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  1. When did Hair Transplants get better?
  2. Jason Statham
  3. FUE, Best priced IAHRS Surgeon? Shortest waiting time
  4. distance between hairs
  5. just had FUE done with ARTAS
  6. Trial FUT
  7. Hasson And Wong UK Consultant in Manchester Saturday August 10th
  8. Carlos K. Wesley, M.D. Authors HT Chapter in Premier Plastic Surgery Textbook
  9. IAHRS recommended surgeons
  10. Any IAHRS Surgeons with available FUE surgery dates this year?
  11. Use of body and beard donor hair in surgical treatment of androgenic alopecia
  12. Dr. Arvind in Mumbai for in person consult from 15th- 20th July 2013 - Dr. A's Clinic
  13. Free Hair Transplant Seminar on 20th July 2013 - Mumbai (Dr. A's Clinic)
  14. Should NW6s have HT?
  15. Artas
  16. What are your own opinions on FUT
  17. Any upcoming face to face consultations in UK?
  18. How many grafts per cm2 do you think is in his crown.
  19. Is MattJ still around?
  20. Free Hair Transplant Seminar - 27 July 2013 - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi)
  21. Traveling to Belgium, Please Help
  22. Expectations with Hair Transplants
  23. "Down Time" after a Hair Transplant
  24. So, you're a NW6, what do you do?
  25. FUE in Australia - Recommendations?
  26. Looking to get FUE and BHT done.
  27. Post Op Blues
  28. Shockloss Information
  29. Patience with Hair Transplant Growth
  30. Actor Bryan Cranston aka Tim Whatley
  31. Recommendations for Doctors Who Specialize in FUE in The NY/NJ Tri-State Area
  32. Hair Transplant Tricks and Tips
  33. Hasson & Wong UK Consultant in London Free Consultations Friday August 23rd
  34. Am I a good HT candidate?
  35. Dr Raghu Reddy
  36. "Strip style" surgery but with FUE? repair with bht Thoughts/opinions please
  37. FUT with Dr. Glenn Charles
  38. 25,000 grafts!!
  39. Why are clinics so crap at communicating with you?
  40. H.T consulttion by Dr. Arvind Poswal in Mumbai from 5th-11th Aug (Dr. A's Clinic)
  41. Growth Times with Hair Transplants
  42. Hasson & Wong in New Orleans Aug 22-24
  43. Hasson & Wong Toronto August 15-17
  44. Hasson & Wong Calgary, Alberta September 7-8
  45. Hasson & Wong Los Angeles August 27-31
  46. considering HT.
  47. Considering a hair transplant
  48. Looking for a Transplant Specialist
  49. Negotiating and Hair transplants......
  50. Dr. Cole Patient from North Wales, UK
  51. This is my plan....
  52. Advice - 4 months in...
  53. 2200 grafts FUT Dr. Pistone 8/8/13
  54. Dr. Harris and other central US Doctors?
  55. Scabs Falling Off
  56. Hair transplant at age 20
  57. Why is it Possible for People to Donate Plasma and Organs but Not Hair Follicles?
  58. How many days should a 2000 FUE procedure take?
  59. Beard donor scaring
  60. Donor pain
  61. Propecia Shed Question
  62. Hasson & Wong UK Consultant in Central Dublin Friday November 15th
  63. Difference between shed and losing grafts
  64. FUE belgium
  65. Usa - ct
  66. FUE Doctors
  67. Hypothetical question related to my future
  68. Hasson & Wong UK Consultant in London Free Consultations Saturday September 14th
  69. NORWOOD 6 members who have had HT surgery
  70. Hair growth timing?
  71. Achieving a very thin strip scar
  72. Free Hair Transplant Exhibition stall Pragati Maidan, 2-3 Sept 2013. (Dr. A's Clinic)
  73. Post opp Hairs Falling out.
  74. Physicians I need your expertise on when to get a HT.
  75. Hasson & Wong in New York Sept 24-28
  76. blood spots
  77. I'm on week 2 of my Body hair transplant and...
  78. I'm a bodybuilder. It's ok to use steroids after a HT?
  79. Wish I could afford a hair transplant
  80. looking for an HT, I want the best Fue i can get in the world!!
  81. 4 1/2 Months later....how am i doing?
  82. Pilofocus: Growth Evaluation
  83. Hair Transplant - Post Op Healing
  84. Hasson & Wong Chicago!!! Oct. 15-19
  85. Hairline design? Opinions please
  86. Hair Transplant consultation by Dr. Arvind Poswal in Mumbai from 16th Sep to 21st Sep
  87. HT consultation by Dr. Arvind Poswal in Mumbai from 16th Sep to 21st Sep 2013.
  88. Rahal/Adamo/ARTAS
  89. Proof that Dr. Lindsey plants more than hair part 2
  90. Building Upon What is Already Working
  91. Civas Clinic Turkey, reviews?
  92. Hasson & Wong UK Consultant in London Friday October 4th Free Consultations
  93. FUE- time off of work
  94. Free Hair Transplant Seminar first time in Pune on 22nd Sept. 2013 (Dr. A's Clinic)
  95. for real. transplants evolved to a cure?
  96. Dr. Yates/Dr. Cole/Dr. Wesley
  97. New hair from FUE will be grow at normal thickness from the start?
  98. Dr. Rahal - Anyone Had Bad Experience w/ Him?
  99. What HT Doc is Better than Dr. Rahal?
  100. HT first step
  101. Dr. Wong in London, November 23-24
  102. Laser comb shedding, does this mean it's working?
  103. Free open house hair transplant seminar - 28th Sept 2013 - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi)
  104. Dr DeYarman FUE/6 hair graft via .8mm punch
  105. de novo and graft join
  106. My case with photos. 2000 grafts FUE in 4 weeks...
  107. Had the surgery/ not sure it was a good decision
  108. Reliable Hairtransplant in Houston
  109. What can I get with $1000?
  110. How deep in the scalp is the hair follicle?
  111. Hasson and Wong Wait Time/Waiting List
  112. Very happy with FUE treatment with Dr Feriduni
  113. Hair transplants and alopecia areata
  114. Iahrs
  115. two different consultations
  116. Body hair transplants do work?
  117. Farjo?
  118. Minor Repair Work
  119. Issues with finding a surgeon
  120. Free Hair Transplant Seminar first time in Bangalore on 24th November 2013
  121. 9 Days Out
  122. 2nd Repair Procedure with Dr Mwamba
  123. Top 5 Hair Restoration Surgeons in North America
  124. Free open house hair transplant seminar - 26th Oct 2013 - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi)
  125. 7 months in/ unhappy
  126. Hasson & Wong Los Angeles/ Nov. 20-23
  127. Hasson & Wong San Francisco Nov. 25-27
  128. Gradual Fue Hair transplant
  129. Donor Area Question
  130. How Often To Get Haircuts?
  131. How to evaluate a patient for surgical restoration
  132. Uncommon transplant question
  133. My 2nd FUE in Belgium. Your opinion please !
  134. Our Repair Patient Today From Central America
  135. Doing the Math
  136. Previous transplanted hair shedding
  137. Shed rattle and roll.
  138. Happy festival of lights (Dr. A's Clinic)
  139. Hair Transplant and Proscar and Regaine
  140. 22 year old - 2014-2015 HT
  141. I've received consultations recommending 1300-2000 grafts. Does 2000 seem correct?
  142. Brandy Flap, Multiple Strip Scars, and Plug Redistribution
  143. IAHRS in NY/NJ
  144. Less Appearance of Hairloss Ten Years Later
  145. Questions about Dr. Nigam's hair transplant clinic
  146. Medicalpark Hospital, Istanbul - opinions
  147. FUT-vs-FUE
  148. 26 year old 1 month away from 2000 graft ARTAS Transplant
  149. Free Hair Transplant Seminar - 16th Nov 2013 - Dr. A's Clinic (Mumbai)
  150. Dr Cole, Acell, PRP... advice please???
  151. How much does a FUE procedure typically cost?
  152. HT recipient site / shaving after transplant question
  153. Dr. Birgul Sevim review
  154. Free Hair Transplant Seminar in Bengaluru (Bangalore) on 24th Nov 2013 Dr. A's clinic
  155. Large 2500-2800 FUE in one day. Disadvantages?
  156. best hair transplant surgeon in ny area
  157. Realistic expectations from HT
  158. How many grafts would I need
  159. Free open house hair transplant seminar - 30th Nov 2013 - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi)
  160. HT's & working out!
  161. 12day post op question
  162. 26 and couldn't take it anymore
  163. Dr. Carlos K. Wesley (NYC): A Comprehensive Overview of Hair Transplant in MedScape
  164. Legal action advice
  165. flying home after HT
  166. So confused?
  167. FUE Treatment - India or UK
  168. Question about washing your hair
  169. How many grafts do I need?
  170. Post-Transplant Rest Phase
  171. Stubble HT hairs not Growing
  172. My ARTAS 2000 FUE Experience (Pre-Post)
  173. Repair Can Take Several Passes
  174. Dr. Arvind Poswal will be available in Mumbai between 9th to 11 Dec. 2013
  175. Scab Removal
  176. Does PRP Help Transplanted Grafts Stay in Place?
  177. Bad Work can Take Years to Fix
  178. no scabbing??
  179. Hasson & Wong Providing Free Consultations In Central London Saturday 11th January
  180. Dr. Cole 2277 Graft Result
  181. Timeline for additional FUT a.k.a strip and FUE (non-strip) procedures
  182. How many grafts would I need?
  183. Dr. Cole - Today's Strip Scar Repair
  184. Eyeliner HT! How many grafts will I need?
  185. Hair Transplant Question
  186. Complexity of the fallible youth swallowing reality and chasing hair loss.
  187. My Experience with FUT/Dr Rogers and Hair Transplant Surgeries
  188. 1600 FUE in Chicago - Are these too spread out?
  189. Dr Angela Campbell suspended from practice
  190. eyelash transplant question
  191. 5 months post op update
  192. Question about my option after a failed FUT
  193. Forehead looks huge
  194. True or false, natural hairlines are 45-50 fu's per sq cm
  195. Is a Norwood A pattern better or worse for transplants?
  196. GRAFT #'s: Hairs per graft and recipient area?
  197. FUE Questions before Surgery
  198. Help me choose between my 3 shortlisted doctors.
  199. Can I just have a Normal head of hair?
  200. 36 M - thinning on the crown. Thinking of FUE in Asia
  201. Message For Dr. Wesley
  202. More than 4k grafts with FUE
  203. Touching on Plugs "Unplugged"
  204. Dr. Lorenzo, (at Farjo Clinic) thoughts?
  205. what happens if you have a transplant and...
  206. Area needed to cover in cm2 for Norwood scale
  207. What if recipient grafts dont fall out
  208. In hopes of some answers and advice
  209. UK FUT with D Krishnan Ziering
  210. Dr. Lindsey Utah consultations Jan 18-19
  211. While shopping for follicular unit extraction (FUE)...
  212. Losing my HT virginity!
  213. Hair Transplant consultation by Dr. Arvind Poswal in Mumbai . Dr. A's Clinic
  214. How long after transplant is it safe to travel?
  215. FUE coming up, what blade to shave to?
  216. Ziering UK anybody
  217. Hasson & Wong Toronto Jan. 18th & 31st
  218. Hasson & Wong San Francisco & Los Angeles in February
  219. Jotronic -- are you back in Seattle? And are you active on Twitter?
  220. how long did you take time off work?
  221. Free Hair Transplant Seminar at Dr. A's Clinic on 18th Jan 2014 (Mumbai)
  222. Hasson & Wong Providing Free Consultations In Central London Saturday 1st February
  223. Procedure Booked w/ Dr. Rahal (2nd transplant)
  224. Slowly growing more fed up, Hair transplant in a few years?
  225. Free open house hair transplant seminar - 25th Jan 2014 - Dr. A's Clinic (Delhi)
  226. salicylic peel after hair transplant?
  227. loads of spots after 5 weeks!!
  228. stopping finasteride after procedure?
  229. wearing a hat
  230. Approaching Clinics And Preparing For Consultations.
  231. Dr. Lindsey Colorado consultations Feb 14/15
  232. Scientists can now grow hair follicles
  233. Has anyone used Dr. Pawlinga??
  234. CIT HT booked with Dr Cole...(1st procedure)
  235. enough grafts?
  236. Should I get my hairline fixed (26 years old)
  237. 5 days post op FUE very itchy? Some help/advice please
  238. Having a HT and going back to work???
  239. HT consultation by Dr. Arvind Poswal in Mumbai (10th-15th Feb 2014) - Dr. A's Clinic
  240. Homes under the Hammer guy - Hair Transplant
  241. Article: My hair transplant left me disfigured... and still bald!
  242. Hasson & Wong Providing Free Consultations In Central London Friday March 7th
  243. FUE 2400 Grafts With Dr Hakan Doganay
  244. 10-13 days post opgrafts coming out when shampooing?
  246. Hair transplant with Dr. Glenn M. Charles
  247. Using hair products after surgery? When us safe?
  248. Dr Nigam
  249. recent FUE - day 7
  250. Free open house hair transplant seminar - 22nd Feb 2014 (Saturday) - Dr. A's Clinic (