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  1. Looking to reduce the notice ability of scar in NH
  2. Vacation to Mexico 8 weeks after HT #2 (3250 grafts)???
  3. Rahal Consultations - Los Angeles - January 12th
  4. Do steroid injections help or hinder donor scar healing?
  5. flaky scalp...not sure if dirty or standard crusting...
  6. Dr Gary Hitzig HT
  7. 2 weeks post op (3200 grafts)...pulled out graft/hole with blood
  8. FUE - donar follicle regeneration & more hair/graft?
  9. Derma Roller how often?
  10. Surgeon recommendations
  11. A Few Facts on Beard FUE (Carlos K. Wesley, M.D.)
  12. Dr Cole and the use of Acell
  13. Getting concerned now
  14. Fraudulent Clinic....Again
  15. Assuming financial ability
  16. Hairline Designs for Hair Transplants
  17. My Year plus Update after repair surgery with Dr Feller
  18. Another one of these: How many grafts?
  19. How long after a HT can you exercise?
  20. Hair Transplant Prices?
  21. What is the difference between single, double and triple hair FU
  22. Wound Care (Strip)
  23. 3 Months Post-Transplant Question/Advice
  24. Is True & Dorin Reputable?
  25. Hasson & Wong Los Angeles - January 22-26
  26. Is it true? Diffuse thinning
  27. The Many Variables of Hair Restoration
  28. Good hairtransplant surgeons in los angeles?
  29. Is Dr Hasson and Wang too good to be true?
  30. Importance of Going Conservative with the Hairline
  31. CONSULTATION PICS: Please Advise Surgery Options For Scar Repair
  32. NW6-7's, why even bother?
  33. Hasson And Wong UK Consultant In London Saturday 19th of January
  34. Good candidate for HT? (pics)
  35. Farjo or anyone else in London?
  36. The truth about this forum: USELESS
  37. Individual hairs way too thick in the front (post op)
  38. HT Growth Timeline
  39. How many hair grafts you can extract from a beard
  40. How many Hair Transplant Surgeries worldwide
  41. A few questions 6 months after having 3000 grafts fue hair transplant
  42. graft fell out.. i think
  43. Hair Transplant for Scar
  44. First haircut?
  45. Hair Fail between 10-30 days after procedure
  46. swelling
  47. Has hair growth stopped?
  48. Ok, what can go wrong?
  49. Suture removal caution by Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  50. Hair Transplant without prior blood test
  51. Young Transplant
  52. scabs
  53. First Thoughts
  54. Questions for a Good NYC HT Doc
  55. Can Thinning Front Scalp Be Restored?
  56. Best surgeons for FUE
  57. Hasson And Wong UK Consultant in London Saturday 16th of February
  58. Shock Loss Everywhere!
  59. Dr. Rahal - Suspicious HT Surgeon
  60. Pics for evaluation
  61. What Young Patients Should Be Aware of Regarding Hair Restoration Surgery
  62. How long before fue into scar???
  63. DIY hair transplant?
  64. What's the maximum fue result?
  65. My consult with dr. umar
  66. what a transplant hair clinic can tell me
  67. Hair Transplant 1 Month post-op Questions
  68. Hasson and wong
  69. Help with Reverse
  70. LIVE!: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Hair Transplantation
  71. Useful Purpose or Just Vanity?
  72. Hasson & Wong New York Consultations/ March 12 to 16
  73. Costs?
  74. NW6/7 - The unanswered question !
  75. traction alopecia, UK, cost!
  76. HT or facial HT?
  77. Dr. doganay
  78. Clarification!!! Dr. Keser and Dr. doganay Fue prices
  79. can i be that wrong?
  80. Dr. Hakan Doganay fue Price changed
  81. Country/ countries with cheapest hair transplants
  82. Dr Hasson Consultations in London March 30th and 31st
  83. Information
  84. 1 month pimples and stubborn grafts
  85. Any good hair surgeons in Asia
  86. Recovery time for Strip surgery
  87. Toronto Hair Transplants
  88. Dr Rahal Los Angeles Consultations - April 2nd & 3rd
  89. What's your opinion?
  90. How is Farjo an IAHRS member?
  91. Advice for transplant In the south east / ga area.
  92. Advice please.....
  93. Congealed blood from lost FUE graft
  94. Amazing Hair Transplant!
  95. 9 months post op, small scab breakaway from donor site contain tiny hairs..any ideas?
  96. Hair Transplant Question (Scar)
  97. Questions To Ask HT Surgeon During Consultation
  98. Why we hardly hear about bad HT results?
  99. Pics posted...Advice please guys.
  100. Beard + Scalp Hair for transplantation
  101. getting rich in HT
  102. How many hairs to return a NW7 to NW1?
  103. Removal of hair transplants
  104. Look of HT After a Swim this Summer? - Dr. Wesley Patient Example
  105. FUE alternatives
  106. Sutures Vs. Staples
  107. Hasson & Wong - Propecia Only Result
  108. Help: Anti- HP website
  109. Forgotten Suture?
  110. 21 considering hair transplant? Any advice tips?
  111. Dr Beehner 1804 FU's and 305 DFU's great results
  112. Should I Have a Trichophytic Closure? Well, It's Complicated...
  113. Hasson & Wong Toronto - April 20,21
  114. Hasson & Wong Los Angeles April 16-20
  115. Hasson & Wong San Francisco May 1-4
  116. Looking for Dr Yates
  117. Hair transplant foam help
  118. Massage oil for hair loss
  119. Dr. Yates
  120. Are NW 1's impossible?
  121. Removing scabs
  122. What is so bad about FUT transplants
  123. Shedding hair follicles FUE
  124. About to schedule Hair Transplant
  125. Slight bleeding on scalp, Help please!
  126. The Future of Hair Transplants
  127. Doctor vs Robotics - 2013
  128. Hair transplant just a short-term result?
  129. Dandruff and itchy scalp 5 months after HT
  130. growth of the new transplants Q
  131. FUE Hair Transplant without scars
  132. Body hair transplant questions. Tell me about it!
  133. BHT falls off after you start taking propecia?
  134. Body hair transplant: surgeon options worldwide?
  135. Another celebrity hair transplant? Elon Musk
  136. what norwood after transplant is achievable?
  137. graft direction
  138. How long to get hair back after FUT transplant
  139. Cobblestoning repair
  140. Hair transplant? Surgeon suggestions that suit my case
  141. advice
  142. Got 2 opinions from different docs. Dr.Bisanga v.s. Dr. Umar. PLEASE HELP!!!
  143. Recommendations
  144. Would 1,000-1,500 FUE grafts help? Pics included.
  145. Propecia High Sex Drive
  146. FUE - 6-12 months?
  147. how to listen to the baldtruth radio show?
  148. Has anyone heard of Dr Zontos or used him?
  149. Transplant hair to forearms
  150. Considering FUE - advice
  151. Dr. Richard Anthony Rogers at Vinci Hair
  152. Did I pull out my grafts? Please HELP
  153. Hasson And Wong Uk Consultant in Central London Friday May 17th
  154. HT while started on Propecia/ big 3
  155. 50 Yrs... Heading to Turkey ....Maybe!
  156. doctor info
  157. When will be able to lift weights after FUE HT safely?
  158. Mitchell My HT Story
  159. what you think about this result? is it legit?
  160. Amount of grafts
  161. Live Hair Transplant 12:30pm EST Today 5/6/13
  162. Endoscopic Ridge Reduction
  163. When to go for a consultation?
  164. Rogaine before transplant
  165. Body hair for transplant? Which type is best?*
  166. Hasson & Wong Calgary AB Canada Consultations
  167. Hasson & Wong Toronto Consultations May 25-26
  168. Hasson & Wong Washington DC Consults June 10,11,12
  169. Hasson & Wong NYC Consultations June 5,6,78
  170. Exciting new procedure
  171. Philadelphia FUE HT Surgeons?
  172. HT Advice Australia
  173. Injertocapilar & Farjo
  174. Best FUE Doctor in NY
  175. Eight months in and still thin on top
  176. 24 Years Old Transplant In India Dr Radha
  177. Pics; how many grafts do I need
  178. How many transplants are possible in a 2 day session? 6,000?
  179. Meet Dr. Carlos K. Wesley in Boston on Tuesday, June 18th (One Day)
  180. Opinions Needed
  181. Best in the UK?
  182. H&W UK Consultant in London on Saturday 22nd of June Free Consultations
  183. Where would you start?
  184. I have shaved head for couple years, but want a hairline?
  185. In theory would I be able to use my twin as a donor?
  186. My Recent FUT Surgery with Dr Wong
  187. Help Aloe Vera Crisis
  188. Considering a hair transplant with Dr. Feller- need guidance
  189. Question regarding getting a HT young?
  190. HT Scab Removal Help
  191. Dr. Feller video participation
  192. Gascoigne's decision/Looking for opinions
  193. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Meet Dr. Carlos K. Wesley in LA on Monday, June 17th (One Day)
  194. Going to have a HT, How Many Grafts and Worried about work!?
  195. Donor area infection
  196. Surgery with Dr. Haber
  197. Price for 1000 Grafts?
  198. Lounk's question on having a mega bht procedure
  199. Fue question?
  200. Dr Diep anyone
  201. I already have scar back head from childhood accident...
  202. Newbie Needs Advice on Choosing Between- Mcandrews, Wong, or Wesley
  203. Good HT Experience & Result in Europe?
  204. HT in Europe, Result & Experience
  205. Dr. Haber in Ohio
  206. Video-Dr. Feller in consultation
  207. FUE Donor Area Healing With ACell 3 Mo. Post-Op
  208. Beauty Travels 24 Experiences?
  209. body hair transplants: why not arms?
  210. VIDEO- Take a ride to the office with Dr. Feller
  211. Post op redness
  212. Question about FUE yield
  213. Tea tree oil and pimples/spots
  214. If you start with FUE?
  215. Doing FUE in 2 days: 1 Large vs 2 small?
  216. VIDEO- Dr. Feller discusses SHOCKLOSS
  217. Strip Scalp Stretching
  218. Tissue Expansion
  219. A few FUE questions...
  220. Graft Placement
  221. Discount for before & after photos?
  222. Hasson & Wong Los Angeles July 23-27
  223. Recovery from transplant
  224. Absentee Doctors During Procedure. An Issue?
  225. Temple Transplant
  226. How do I go about arranging a face to face consultation...
  227. hair calculator?
  228. My quote with Dr Armani
  229. No Shave FUE
  230. Help. Conservative hair transplant.
  231. Scarless FUE?
  232. Hasson And Wong UK Consultant in London Friday July 19th 2013
  233. hair diameter?
  234. What doctor to choose for a young diffuse patterned baldness sufferer
  235. Need help
  236. Help needed
  237. The Effectiveness of Stand Alone ACell and PRP Treatment
  238. What's a better option for me, FUE or FUT?
  239. Is the donor region really that limited?
  240. new and need advice
  241. Young diffuse. Some questions.
  242. Bosley Medical Violations
  243. Non-surgery Related Scar Repair
  244. opinions please
  245. Please help me understand the FUE process
  246. Guys that can't take fin can never get a hair transplant
  247. Starting my journey
  248. Questions on FUT
  249. Use of body and beard donor hair in surgical treatment of androgenic alopecia- IJPS
  250. IAHRS Surgeons HT success rate