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  1. FUE or FUT ?
  2. Questions To Ask Your Hair Transplant Surgeon
  3. Will Hair Transplant Doctors be Posting?
  4. Hair Transplants - Megasession or Conservative Approach?
  5. Transplanting The Crown
  6. Am a candidate for hair transplant?
  7. Obviously Hair Transplants Work. Why don't more people have them?
  8. Meds and surgery = bonny and clyde??
  9. HT Info Pack
  10. How Do You Know If You Make A Good Candidate.
  11. Crown growth and graft location.
  12. Hair Transplant Scar Stretchback?
  13. shaving the head after a transplant?
  14. HT for africian americans?
  15. Is it really necessary to have more than one surgery?
  16. How much do I have to spend for a good hair transplant?
  17. Smoking and Hair Transplants
  18. Doctor recommendations?
  19. Do I have to shave my head for a hair transplant?
  20. Need Help In Ohio
  21. New guy has questions.
  22. Can you recommend a doctor in LA?
  23. IAHRS doctor in Washington, DC?
  24. How Long Until I Can Get Back Into The Gym after a Hair Transplant
  25. What does scalp look like after HT?
  26. Can I have a Hair Transplant And still Wear My Hair Piece?
  27. How short can you wear your hair in back?
  28. I saw a tragic hair transplant today!
  29. Help Needed.
  30. Donor area questions re-post
  31. Hair Transplant without Propecia?
  32. Best for repair work
  33. Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant
  34. Cases of HT Clinic fraud!
  35. Hair Transplant Cost?
  36. What are the odds of having shock loss from a hair transplant?
  37. Overcoming shame of a hair transplant scar
  38. What to do after it's been done...
  39. Concern about recent HT
  40. What One Patient Did After It Was Done
  41. Hair Transplant Strip Scar, What's The Big Deal?
  42. hair transplant repair
  43. Recommanded hair transplant Dr. In Montreal
  44. Very Dissapointed in post op instructions given.
  45. ht on jan 16 2009
  46. Question about Trychophytic closure
  47. Economic Recession Yet More Bosley Hair Transplant Ads
  48. Beating Hair Loss: One Man's Hair Transplant Journey | Part One and Two
  49. A little depressed about my hair transplant prospects
  50. Post Op head soreness
  51. Hair Transplant Webinar Live from New York with IAHRS Surgeon Dr. Robert Bernstein
  52. How do you comb your transplanted hair?
  53. Dr. Rahal vs. Other Surgeons
  54. Shock loss
  55. Question for Spencer
  56. 2000 grafts Dr Feriduni, Belgium
  57. HT Post op Blues
  58. 8-16 months - Very important time
  59. Dr. Feller- Now you see it, now you don't ???
  60. My experience with Dr. Jeff Epstein
  61. Good FUE and Bad FUE- Dr. Feller of Great Neck, NY
  62. HT Payment Plan?
  63. Sun Exposure after Hair Transplant
  64. HT surgeon in Australia please?
  65. Don't forget to claim your hair transplant on your taxes! (Canada)
  66. SF Bay Area
  67. Final result timeline in women versus men
  68. Hi... 1st time posting here.. Hope this helps a few guys on the Rollercoaster ride..
  69. New here and need advice about hair transplant consutation
  70. Los Angeles Times Hair Transplant Article
  71. Who really knows about your HT?
  72. Had My First Appointment With Dr. Charles
  73. NeoGraft Hair Transplant: Will this New Device Make FUE More Affordable And Safe?
  74. Do I have to take propecia for life after a hair transplant?
  75. Minoxidil post-op
  76. Looking for recommendations for HT doc in SoCal
  77. Do It Yourself Hair Transplant
  78. Hair Loss in The Funny Papers!
  79. Dr. Wong in Amsterdam July 22nd through July 25th
  80. Surgery scheduled with Dr. Rahalů
  81. Propecia for life?
  82. Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth Archive 3/15/09-NeoGraft
  83. Info on Dr. Gil Segev in VA
  84. Hair Transplant loss at 3 months?
  85. Am I a good HT candidate?
  86. New York Hair Transplant Surgeon Helps Skin Cancer Patient | Robert Bernstein M.D.
  87. A New Instrument for FUE
  88. What Can Prevent Hair Transplant Shock Loss?
  89. New Guy -- posting from Iraq -- couple of questions.
  90. Temple work
  91. Can body exercise like pull ups, squats, and push up be safe to perform post-op?
  92. Ryan Seacrest Hair Transplant ?
  93. New Biltmore Surgical Blog: By Dr. Scott Alexander
  94. Is it normal to shed a few grafts around the...
  95. Donor scar numbness hair stress?
  96. Ben Affleck hair transplant?
  97. My review of Dr Wong from Hasson and Wong.
  98. Hairline repair
  99. New York Hair Transplant | Dr. Robert True Discusses Why Results Can Vary
  100. Best FUE Hairline Restoration Dr?
  101. Platelet rich plasma and BHT question
  102. DHT blockers after surgery???
  103. IAHRS Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Jerry Cooley In The News | See Video
  104. Recovery Time
  105. Houston Hair Transplant Surgeon/IAHRS Member DR. Arocha In The News
  106. Question regarding redish recipient after using rubbing alcohol 30 days post op
  107. Bobman's Growin it Long!
  108. Michael Jackson Has Hair Transplants
  109. Phenol peeling a scar
  110. Question about pain after hairtransplant. Is the pain permanent?
  111. My new website is up!
  112. MTV's True Life: I'm Losing My Hair Video
  113. Can your hair fall out after a hair transplant?
  114. transplant in Ireland, UK or Europe
  115. Ray Woods
  116. Before and After Hair Transplant Guy Does Cameo for Apple
  117. Strip and FUE at the same surgery
  118. Animation describing Dr. Feller's unique FUE method
  119. FUE or FUT???????????
  120. Hair Transplants - Transection vs. Yield
  121. Question About Hairline Design - Symmetrical About A Sagittal Plane?
  122. Revivogen
  123. I'm almost 2 month post-op and I'm seeing alot of vellus hair growing in...
  124. Seasonal Shedding of Hair transplants
  125. New growth 4 months post op
  126. NeoGraft Automated FUE Hair Transplant System
  127. Cobblestoning pictures
  128. Dr. Robert Jones: First in North America to Offer Trichophitic Closure Technique
  129. hair pieces
  130. How long to wait after HT before Holiday
  131. 2 days post op...I'm concerned
  132. Scalp Laxity
  133. Cobblestoning...am I at risk?
  134. More grafts with FUE
  135. consdering a ht
  136. attention dr. feller , your prp treatments
  137. Sex after hair transplant
  138. Botched Hair Transplant Makes The Irish Times
  139. Best FUE Doctor
  140. NEED expert opinion please
  141. Diane Mapes Reports on Eyebrow, Body and Facial Hair Transplants for msnbc.com
  142. Hair transplant Denied: Man with HIV Sues Over Follicular Discrimination
  143. 6 months on finasteride and laser comb; getting worse?
  144. Day two, and a few questions
  145. Considering a 2nd Procedure w/ Bosley
  146. Birth control has made my hair fall out
  147. Best Hair Surgeon in NC
  148. need answers
  149. Tubs - Dr Feller patient - 3500 grafts
  150. I am in London 6th August.
  151. Excercise after procedure
  152. Should your HT doctor ever contact your PCP?
  153. is there any photos of a 22 year old with a hair transplant
  154. My thoughts on taking Propecia for life
  155. Hair color after a transplant
  156. Laser resurfacing to remove graft 'cobblestones'
  157. Researching HT surgeons
  158. Any one here from Toronto?
  159. Nalts Hair Transplant | YouTube Legend Kevin "Nalts" Nalty Chooses IAHRS Member
  160. trimming hair after FUE ?
  161. Anybody tried this stuff
  162. a question about donor scar
  163. PRP...Where are trhe photos of evidence?
  164. Hair Transplant Yield
  165. "The Feller Twins" - comparison videos between tricho and non-tricho donor
  166. worlds most renowned FUE surgeon?
  167. Hair Transplant Instruments Makes Hair Restoration Faster and Easier |SAFE SCRIBE
  168. Post-Op Maintenance: Is all this necessary?
  169. Are transplanted hairs lost over a period of years?
  170. Three Days Later...
  171. Lost more hair after hair transplant
  172. HT without drugs
  173. Post Surgery Issue
  174. Can a Hair Transplant Help me gain my hair back?
  175. Does scalp reduction, strip, or donor stretching reduce donor density?
  176. Very Happy Patient of Dr. Paul Straub
  177. The next day
  178. Help with Suture Removal
  179. Any updates on Dr. Fellers new fue tool?
  180. 2 weeks post op
  181. Dare I hope?...
  182. Dr. Ivan Cohen
  183. Irish30 - Dr Feller patient
  184. New question about donor area/suture removal
  185. Hair Loss in Women, A Silent Epidemic | Dr. Bradley Limmer, San Antonio, TX.
  186. Sprouts in graft area: they'll fall out?
  187. Frightening case of permanent shock loss?
  188. buzzing scalp despite visible scarring
  189. scar repair
  190. To Dr. Feller
  191. How to know when a graft pops out
  192. Dr Feller Offered Me A Free Fue Surgery! Extreme generosity from Dr Feller...life ch
  193. Donor scar question
  194. Infomercials on Hair Transplants
  195. Can you have lateral slit after having choi?
  196. Eyelash Transplant-Live Surgery | Dr. Sara Wasserbauer, Walnut Creek, CA.
  197. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment?
  198. Hair Transplant in China
  199. My Hair Restoration Story -
  200. 35 & it's time.
  201. Sprouting new hairs 21 days post-op. Possible?
  202. Do FUE grafts grow in scar tissue? You bet! Mega-Close up photos
  203. 4 questions
  204. Expectations immediately after a hair transplant procedure - maintenance
  205. the hospital group england.
  206. my story, 1200 FUG with photos !!!!
  207. Dr. Alan Bauman, Greg Benson, and Kevin"Nalts" Nalty-Tonight on The Bald Truth
  208. Everything You Wanted To Know About Getting A Hair Transplant | Kevin "Nalts" Nalty
  209. Greg Benson's GOING BALD And He's Not Afraid To Talk About It
  210. Which HT Doctor is best for Donor Recharging?
  211. Celebrity Hair Transplant LIVE Webcast, Interactive Chat and Phone Q & A- 11/04/09
  212. ??Question??
  213. A friendly yet EXTREMELY important reminder
  214. Live Hair Transplant Event | Video From Call in Segment | Dr. Alan Bauman
  215. FUE in California?
  216. How to assess quality of a surgeon
  217. Question about Grafted Hair Falling Out
  218. 2 months post-op, bleeding in graft area
  219. HT and braces
  220. Any good doctors for FUE in kansas/missouri/nebraska area?
  221. Hair Transplant doctors in Philidelphia.
  222. Flying after surgery??
  223. Seeking Information On Clinic.
  224. Transection rates higher with FUE vs. FUT?
  225. Re: Dr. Farjo's proposed age limit fot HT's...
  226. My experience with pics
  227. Jon Gosselin's hair transplant is a mess!
  228. Dr Frechet's Scalp Extension Procedure
  229. cosmetic medical group uk
  230. How to check out an fue surgeon
  231. Any experience of removing transplanted hair with laser?
  232. HT and scaring?
  233. Hasson And Wong UK Consultant
  234. Well...I decided. Now I am anxious and excited but nervous
  235. 1995 FUE with Dr Ron Shapiro. My experience & pictures
  236. The change is gradual
  237. anyone get a free touch up (fue)after kinda bad ht results?
  238. 3 months post-op
  239. Are there ANY decent clinics in the UK?
  240. Thinking about hair transplant
  241. Minoxidil after hair transplant
  242. Hair transplant Scar Grafting
  243. Docs in Boston
  244. Jeremy Piven's Hair Transplant Scar Revealed |Star Wants To Keep it Under Wraps
  245. Survey: Finasteride Users on this forum (one big Finasteride Thread)
  246. ATTN IAHRS Surgeons!
  247. does any one know Dr. Ochs?
  248. dallas surgeon?
  249. 5th month - no progress
  250. Looking for a Doc's opinion