61. Friend naturally grew back all his hair after doing this....
  62. Nizoral selling for over $100 on Amazon, what to buy?
  63. Would a finasteride pill dissolve in minoxidil without crushing it first?
  64. Would 1,000-1,500 FUE grafts help? Pics included.
  65. Would 1,000-1,500 FUE grafts help? Pics included.
  66. 50 Insane Facts about Hair
  67. Is Suffering from Hair Loss purely a psychological/mental suffering???
  68. can hair transplants be reversed?
  69. What is the best a Norwood 6 fully bald guy can do with 2000 grafts?
  70. Baldness as bad as blindness or leprosy
  71. Is it common to bald from the middle of the hairline?
  72. Propecia at 18!!
  73. Balding and Hair loss does NOT make you look older because....
  74. My hair loss
  75. Am I likely to get fin side effects?
  76. A bit of a funny question: am I the only bloke here over 30?
  77. Pioneering Hair Growth - scam?
  78. If you have an Oval Face/Long Face, baldness does not matter
  79. Any way to regrow hairs around the hairline?
  80. Finasteride and mental side effects. AKA Brain Fog.
  81. Has anyone used sandoz generic 5mg finasteide? Finasta
  82. Hairs growing my nose... :(
  83. Propecia dosage
  84. Is finasteride evenly distributed within finpecia cipla 1mg ?
  85. Wayne Rooney stopping Finasteride?
  86. Dutasteride
  87. Using Hairloss shampoo and regaine liquid
  88. finasteride
  89. When do you decide that you are going bald?
  90. Doctor, Specialist, or self treatment?
  91. I'm ready for a hair transplant, who should i pick?
  92. Everyday Shampoo
  93. Anyone tried this method?
  94. Hair Specialist in Vancouver, Canada
  95. Advice for a newbie?
  96. If on Finasteride, how does ur estrogen compare to a woman's? Worried. Third nipple!
  97. Brain fog.. Taking 1mg Propecia a day atm
  98. What else can i try?
  99. Online stores
  100. cleaning out Minoxidil w/ tea tree oil
  101. Has anyone ever had REALLY good regrowth with finasteride?
  102. Castor oil
  103. Is my crown thinning?
  104. Great Informative video...I learned a lot
  105. Cowlick or Thinning on the Crown
  106. Okay guys I need your advice
  107. Is my hair loss normal
  108. Dutasteride at 17. Should I do it?
  109. Propecia, sex addict
  110. Someone answer this! Does switching to proscar cause major shed??
  111. Full head of hair vs. Big Breasts
  112. Has anyone lost hair from cutting back on propecia but still taking a lower dose?
  113. HIV cure within months
  114. Im confused about my loss status
  115. Hairline recession? or Just genetical hairline? with pictures
  116. Will hair lost from things other than MPB grow back?
  117. 20 year old considering small HT
  118. Thinking of making my own Spironolactone solution.
  119. what will be the year?
  120. Anybody using Nizoral only
  121. Golden Rule of Transplants: Wait until age of 30 to decide???
  122. Towel dry or blow dry
  123. 21 yrs old, Hair thinning out drastically
  124. Saw a woman with NW4A today
  125. Very tight scrotum - anyone?
  126. Restarting Minoxidil Liquid After 3 1/2 Months
  127. Finasteride and infertility....and some other stuff
  128. Lessons from Ol' Country?
  129. Finasteride 2 months - hairline worsening
  130. Getting only one transplant to cover whole scalp?
  131. baby hairlines
  132. Propecia black hair
  133. MTF goes from completely balding to female hair -- wig or not?
  134. Hair Loss and 6 pack abs....
  135. Top Ten Myths About Hair Loss
  136. Based on pull tests, has my hair loss stopped?
  137. New Captain Kirk using Rogaine
  138. Just how long does transplanted hair last?
  139. Get Me Up To Speed ...
  140. Has any finasteride user taken time off the drug?
  141. Just an idea (maybe stupid)
  142. the classic question
  143. Shampoo's & Herbal Solutions?
  144. Itchy temples
  145. Dr. Sara Wasserbauer is super Hot!
  146. My progress propecia/rogaine, FUT option.
  147. Shed after 7 month minox, 6 month propecia
  148. NSAIDS - Prostaglandins
  149. Please help me, should I take Finasteride?
  150. T gel or tea tree shampoo for itching?
  151. Mind Fog on Fin?
  152. My hairline hasn't gone anywhere for the past 8 months
  153. Pharmacy Advice
  154. sound legit?
  155. Jamie Carragher
  156. 2 Questions, my dear fellas.
  157. Does the mirror make it look worse or the camera make it look better?
  158. To start treatment or not? Confused
  159. Does short hair look thinner?
  160. Why use propecia or finasteride before surgery?
  161. Spencer says Surgery is the LAST resort...
  162. Desmond, where are you bro?
  163. Does this look like MPB?
  164. Is 5mg propecia too much?
  165. 2+ years of fin. Crown is fine. Frontal hair is worse
  166. Fin + Anti-Estrogen / Prevent Gyno
  167. If fake teeth are soo acceptable, why isn't fake hair??
  168. Please help. New treatments?
  169. My Finasteride Story so far...
  170. Propecia, Oily Scalp...
  171. What is the difference between NWA and regular NW scale?
  172. Has anyone had success with Fin?
  173. Please help! Will Minox replace my remaining hairs with whispy ones? Scared to start
  174. I finally have some negative side effects to report
  175. Would you guys be interested in seeing topical duta results?
  176. Scalp chaffing
  177. Spencer vs Spex
  178. Ready Mixed Spiro Topical Cream?
  179. Advice for a black male
  180. From Fin to Dut
  181. Difference between fin and dut
  182. Propecia and older men, effective?
  183. Starting Dutasteride next month.
  184. When should I start finasteride?
  185. A few questions about finasteride
  186. had enough, going to shave my head
  187. On propecia - need advice
  188. Supplements to alleviate fin sides
  189. Fin at 16?
  190. Is this receeding or diffuse?
  191. Need some advice, what do you guys think?
  192. So it begins... I filled my Finasteride rx in the US...and was given a generic
  193. 2.5 months update. Delighted
  194. What age does the emotional pain lessen?
  195. Thoughts on Head & Shoulders and/or Zinc pyrithione shampoo
  196. piroctone olamine shampoos
  197. Lifting weights accelerates MPB?
  198. Miniaturizing Temples, 17
  199. Fin users - How did you get past your fear?
  200. Not sure what to do
  201. A few questions
  202. Taking Propecia? Leave a comment!
  203. So, i'm screwed. But what norwood
  204. New to hairloss! Help!
  205. new to this and looking for help..!
  206. What should my game plan be? ALBUM INSIDE!
  207. Which is more emotionally scarring: Being short(5'4 and below) or really bald???
  208. Low energy?
  209. Need some advice friends.
  210. Small update. How bad is it fellas?
  211. Widow's peak and receding hairline... Should I start propecia?
  212. Hair loss documentary: participants needed.
  213. Hairline is worse after Big 3
  214. Doctors in Alabama
  215. medical conditions linked to hair loss
  216. So I have lost all my gains due to a second shed will it come back?
  217. Is suffering from baldness/being bald all in our head???
  218. Urgent Help!!!
  219. minoxidil 2%
  220. Does anyone use rogaine and also drink alcohol?
  221. The great Nizoral money grab (should I try generic 2%)
  222. Would prescription strength US made 2% generic Niz be as good as prescription Niz 2%
  223. Patiently Waiting
  224. !8 years old with agressive mpb, few questions that need answering
  225. Do you think tapering onto a drug is beneifical/important?
  226. Lump near scrotum after taking propecia once
  227. testing if fin is affecting your goods
  228. Query on minoxidil shed!
  229. Scientists create human embryos to make stem cells; good news for hair loss?
  230. Propecia/ Rogaine questions
  231. dilemma dilemma dilemma
  232. Best way to use nizoral?
  233. Shedding duration & shed hair telogen phase
  234. My theory on 2nd shed while on treatments.
  235. Lebron James hair transplant
  236. Hairline recovery
  237. You guys see this...Wes Welker got a HT.
  238. Topical Finasteride/RU
  239. Revolution In Hair Transplants?
  240. Regrowth or minuturization?
  241. Where are the ****ing treatments?
  242. Kirkland Minoxidil foam or solution
  243. Need to order more drugs soon. Thinking of adjusting regimen. Thoughts?
  244. Cortizone drops
  245. Spex discusses speaking openly about Hair Loss and Hair Transplants
  246. Where to get my DHT tested?
  247. Can minoxidil flakes covering scalp stop absorption?
  248. What's stopping Prince William from getting a hair transplant?
  249. 20 and just starting to recede
  250. minoxidil Irritation Question