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  1. Bill Maher's hairline
  2. Question about donor reserves
  3. Can I wear my hair on a number 8 guard with a transplant??
  4. Regulating the hair transplant industry
  5. Getting a Fue than shaving my hair short
  6. beard hair transplant
  7. Question for Spex
  8. FUE common questions
  9. Considering transplant, concerned about shock loss
  10. Why so many different survival rates for scar grafting?
  11. Video for News on Hair Loss Cure
  12. Hair transplant and smoking weed....
  13. Hair curvature
  14. Dr. Bhatty of Transform Clinicsm UK - any experiences?
  15. Mature or Receding - David Tennant
  16. Restoring original density in patients with minimal hairloss?
  17. How a £30,000 hair transplant can still leave you going bald
  18. Ht info plz
  19. mature hairline shape
  20. Dr Rahal, Dr Cole, or Dr R Shapiro...
  21. After how many days did you get your stitches/staples out?
  22. Having transplant in 2 months time
  23. FUE or FUT dilemma
  24. The bald truth behind celebrity hair transplants
  25. Hair Transplant nutrition post op! Here what I am doing!
  26. "Mansome Movie" - Morgan Spurlock interviews Spex and Dr Feller for Male Grooming
  27. H&W - Another First in The Industry - 9168 Grafts In One Session
  28. Working out
  29. A Day in The life of FUE Hair Transplant with Dr Wood
  30. A Day in the Life of FUE Hair Transplant with Dr Wood – Day 2 - 500 grafts
  31. Any experience with Dr. Haren Jayasinghe??
  32. is this normal?
  33. Why I post
  34. A Day in the Life of FUE Hair Transplant with Dr Wood – Day 3 & 4 - 500 grafts
  35. Is choosing a Hair Transplant surgeon like choosing a business partner?
  36. Better with the pencil ? (FUE HT)
  37. Can a movie change an industry?
  38. I've got a complete mess of a scar that I need to get fixed
  39. A day in the life of FUE Hair Transplant with Dr Woods – 1 Week.
  40. Strip scar revision and skilled surgions
  41. Young NW6 Transplant ?
  42. Hasson & Wong Los Angeles Consultations May 21- May 27
  43. What completely upsets me about doing HT research...
  44. Robot Hair transplant - 4.23.2012
  45. A Day in the Life of FUE Hair Transplant with Dr Wood – Week 2 - Photos
  46. My Surgery with Dr. Feller UK Patient - 2000 grafts
  47. FUE and Punch sizes...
  48. Hair Transplant Documentary
  49. A Day in the Life of FUE Hair Transplant with Dr Wood – Week 3 - Photos
  50. Donor Hair Density Check
  51. The post op period
  52. My story: I tried it all!
  53. Are diffuse thinners good candidates for HT?
  54. Grade 7
  55. Did Transplant yesterday--Need answers please!!!
  56. Thick vs Thin Donor Hair
  57. 7 Months Post Op Wet Outdoors
  58. PhilUK Repair patient montage - Dr Feller patient
  59. Revolutionary Post Op sleeping AID!
  60. HT experience with Dr. Glenn Charles
  61. How do you know you're getting the number of grafts you've paid for?
  62. 25 Year old 2700 FUT Hair Trasnplant/ Dr. Keller Chicago
  63. More Stolen Photos - Strax Rejuvenation
  64. Dr Feller & Spex Consultation in London
  65. Dr Mwamba - Consultations - Zurich - 16 and 17 June 2012
  66. 24yr old NW5 (Rahal) - Hair transplant scheduled in 4 weeks. Tips?
  67. My 7.5 month follow up consultation with Dr Feller
  68. grafts per cm2
  69. Irish Patient gets repaired by Dr Feller - 11 months post op
  70. Bht
  71. 10 months post-op with Dr Feriduni
  72. Dr Feller patient "Spreadlocks" strip scar for 2400 grafts via strip
  73. 6 Week Post Op - Am I just being paranoid?
  74. Dr Feller and Spex in Irish Business Article
  75. Different stages of growth
  76. sun exposure
  77. HT Advice needed
  78. Hairline question
  79. Dr Feller UK patient gets repaired
  80. shedding from around donor site 3 weeks post op
  81. The reality of FUE Hair Transplant - Post Op Visit
  82. NW6 video ???
  83. H&W Los Angeles June 25th - June 30th
  84. Earliest age to get a HT?
  85. Which option should I take
  86. Integrity of the HT Industry's Online Presence
  87. FUE with Dr Cole vs. Dr Lindsey
  88. Farjo live surgery
  89. What Did I Just See? Strip Scars on TV?
  90. Spex-The Mail on Sunday
  91. Wayne Rooney Hair Update.
  92. 10 doctors try to derail Regis' sale of Hair Club to Aderans
  93. Louis shows off his new Walsh & Go hair
  94. Florida debut for a new hair transplant procedure
  95. 7 days post op 2nd session Dr. Dorin
  96. Post OP - Vitamins suggestions?
  97. Man reveals how HT was so impressive it inspired him to open his own clinic
  98. Scar Poll for post-op hair transplant patients
  99. Dr. Glenn M. Charles - Twins Alex and Austin Ford
  100. So how long does the "ugly duckling" phase last?
  101. Diffuse thinner
  102. Can you guys predict my hair growth from the post-op follicles
  103. How has a hair transplant affected your dating life?
  104. FUE from external donor
  105. Scar Grafting with Dr Cole
  106. had a hairtransplant with Dr.Brett Bolton
  107. Hair Transplants and Long Hair
  108. BBC Radio Interview on Hair Loss with Spex
  109. Questions, would like some help!
  110. What if your donor hair is different color and type of hair than balding hair?
  111. Shampoo
  112. Radio Host to Broadcast His Own Live Hair Transplant
  113. Australian Hair Transplant Surgeons
  114. Hair Transplant Scar Repair
  115. Blood!!!
  116. Help! Am I losing my transplant hair?
  117. Help! Am I losing my transplant hair?
  118. Hasson And Wong UK Consultations in London Thursday 19th of July
  119. Live On-Air Hair Transplant for Radio Personality
  120. Live Hair Transplant Starts Now!
  121. Hair density, want more
  122. Laxity
  123. Need feedback - Considering hair transplant seriously
  124. Dr. Keser in Turkey
  125. 9.5 Month update from surgery with Dr Feller
  126. Is the neck line possible to use as donor ?
  127. Why are HTs not so good for diffuse thinning?
  128. Gary Barlow sports suspiciously thick mane at X Factor bootcamp
  129. H&W Los Angeles August 4th - 9th
  130. Patriots’ Wes Welker does ad deal with hair transplant doc
  131. Those considering Scar revisions
  132. 6.5 month results of HT with Dr Wong
  133. Maintenance after HT Question
  134. Is 20 too young?
  135. Seriously considering a FUE session with Dr. Feller
  136. Is there FUE/FUT in Algodones, Mexico?
  137. Are there FUE/FUT doctors in Algodones, Mexico?
  138. Considering my 5th HT
  139. Introduction....getting a HT.....need advice!!
  140. Live FUE Pro Bono Hair Transplant Starting at 11am PST With Dr. Sara Wasserbauer
  141. Pain killers not working during Fue
  142. FUE in Los Angeles
  143. 3 month Results Dr Wood - Its starting :)
  144. Decision Time
  145. Grafts per cm2 for good coverage?
  146. Rahal Consultations - Los Angeles - Sep. 14th/15th
  147. Rahal Consultations - London - August 25th
  148. Red scalp after HT ?
  149. Anyone have a HT with Talizi Clinic in Gerogia?
  150. Jotronic & Spex on The Bald Truth
  151. How to know which doctor?
  152. Advice please
  153. New user; 7-weeks post-procedure
  154. Philadelphia- Dr. Boles or Gallagher
  155. Why do most pre-op pics make the patient look unhappy?
  156. How to keep the HT a secret until final result
  157. H&W New York Consultations August 23,24,25
  158. Amusement Parks....
  159. Has anybody used DHI Group for their HT?
  160. Rahal Consultations - London - Future Dates
  161. How far can 500 grafts go? You Decide!
  162. Spex update Grade 4 on top along with the secret to my success!!
  163. Dr Rahal New York Consultations - October 15th
  164. How many grafts will I need [pics]
  165. Reassurance about shock loss
  166. Pushups/pullups after a hair transplant?
  167. Hair transplant in Thailand
  168. Bumps around grafts after FUE
  169. FUE + SMP combo for recipient area
  170. H&W Los Angeles Sept. 25 - Oct. 1st.
  171. H&W Toronto Consultations Sept. 15th and 22nd
  172. Ran out of *******15% plus!!
  173. 1800 grafts from DR. Feller
  174. Post op Day #2 - FUE
  175. Trying to find a good/great HT Surgeon in the mid-West- very confused!
  176. botox / dysport
  177. Anyone have experience with transplants in Mexico?
  178. PSI aka Neosh101 thread
  179. Upcoming - C2G w/ Dr. Cole
  180. First thread...leg hair transplant?
  181. Have you heard of this company?
  182. DHI Claim to have invented a procedure of their own?
  183. Hasson And Wong UK Consultations Saturday October 20th
  184. Football pundit Savage mocks ex-England captain Vaughan's hair transplant
  185. Red scalp after HT + Fake tan ??
  186. My hairline repair journey with Dr Feller
  187. Was it worthy to have HT?
  188. The same question, again.
  189. Dr Woods doinf European tour?
  190. Charles medical group in boca
  191. First Thread, 21 years and booked a HT.. without Propecia
  192. FUE, questions about white dots
  193. Why are all pics of HT here with fully visible faces? What happened to privacy?
  194. Has anyone hair tried this approach?
  195. Vertical strip scar?
  196. What actual happens in a FUE Hair Transplant Procedure
  197. I am ready to get my hair transplant; need advice.
  198. Hats for Hair Transplants
  199. Had 500 FUE transplants, 10 months later no hair :(
  200. September 28th: First Robotic Hair Transplant in Canada
  201. Dr. Wong/Jotronic in London - November 15-16
  202. So, does shock loss recover, or doesn't it?
  203. **scam alert** matador hair transplant
  204. Washing hair after FUE transplant
  205. 2,150 FUE 7 days post op pain in donor area? ?
  206. Very worried: anyone have this experience?
  207. Hasson & Wong NYC December 5,6,7,8
  208. Hasson & Wong Toronto - October 13th and 20th
  209. Hasson & Wong Los Angeles October 30 - November 4th
  210. Hasson & Wong San Francisco - November 19-21
  211. Sleeping following a transplant
  212. Human Growth Hormone post Transplant?
  213. Another question about washing hair post FUE
  214. Spex in London - 1st November 2012
  215. Dr Lindsey's 72hr "Whistle Stop" in London
  216. Hair Coloring after a HT
  217. Stuck grafts are dead grafts??
  218. Before going after 2000 FUE Id have a trial of 500
  219. Spencer for President
  220. Dr Rahal 7+ month update 5672 grafts
  221. HT Dilemma
  222. Best fue doctor in india - please help!
  223. Post Hair Transplant FUE Itching Safe or Not?
  224. Hair Surgeon Rankings
  225. HT into non hair existent area?
  226. A HT is no good without fin or Minox?
  227. Gardel Hair Institute in Tijuana??!!
  228. Too much touching..
  229. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein / Eyebrow Transplant Video
  230. Can Finasteride cause hypothyroidism?
  231. The Tide is Turning
  232. recipient area itch 2 weeks after HT
  233. Question about hair transplant.
  234. Dr. Yates R.D. Patient
  235. Subsequent Hair Transplant
  236. Had my first HT what next / NW6
  237. Over The Moon With My Result. 9.5 Months Post Op. Dr Feller
  238. Finasteride and shock loss after a HT-Diffusing NW5-6
  239. Irish Dr Feller Patient
  240. Baldness cure sends men flocking to Turkey
  241. Is FUE possible between punch graft scars?
  242. Dr. Cole Responds to a Forum Question About Histogen and Acell
  243. New Source of Information On Its Way
  244. Mini Grafts - Run!!!
  245. Practical Observations
  246. Not a Candidate for a HT?
  247. Something of an announcement
  248. My Story-- A new transplant patient with Dr. Rahal!!
  249. Question about hairline transplant?
  250. SPEX can you help me ?