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  1. Bradley Cooper on Propecia
  2. FUE and Work Stress and Hair Loss
  3. Familiar FUE Limitation & The Zero-Shave FUE by FIT restoration method
  4. In need of an affordable doctor in Southern California
  5. Dr. Arvind Poswal - Global Indian of the Year Award by former President of India
  6. Dr Carlos K. Wesley in Los Angeles, CA for Patient Consultations (Tues, April 22nd)
  7. Opinions on HT without finasteride
  8. Free Hair Transplant Seminar - 8th March 2014 - Dr. A's Clinic (Mumbai)
  9. Dandruff
  10. HT consultation by Dr. A in Mumbai from 10th-15th March 2014 -Dr. A's Clinic (Mumbai)
  11. The Bald Truth Live Tonight 8pm EST / 5pm PST
  12. HT Questions Please Help?
  13. Copper peptides after HT?
  14. HT Opinions
  15. Happy Holi 2014. Dr. A's Clinic
  16. Why is baldness seen as an old man's disease?
  17. My FUE - Past 7 months and poor growth.
  18. Dr. Rahal's First Robotic HT Procedure
  19. Free hair transplant seminar - 29th March 2014 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi)
  20. Job interviews after HT
  21. Thank you Dr. Scott Boden
  22. Hair Transplant Minimum Age
  23. Which Shampoo After Hair Transplant?
  24. IAHRS vs. ISHRS
  25. The days after HT - some questions
  26. 4000 Grafts, FUT or FUE
  27. concealer and hats post fue
  28. Body Hair FUE Transplant - Any Examples of Donor Area Healing?
  29. Wind damaging the grafts
  30. How soon post-op do you start taking MSM?
  31. Dr. Arvind Poswal will be in Boca Raton - Florida (USA) from 11th -17th April 2014.
  32. Ice Pack Concern Post Op
  33. Lifetime donor availability for FUE -vs- FUT
  34. FUE for smaller areas
  35. Help hidng transplant
  36. Shedding after 5 months
  37. Queries on FUE scarring
  38. Haircut after Transplant
  39. Has anyone seen this video?
  40. Free hair transplant seminar - 26th April 2014 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic
  41. Dutasteride in UK
  42. Two Day FUE Sessions
  43. Shave down to a #1 Guard
  44. Hair Transplant consultation by Dr. A in Mumbai from 28th April to 3rd May 2014.
  45. How long until SOME KIND of growth?
  46. ht 5 months out
  47. FUE + Propecia + Rogaine Foam - 6 Years Later
  48. Why wait around for the crown...
  49. Beard & Body hair's good, bad, and ugly ~ OMG MyWHTC
  50. Why we DON'T require shaving the recipient area: Dr. Carlos K. Wesley (NYC)
  51. Here's Something You Don't See Every Day!
  52. Looking for FUE to finalize my hairline after 3 strips
  53. Meet Dr. Arvind Poswal in Italy on 16th May 2014 for HT counselling- Dr. A’s Clinic
  54. FUE scheduled for this week and really need some advice !!
  55. uk hairtransplant front hair line
  56. Considering FUE
  57. H&W Italy Consultations May 16,17,18
  58. Best doctors for HT in the TEMPLE area?
  59. dr alp aslan este istanbul
  60. FredtheBelgian's FUE - 2000 grafts with Dr. De Reys - 24 Years Old NW5 from DPA
  61. 1st hair transplant
  62. FUE with Dr Cole 5/15/14
  63. Hasson & Wong Los Angeles Consultations June 2-6
  64. My 313 FUE surgery with Dr Feriduni
  65. What made you take the plunge?
  66. Turkey or uk ?
  67. Unshaven FUE?
  68. Any information on Dr. Sean Behnam from Santa Monica, CA
  69. The Glasgow Clinic Scotland
  70. Are my FUE scars large and were the results worth it?
  71. Which doctor?
  72. Free hair transplant seminar - 31st May 2014 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi)
  73. Fue scheduled with Dr. Cole 6/4/14
  74. How are hair transplants charged (Graft or Follicle)?
  75. When is it safe to resume Dandruff Shampoo?
  76. Good examples of NW2-3 to NW1?
  77. Hair transplant did not grow. Any advice?
  78. Uk fue recommendations!
  79. Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute-Need Real Patient Experiences?
  80. Dr. Cole 2/19/14 2859
  81. Travel to get HT?
  82. Botox and hair transplants
  83. Dr. Yates interview on Chicago's WGN TV
  84. Hair Transplant in Northern Ireland, or travel?
  85. Howard stern talks about celebrity hair transplants
  86. scars after fue
  87. Tijuana HT and Beyond
  88. 1500 FUG by Dr. Glenn Charles.
  89. Considering FUE after 12+ years on FIN
  90. Updated pic and questions regarding post FUE - 4 to 5 month mark
  91. Seriously considering FUE... even though I'm Norwood 7...who is best doc?
  92. 3 weeks post op
  93. Considering HT, confused...
  94. Hairline Transplants in Early-Stage Male Pattern Alopecia: Ill-advised or Viable?
  95. Keep HT from girlfriend?
  96. HT consultation by Dr. A in Mumbai from 23rd- 27th June 2014- Dr.A's Clinic
  97. Transplant in Michigan from Dr. Aronovitz of Tessler & Aronovitz. Any advice for me?
  98. Fue & fut
  99. Where to do my next HT if not at HASCI
  100. FUT Transplant 2 days post-op
  101. FUE Hair Transplant Results & Testimonial of UK Patient - Thank you Dr Cole and crew
  102. Dr. John Frank, MD, Hair Transplant
  103. Day 4 post op STRIP
  104. Free hair transplant seminar - 28th June 2014 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi)
  105. Norwood III-IV and going to receive ~2000 grafts. Will people in my office notice?
  106. Comfortably make informed decisions regarding hair transplantation.
  107. Is taking fin right after a hair transplant a bad idea, due to shock loss?
  108. Shock Loss
  109. I Saw Dr. Rahal's Work - Not Impressed
  110. Lost graft?
  111. Why is HST scarless?
  112. Does dandruff affect a hair transplant in any way?
  113. Full effect after transplant?
  114. Hairline Transplant????
  115. The first ever documented before and after hair transplant video from 1996!!
  116. Hair Transplant NYC
  117. $1.50 per graft in Europe/Turkey, Dr. Recommendations?
  118. A Womans experience of hair surgery. UK
  119. 23, Had a transplant at 21. Looking at options.
  120. Considering Transplant - Who is the very best in New York City?
  121. Getting transplant soon (2000+ grafts) - Need your advice on expectations [Pics Here]
  122. There's an app for that...
  123. Feriduni Fue 2014
  124. 24 - Considering HT at 25 - Advice needed
  125. Body Hair Transplant - Bisanga or Umar
  126. Using mascara on hair after hair transplant?
  127. Our First AmnioFix Patient - Hairline Restoration
  128. MyWHTC, Tell me what I can see after an FUE
  129. HT consultation by Dr. A in Mumbai from 23rd- 27th June 2014- Dr.A's Clinic
  130. My Hair / NYC Surgeons - Advise needed
  131. What's the consensus on using minoxidil/fin immediately after a hair transplant?
  132. Suffered gyno side effects, but should I go back to Fin if I want a HT?
  133. Dying hair after FUE. Is natural hair dye any better than "Just for Men?"
  134. Variation in growth rate in similar patients, Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  135. Met with Dr. Bernstein about FUT procedure - What to do??
  136. 6 Month update 2045 total grafts with Dr. Cole
  137. Suitable Work after FUT
  138. Hair Replacement before Hair Transplant
  139. Free hair transplant seminar - 26th July 2014 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi)
  140. Dr. Cole 789 Graft Result
  141. NYC surgeons - What more research can I do?
  142. 3200 graft HT with 5 months result
  143. Back to work soon after transplant -- is it just inevitable that everyone will know?
  144. Jotronic Resigns from Hasson & Wong
  145. Joe Tillman Now Representing Rahal
  146. Hello All
  147. Bollywood actor's HT story (videos and pix from start till now)- Dr. A's Clinic
  148. remove scabs with finger tip scrubbing without water
  149. 8th Month Result of my HT procedure with 2800 graft
  150. If BHT was your last resort who whould you chose?
  151. Physiological efforts damaging implanted grafts?
  152. FUT surgery with Carlos Wesley Scheduled (With proposed pics)
  153. 1st consultation with Dr Sean Behnam in Santa Monica
  154. Hi guys , Just a lurker
  155. Recent Hair Transplant 3410 Grafts with Dr. Glenn Charles
  156. 2150 FUE - Islamabad, 17/01/14
  157. Free Hair Transplant Seminar - 16th Aug 2014 (Sat) - Dr. A's Clinic (Mumbai)
  158. HT consultation by Dr. A in Mumbai from 16th- 23rd August 2014- Dr.A's Clinic
  159. Should I move forward, Am I unrealistic about my results. Are they normal
  160. Trichophytic Closure Repair
  161. Need suggestion about taking Finasteride
  162. Pimples up there? Good or Bad?
  163. Hair Transplantation in Turkey / My HT result 3200 graft FUE with Safiye Kurt
  164. 898 FUE + ACell/PRP 6 Months Post-op
  165. Thinking to have my strip surgery by Dr. Arvind Poswal in India
  166. Hair transplant 4 thday
  167. Question about grafts...
  168. Dr. Arvind Poswal on USA's Fox Business Network TV on 28th -29th Aug 2014
  169. How long after the transplant will the donor hair fall out?
  170. Worries/Concerns before an HT with Dr Hasson
  171. Toady is my 9th day after the hair transplant surgery!!!!
  172. Free Hair Transplant Seminar - 30th August 2014 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi)
  173. Red Head Hair Transplant | Finally I cast aside my fear for hair transplantation
  174. Over 2,500 grafts I was at Dr. Feller removed Staples : )
  175. My Donor area after staples were removed yesterday noon at Dr. Feller
  176. My 11th day pic of my recipient site transplant by Dr.Feller
  177. My 2,569 FUE with Dr. Feriduni - Aug 21 2014 [Pics included
  178. MyWHTC clinic, spending time to save embarrassment for repair in Brussels, Belgium
  179. Reccomendations in Toronto/North American Region based on Price+credibility.
  180. UK patient advise
  181. Trust and Knowledge
  182. MyWHTC Clinic’s Dr. Patrick Mwamba returns to India as FUE expert in Brussels
  183. Flying out vs. doing it local? + a few more questions.
  184. Hair Transplant Clinic Advertising
  185. Hair-loss veteran (13 years on medication) losing ground.
  186. Balding Men May Face a Higher Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer???
  187. Free Hair Transplant Seminar - 20th Sep. 2014 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic Mumba
  188. My hair transplant on the 30th September with Dr Feriduni
  189. The Importance of Asking Questions
  190. Patchy baldness in Donor Area - worried!
  191. Regrets
  192. HT consultation by Dr. A in Mumbai from 23rd- 27th Sept 2014- Dr.A's Clinic (Mumbai)
  193. What to ask the doctor in a consultation ?
  194. Dr. Lindsey and son present research on HT for radiation alopecia in kids at AAFPRS
  195. SMP-Fixing the Big Dots
  196. Free Hair Transplant Seminar - 27th september 2014 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi
  197. Still scabbing 50 days after HT
  198. Getting FUT in NY - need help deciding between doctors
  199. Time required for HT
  200. Concerned Post HT Donor Area look
  201. My HT doctor want me to take 1 000 000 mcg Biotin each day.
  202. Our Female Repair Patient
  203. Who do I go to for a full FUE transplant?
  204. Free HT Seminar - 11th Oct 2014 (Sat.) - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi & Mumbai)
  205. Frontal Revision or remove with laser? See picture
  206. FUE or FUT & medications
  207. HT hairline 23 Y.o male
  208. Hair transplant in Columbus OHIO
  209. This is what Dr Hitzig and Prasad did to me. See Pictures.
  210. Dr. Arvind Poswal will be in Mumbai from 15th to 21st Oct 2014 - Dr. A's Clinic
  211. Educational Enlightenment on Hair Transplant by Dr. Arvind Poswal
  212. Dr. Arvind Poswal's presentations at ISHRS & AHRS 2014 meetings.
  213. How to contact Dr. Cole for 23 year old reversal?
  214. Examples of young men who were suitable hair loss candidates
  215. Hair transplant in Central America
  216. Best Hair Transplant surgeons in the world?
  217. Am I losing hair? or am I just being paranoid.
  218. Dr. Michael Vories- South Carolina ?
  219. Special promotional price for FUSE/fue HT till 31st Dec 2014-Dr. A's Clinic
  220. May the festival of light fill your life with joy,,,Happy Diwali-Dr. A's Clinic
  221. marco barusco port orlange, FL
  222. 3800 grafts....8 months....slow growth
  223. Here's my current situation - pics included: I plan on getting a HT within 2 months
  224. Scab removal ---> Dry scalp wtihout water
  225. Shampooing After Surgery and Follicle Length - Dr. Wesley (NYC)
  226. Problem with local anaesthetic for hair transplant :( CAN ANYONE HELP!!!!!!!
  227. Dr. Arvind Poswal will be in Mumbai from 1st to 8th Nov 2014 - Dr. A's Clinic
  228. Im 16 and really concerned about my hairline! help!
  229. Shaving my head a year after FUE HT
  230. Hair transplant during shedding from prescription pill
  231. Free HT Seminar - 8th Nov 2014 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi & Mumbai)
  232. Small transplant to improve temples... Is this feasible?
  233. Using same donor area for separate transplants within 2-3months
  234. Red Bumps Years After Transplant
  235. 2230 FUE at Dr A's Clinic (New Delhi) on 07 Oct 2014
  236. Looking FUE doc in Medellin Colombia
  237. Great results regrowing my Hair
  238. What did you tell people/will you tell people post-op?
  239. Dr. Cole - 2130 Grafts So Far
  240. DC Virginia Maryland Surgeon recommendation
  241. What happen if i pull out new hair growing?
  242. Question about nettle root extract for post-op aid
  243. Permanent hair removal - increasing demand - Dr. A's Clinic
  244. Hair Transplants in Los Angeles
  245. Hair structure/colour and hair loss genetics
  246. Thinking of book for FUE. Need some feedback!!
  247. Free HT Seminar - 29th Nov 2014 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi & Mumbai)
  248. FUE in England
  249. Dr Lorenzo - Madrid
  250. Hair Transplant - FUE - UK/Europe