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  1. No growth in donor area
  2. Which friggin surgeon is actually reputable?
  3. Trying to understand the hair transplant protocol. Can U lend insight?
  4. Stiffness in donar area..
  5. Consult with Dr. Gabel in Seattle, WA on December 27, 2010
  6. Dr. Gary Hitzig on The Bald Truth Live Tonight 7pmPST/10pmEST
  7. Spex in Dublin on 15th Dec
  8. Need Advice Please (photos)
  9. HT regret, looking for help
  10. Should I be concerned?
  11. FUE into scar
  12. how short with strip?
  13. Thinking of FUT - any good surgeons in London?
  14. Staple removal?
  15. Trichophytic incisions by Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
  16. Any info or reviews about Dr. Bishan Mahadevia clinic?
  17. ACell, a Current Review of Applications in Hair Transplant Surgery
  18. LindseyMedical in Utah Dec 27-Jan 1, Feb 18-20
  19. H&W Los Angeles Consultations Dec. 16th-17th
  20. What to ask???
  21. flaky scalp 6mths post HT
  22. Dumb question but....
  23. Feller Medical - My Story So Far
  24. Dr that don't shave
  25. Dr Charles in Boca Raton
  26. Please Help Me regarding this Hair Transplant
  27. Has Anyone gone to Brazil to get a Hair Transplant?
  28. About applying Minoxdil after Hair Transplant -=[H.S]=-
  29. The Sweet Spot, Density, And What Works Best For You? Two Articles.
  30. Old graph technology removal
  31. Chef Gordan Ramsey had a hair transplant
  32. Help-- Dr. Marc Dauer in Los Angeles?
  33. Dr.Charles "Operation Hair Help" | Submit Your Request For A Pro Bono Hair Transplant
  34. Questions
  35. Are there HT Doctors in the US that stand by their work
  36. HT options... India or UK?
  37. A BIG thank you to Spex for my HT help!
  38. Spray tanning ok after HT?
  39. Dr. Di Stefano in Boston area......
  40. Hair Transplant Surgeons in South East Asia
  41. Some HT Questions...
  42. Dr Mir Malkani (London) - any experiences
  43. proscar purchase post HT
  44. HT Consultation with Dr. Rahal Tomorrow
  45. Dr. Hasson & Jotronic in London
  46. What to do Post surgery
  47. Your advice please for post HT
  48. Hair Transplant from Dr Armani
  49. long hair transplantation in india
  50. New Acell, Autocloning, PRP/Arterial Blood Thread
  51. H&W Los Angeles Consultation for February, 2011
  52. Need some feedback from people who have had Fue procedure
  53. HT with Dr. Wong. 3000 grafts
  54. redness after HT
  55. Questions for Hitzig and Cooley
  56. Online Consultant for Dr Lindsey
  57. New born hair dying?
  58. Laxity exercises
  59. Hair Transplant costs
  60. How low can they take the strip?
  61. Chat Room
  62. Dissapointed with plucking and acell any advice going forward !
  63. I need help just new here
  64. Nu Hart - Dr Mir Malkini
  65. Hasson And Wong UK Consultant In London Wednesday 2nd March
  66. Consultations with Dr. Steven Gabel in Seattle, WA
  67. Spencer Kobren Answers Questions About Relationship With Dr. Hitzig
  68. The Skin Gun
  69. New hair regrowth realistic outlook post surgery?
  70. Transplant Advice Please!
  71. Contemplating
  72. Spex in London
  73. minoxidil on pimple scalp safe??
  74. Dr James at FUE Clinic www.fueclinics.com
  75. Post Op- Vitamin B?
  76. California Doctor Verification
  77. Bad fue or good fue ?
  78. Bad fue or good fue ?
  79. How is this possible
  80. 6 months Joy Dr Feller strip 2250
  81. Got 2500 and some changes grafts today!
  82. Dr. Wong and Jotronic in London
  83. Numbness on top of head after procedure!
  84. Fue who actually does the work
  85. Hair loss advice - FUE would it work for me?
  86. Dr. Luis Nader
  87. $3000 for 30 plucked hairs
  88. In search of a Cure
  89. Dr Lindsey - London Consultations 25th June 2011
  90. BALDING? Participate in a research study. $1,000.00 Cash Compensation in Walnut Cree
  91. PSA: Use of Concealers And Possible Complications
  92. H&W Los Angeles March 14-18
  93. FUE vs Strip--- best doctors in the US?
  94. Growth after HT
  95. Need and Want - buyer beware
  96. Liam Gallagher from Oasis on baldness
  97. Are all patients suitable for surgery?
  98. Post OP Care
  99. HD Video Example of Extreme Laxity
  100. NEW 2,000 Graft HT with DR. KONIOR (W/ HD PICS)
  101. Final Verdict on suspending Minoxidil (Rogaine) use prior to an HT...
  102. Am I ok
  103. Acell with PRP injection only@3 months/Dr DeYarman San Diego
  104. Hair Transplant - Am I right candidate?
  105. Swelling on 4th day..please respond..thanks!
  106. Question for Dr. Charles
  107. Any feedback on Dr. Pistone?
  108. 1600 graft opinions
  109. Telogen Effluvium or Stress Related hair loss treatment with PRP
  110. 1 Month after my HT. Question
  111. Feedback on Doctor Nakatsui?
  112. FUE in Australia??
  113. Why not mix PRP with WNT proteins
  114. New Follica Patent - Opinions?
  115. Need advice for hair transplant repair
  116. Capixyl
  117. Jason Gardiner's Hair Transplant with Dr. Craig Ziering
  118. Hair Transplant Experience
  119. Reviews of hair transplant surgeon Antonio Armani
  120. what to expect monthes 1-6 after fue
  121. Ever wonder why costs rarely get posted?
  122. "The Quest for Hair" - Dr Lindsey patient
  123. But, won't it fall right back out?
  124. Native vs Transplanted hair
  125. Do I still need to be careful?
  126. Hair transplant : do i HAVE to shave my hair?
  127. Hair Transplant surgeons in UK - who are worth looking at?
  128. Thank you, Dr. Pistone:
  129. Rough Scalp?
  130. Spencer should interview Dr Gho *Seriously*
  131. An Appeal to Dr. Cooley and Dr. Hitzig
  132. H&W Los Angeles Meetings-April 25-29
  133. Tom Brady Hair Transplant
  134. PRP/Acell with Hair transplant seven days post-op
  135. Not sure
  136. Surgeon Review ?!
  137. My Hair Transplant Topic
  138. A few questions about Post-Operation
  139. 23yo Scheduling a HT soon (Need your advice. Please help me.)
  140. Transplants dying !!!
  141. Dr Rahal New York Consultations - May 6th
  142. Dr. Farjo
  143. Emory Hair Transplant / Dr. Ken Anderson
  144. Has anyone had a transplant between the ages of 21-24 and regret it?
  145. Pain after hair transplant
  146. Is this normal?
  147. Hasson & Wong Mobile
  148. Jotronic?
  149. Restoration Robotics ARTAS System
  150. Looking for a doctor in San Francisco area
  151. 1 year HT results
  152. Could I have a hair transplant at age 22?
  153. Dr Rahal London Consultations - 17th, 18th May
  154. Ht density
  155. Why my doctor won't use ACell
  156. Redness in recipient area
  157. Who would consider better, Hasson or Wong?
  158. Which HT doctor is better, Dr. Wong or Dr.Hasson?
  159. H&W Los Angeles Meetings - May 23-27
  160. Is Pitting Inevitable?
  161. Question: Multiple FU grafts into the hairline?
  162. Complications 2 years later? Help needed
  163. Leaving for First HT in the Morning
  164. Dr Lindsey - Video tutorials
  165. Dr. Steven Gabel- June Consultations in Seattle, WA
  166. Post-op and worried
  167. financing a HT
  168. How come Spencer has never a hair transplant?
  169. which IAHRS docs provide PRP+ECM?
  170. Hair Transplant - How do i go to work without being noticed!
  171. Video: Acell Treated Donor Area (Dr. Cole)
  172. Need your thoughts and opinions.
  173. Hair transplant, then toppik
  174. Spex Surgery*10!* 224 FUE - Dr William Lindsey
  175. FUT or wait for Histogen etc.?
  176. prp therapy
  177. Spencer Kobren And Dr. James Harris Discuss The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System
  178. Diff opinions on post op?
  179. Scar Repair
  180. Perspiration on scalp after transplant?
  181. Can anyone who has had a HT before age 25 share their experience?
  182. Hair transplant in Ireland ?
  183. Fraud Hairloss Site
  184. 32 + thinning hair
  185. Bums, Boobs & Botox
  186. I am 21 but taking propecia, can i have a HT when I turn 22?
  187. Wayne Rooney Hair transplant
  188. Anesthesia and hairloss
  189. Baumann: photo of Acell healing (FUE)
  190. Talking about Sun Exposure, how much is too much?
  191. Are hasson and wong more expensive compared to other HT surgeons?
  192. HT Question
  193. The Bald Truth About Hair Loss and Hair Transplants
  194. Rejected Follicles?
  195. Hair Transplant Thoughts
  196. Small scale FUE Sessions
  197. How short can a person buzz their hair for the scar to not be seen?
  198. Pre consultation preparation recommendation
  199. Hair transplant decision
  200. 15 weeks post op-1600 grafts
  201. Best Overseas Low Cost Trad or FUE hair transplant?
  202. In general, how many graphs would a 5A patterns need?
  203. Strip or FUE??
  204. Hawaii Consultations and PRP/Acell
  205. Spencer Kobren Speaks With Dr. Coen Gho about Hair Stem Cell Transplantation
  206. Maximum number of grafts in a lifetime?
  207. Spencer Kobrenís Interview With Dr. Coen Gho Part 2
  208. 1,700 Grafts with Dr. Fisher Yesterday
  209. Video: Hitzig and Prasad using Acell in a HT
  210. New York Recommendations
  211. Top FUE surgeons??
  212. I'm Norwood 6 - is it foolish to go for HT if I may one day be Norwood 7?
  213. H&W Los Angeles July 18th-22
  214. Dr Glenn Charles Boca Raton
  215. Hair Transplant near Boston
  216. Spencer Kobren Speaks With Gary Hitzig, M.D. | The Latest on ACell
  217. 2000 grafts with Dr. Fisher in Nashville, TN
  218. New HT with Future Procedure Shock Loss Concerns
  219. Recent Fue surgery/PRP and Acell treatment
  220. anybody use dr wolf?
  221. Post Op itching
  222. Hair Restoration - Dublin, Ireland
  223. Pittsburgh Hair Transplant Patient Calls TBT to Discuss His Bad Experience
  224. Question/Recommendation
  225. My story
  226. Planning a hair transplant
  227. My meeting with Spex
  228. How Young is Too Young for a Hair Transplant?
  229. Dr Charles 2nd procedure
  230. High Pain level after HT
  231. 8 Months Post-Op Expectations?
  232. Dr. Meshkin
  233. New Hair Transplant Recipient
  234. Thoughts on HT without Propecia
  235. IHL Convention??
  236. Fut or fue
  237. the WTF Scar!
  238. HT - Can one start small?
  239. Medication
  240. Sharp pain above donor area after 1 week
  241. HT Scar widenning?
  242. FUE question
  243. Dr. Cole CIT procedure with Acell/PRP
  244. Ok to take Cimetidine (Brand name: Tagamet) after hairloss?
  245. Dhi company?who knows it?please help me as soon as possible!
  246. 5 months post op-Swimming?
  247. Dr Rahal - Spain and Italy Consultations - September, October
  248. center parting
  249. What questions to ask when you go to the first HT consultation?
  250. FUE experience with Dr. Glenn Charles