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  1. Hair transplant in London
  2. Dr. A will be in Mumbai from 28th Nov to 6th Dec 2014 - Dr. A's Clinic
  3. Two Strip Scar Repair Patients Pre-Op
  4. Hair Transplant with Dr Bhatti in Oct 14 - Part 2 - The Procedure
  5. Top FUE and FUT doctors in North America ???
  6. After fue, letting my hair grow long ?
  7. Dr. Cole Hair Transplant from 1996 and 2007
  8. Dr. Arvind Poswal will be featured on Zee Business TV- 7 Dec -Dr. A's Clinic
  9. Dr. Wesley Invited as Speaker at 2015 American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Conferenc
  10. Dr. Lindsey Utah consultations Dec 29 and 30
  11. How many grafts do you think I need? (PIC)
  12. Male, Turning 30 in 2 days.... hair loss?
  13. Free HT Seminar - 13th December 2014 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi & Mumbai)
  14. Dr. Arvind Poswal will be featured on Zee Business TV- 13th Dec -Dr. A's Clinic
  15. My journey
  16. Best hair transplant dr's and price per graft
  17. Neo Hair Graft
  18. Unbiased reviews for FUE transplants (or alternatives) - NYC
  19. 4 Months Post-Op - AmnioFix Reduces Hypopigmentation
  20. Recommend a UK surgeon/practice
  21. Should I cancel my second FUE treatment?
  22. Best transplant surgeon available...Umar or Bernstein?
  23. Dr. Arvind Poswal was featured on Zee Business TV. Program - Dr. A's Clinic
  24. Maintaining Your Appearance with FUE (CIT)
  25. Free HT Seminar - 20th Dec 2014 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic (Mumbai)
  26. Three Scalp Reductions - Scar Repair
  27. some shedding with root sheath
  28. Just had my first FUE
  29. Strip Scar Repair - Dr. Cole
  30. Skin softener after FUE
  31. What supplements and vitamins to take post op?
  32. Dr. Cole -- opinion on ARTAS?
  33. Free HT Seminar - 27th Dec 2014 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi & Mumbai)
  34. Anyone nervous or embarrassed about having a HT?
  35. Where is Dr. Jose Lorenzo's website?
  36. Transest and other HT options in Turkey
  37. Happy New Year 2015 - Dr. A's Clinic
  38. Strip Scar Causing Line in Hair
  39. Dr. A will be in Mumbai from 5th Jan to 18th Jan 2015 - Dr. A's Clinic
  40. Dr. Alexander in Phoenix
  41. Free Hair Transplant Seminar - 10th January 2015 (Saturday) -(Mumbai)
  42. High temperature air conditioning setting just after hair transplant
  43. My HT Journey - a black dude
  44. David Lee Roth Shaves Head and Reveals Transplant Scar!!
  45. 25 years old and thinking of hairtransplant ( is it to early ?? )
  46. Fue hair transplant (400 - 500 grafts)
  47. Dr. Tejinder Bhatti
  48. The Great Anti-Baldness Experiment in GQ
  49. Free Hair Transplant Seminar - 17th January 2015 (Saturday) -(Mumbai)
  50. Decided on implant/transplant - too different answers/estimations from clinics
  51. Pre operation,post and finally...the decay
  52. How Many Grafts Do I Need?
  53. post op image variability
  54. Considering a HT (FUE), but have some conserns.
  55. Free Hair Transplant Seminar - 23rd January 2015 (Saturday) -(Mumbai)
  56. Global Quality Award 2015- Dr. A's Clinic
  57. UK to Turkey for Ht.
  58. Has Beard/Body hair FUE advanced enough to use on Crown?
  59. DIY self Fue hair transplant (body hair)
  60. Process
  61. Dr. Lindsey consults in Vail CO this weekend
  62. Dr. Lindsey: This strip is a great illustration of how hair grows in Follicular Units
  63. Age
  64. Worthy surgeons in UK and europe
  65. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  66. Joe "Jotronic" Tillman now independent
  67. Your hair transplant experience from Turkey. What to trust and what not.
  68. Free HT Seminar - 31st Jan 2015 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi & Mumbai)
  69. 3200 graft FUE hair transplant in Istanbul / Dr. Safiye Kurt / Adem&Havva Hair Clinic
  70. thinning hair Transplant
  71. minoxidil action.....
  72. New Arthritis Drug Reverses Baldness from Alopecia Areata
  73. FUT/FUE in Manila
  74. catch_up hair loss
  75. Wanted to share my 6.5 month update. I'd like your thoughts and opinions
  76. hairline lowering in Ga
  77. My FUE HT with Dr. Hakan Doganay (18/19 February 2015)
  78. Free Hair Transplant Seminar - 14th February 2015 (Saturday) -(Mumbai)
  79. Surgery big question.....
  80. Need some advice
  81. Question regarding FUE vs FUT long term
  82. Hassan and Wong FUT Mega session
  83. Online consultation with Dr. Koray Erdogan of Turkey
  84. Doctors in Ct
  85. Dr. A will be in Mumbai from 16th Feb to 28th Feb 2015 - Dr. A's Clinic
  86. Regarding minoxidil stoppage
  87. My first FUE but one doctor thinks I should not get it done!
  88. Best FUE doctors in the USA
  89. BHT questions and question over donor area
  90. NWIV age 25 Need help making a big descision
  91. Live Stream Surgery of Dr. Mohebi's "Free Hair Transplant Contest" Winner, Marc R.
  92. Free Hair Transplant Seminar -28th February 2015 (Saturday) -(Delhi & Mumbai)
  93. LIVE Streaming Hair Transplant
  94. Any experiences with any of these clinics in Turkey Istanbul?
  95. HT worth it? Before and after pictures not too promising.
  96. Happy Holi 2015. Dr. A's Clinic
  97. Not Enough Grafts vs. Technologically Impossible?
  98. WE ARE SEARCHING FOR CANDIDATES - 3rd Mediterranean FUE Workshop, Istanbul - 2015
  99. Beard hair versus finasteride
  100. Should I be Scared
  101. New hair standing straight up
  102. Questions post FUT
  103. Dr. Carlos K. Wesley will be in Boston on Friday April 3rd, 2015
  104. Shaving head years after hair transplant...
  105. Almost certainly going to have a HT with Dr Hasson, but frankly I'm v worried...
  106. hair transplant nw5-6
  107. I'm new to the site-I sent photos to Dr Hasson
  108. Dr. Rahal or Dr. Feller?
  109. Question for Dr. Cole
  110. Risks associated with body (chest/stomach) hair transplant
  111. Dollar on the rise
  112. HT killed all my native hair for good?!?
  113. telling others hair transplant ?
  114. Transplant question
  115. hair transplant scar laser
  116. Need Advice!!!
  117. Need Advice brother's
  118. Who should do my hairline?
  119. Fue scarring 12 Month post op (pictures)
  120. Free Hair Transplant Seminar -28th March 2015 (Saturday) -(Delhi & Mumbai)
  121. Calum Best
  122. Anyone hav strip scar examples?
  123. Contemplating UFUE hair transplant
  124. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  125. Here is the short story
  126. Can you wear buzzed hair (particularly on top) with FUE if you continue to lose hair?
  127. View interview and live procedure on NDTV on 5th April 2015 between 8.00 AM- 8.30 AM.
  128. 5 1/2 months post surgery.
  129. Body to scalp hait transplant Neograft Dr Gregory Turowski Chicago
  130. Any one know of Dr. mike vories ?
  131. My experience with Dr. DeYarman
  132. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  133. Deciding between Koray Erdogan and Hakan Doganay.
  134. Dr Bessam Farjo, Manchester, 1,500 Grafts.
  135. Dr. Lindsey Short video of my own suture line showing how clean is ideal.
  136. Where can I get 2000 Fue for 10,500?
  137. Laxity Exercises - Whats more important pushing DOWN or UP?
  138. Need your advice... Do I need to perform the surgery in my case ?
  139. Do you quit after 1 surgery, and risk damaging the investment?
  140. Do u think Body Hair Transplant is the next big thing?
  141. Scar repair with Dr. John Cole
  142. Laser Helemt
  143. how can i post a pre op video here from my iphone. It says it wont accept mov files
  144. My 300-350 grafts hairline transplant with Dr Zontos in Europe
  145. Joe Tillman Working With Dr. Karadeniz
  146. looking for hair transplant in UK, What company should i go with?
  147. Might need some help to enlighten me
  148. Turkey and Hungary FUE
  149. Paying for a Hair Transplant
  150. Propecia price
  151. Why isnt there more scar repairs?
  152. 6 Month Update, FUE by Dr. Parsa Mohebi, Los Angeles, CA
  153. Dr. Lindsey discusses "Don't do this" hairline too low in young man
  154. FUE short term and FUT long term investment?
  155. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  156. would 1500 grafts help me restore? *Pics*
  157. Joe Tillman in Europe & Turkey May 18th to ?
  158. Dr. A will be in Mumbai from 10th May to 20th May 2015 - Dr. A's Clinic
  159. 29 y/o hoping to get a transplant on temples
  160. Any new Dr. Rahal results?
  161. Dr cole for my hairline?
  162. Celebrity Hair Transplants
  163. smp + fue combo for a buzzcut, bad idea?
  164. What would the "ideal" hair for a HT be?
  165. Hair Transplant In Surat
  166. Who does the best hairlines in the U.S
  167. is a HT an option for me?
  168. Any feedback on Dr. Panagotacos in San Francisco
  169. Post Op Redness/Crusting
  170. The **** do you mean that you can't get a HT whan you are 21 years old?
  171. Free Hair Transplant Seminar -30th May 2015 (Saturday) -(Delhi & Mumbai)
  172. Carlos K. Wesley, MD Opens Brand New NYC Facility
  173. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  174. Considering FUE Transplant, Thoughts?
  175. Help in finding surgeons in London please
  176. Spencer (Spex) Stevenson - Hair Transplant Patient Advisor for Dr. Scott Alexander
  177. How many grafts?
  178. 18 months post op, going back for 300 grafts, advice on hairline please?
  179. My FUE Experience
  180. Hair Transplant Mentor™ Journey to Istanbul
  181. Dr. Scott Alexander 2300 FU - Dense pack hairline
  182. Using spray tan after HT
  183. Crown area, how many grafts?
  184. Hair transplants in Turkey
  185. Hair Transplant Mentor Journey to Turkey, Part 2
  186. Who does dense packing in U.S?
  187. Hair transplant: How many grafts do you think I need?
  188. I want all my legs hairs transplanted! Am I crazy?
  189. Dr Andre Nell Ireland?
  190. Joe Tillman, Heading Back to Turkey!!!
  191. Hair transplant Travelling Tips
  192. Considering hair transplant with Dr. Feriduni .. low donor density .. need advice ?
  193. Turned Away by Dr. Rahal
  194. Free Hair Transplant Seminar -27th June 2015 (Saturday) -(Delhi & Mumbai)
  195. Vinci Hair Clinic Malaga, Spain.
  196. Hair Transplant Mentor™ and Dr. Michael Vories
  197. Dr. A’s Clinic is the Official Hair Care Partner for MR. INDIA 2015.
  198. Dr. Karadeniz and Dr. Koray Erdogan on National TV
  199. Dr. A will be in Mumbai from 5th July to 12th July 2015 - Dr. A's Clinic
  200. Dr. Paul McAndrews - Pasadena, CA
  201. How much are Ht's
  202. Dr. Lindsey and son moderate and present at International Cosmetic and Hair meeting
  203. UK Consultations in October with Dr Feller and Dr Lindsey
  204. Norwood NW5A or NW6
  205. Thick crusting pulls out grafts....Dr. Lindsey
  206. Outstanding Experience with Dr. Scott Alexander-Phoenix, AZ
  207. Diversity in FUE donor area preparation at MyWHTC clinic in Europe
  208. Planning a future HT if meds continue to work?
  209. Dr. Arvind Poswal Judging Mr. Healthy Hair sub contest for MR. INDIA 2015- Dr. A's Cl
  210. Too few grafts? 1,100 grafts front hair line. Before & after
  211. What are the white cone-shaped things attached to scabs?
  212. 6 and 7 months before and after pics
  213. ARTAS Hair restoration My Experience
  214. Advice on HT
  215. dandruff after Hair transplant
  216. Cheapish decent ht in cezch republic ?
  217. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST
  218. Side of head thinning rule me out of HT?
  219. Provogue Personal Care Mr. India 2015 telecast on Zoom TV
  220. My story
  221. FUE Workshop in Istanbul Turkey
  222. How exactly does a hair transplant help?
  223. Dr. Cole, please share your thoughts...
  224. Wondering if the whole 'framing your face' thing is overrated...
  225. 3500 grafts. Looks worse then pre op 5.5 month after procedure
  226. Redness, Ridging, Cobblestoning and Folliculitis
  227. How long would the scars stay looking like this?
  228. Neograft FUE hair restoration in a young male Dr Turowski Chicago
  229. I think im screwed for HT?
  230. Hair Transplant + Topical Finasteride
  231. Should guys in 20s do mild FUE now ?
  232. Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix Dr. Lindsey video McLean VA
  233. Any doctor will try this for hair grafts survival ??
  234. Dr. Cole Experience
  235. What's the deal with alvi Armani??
  236. Would I be a candidate and if so how much would this cost in pounds?
  237. 28 - crown transplant?
  238. I Need Help Getting Started!
  239. Did they really do 2,000 grafts?
  240. Anyone have baldness in the family, but they themselves have good hair? (or reverse)
  241. 19 and going bald, options?
  242. New Member - 2nd FUT HT advice needed? where and who?
  243. Need some suggestions and thoughts. Doctors?
  244. Seriously depressed 10 years after getting a HT from Toronto
  245. Dr. Patrick Mwamba's attendance in Chicago for 23rd ISHRS scientific conference
  246. Diffuse = Shock loss? Is an HT such a no go?
  247. shedding in other areas from rogaine
  248. The Bald Truth LIVE Tonight 8pm EST.
  249. Need a Doctor for FUT or FUE in Albany, NY area. Any recommendations?
  250. Any suggestions for treatment in Mexico